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  1. imo bluetech tried to get an warmer style but he failed and the result is a faceless album without any climaxes and no soul. a big step back compared to his previous two albums. the music sounds cold and too digital.
  2. very nice name for a chillout compilation!
  3. feel the same, the album is quite uninspired and a big disappointment. dont know how bluetech could produce such meaningless stuff after the first two album which were very good.
  4. i dont like the album at all! the previous one is much better and warmer! obviously bluetech tried to get an warmer stlye with this album (becoz all said his stuff sounds no warm enough) but the result is imo the opposite. after listening to the album i felt quite bored and imo its not a step forward. the sounds and strutures of the trax are faceless and quite boring, the atmosphere of the trax is too melancholic and sad for me, sorry. same with the cover artwork . i prefer more the first release, elementary particles which is a masterpiece!
  5. vibrasphere rmx is killaaarghh! most best!
  6. imo best ticon album ever! very modern and sometimes quite electro! great work!
  7. its funny that the people who wants to be the most mind-open ones are the less ones. you´re all want to be soooooooo mind-open and psychedelic that that you even not realize that you´re actually the most small minded. tolerance! sorry for that, but its fact when i read all the comments here.
  8. Human Blue´s new album is just great!
  9. its to be released in two weeks! cant wait!
  10. the best electro is directly out of the power socket, trust me!
  11. yeah the picture who shows moni doing 4 things at the same time! could be great coverartwork!
  12. you´re suffering under typical german pessimism ... god bless you! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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