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V/A - Psy Stories


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V/A – Psy Stories


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Hi-res: front


Artist: Various

Title: Psy Stories

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Parvati Records (Denmark)

Cat. #: PRVCD10

Distribution: Wirikuta

Date: 6 October 2005


Track listing:


01. 08’16” Mussy Moody – Magnetic FX

02. 07’59” Hokus Pokus – Zim Zalabim

03. 07’55” Jahbo – Chronic Mnemonic

04. 07’13” Snap, Crackle & Pop – Where Is Pop?

05. 06’44” Grapes Of Wrath – Goa Helvede Til

06. 07’03” KinJahJah – What Has Begun Cannot Be Stopped…

07. 09’41” Derango – The Arm

08. 06’44” Strangers - Moruka

09. 07’26” Red i Jedeye – Mind Expansions




Gob smacking trip tales…


Parvati Records from Denmark is out with their 10th CD-release… A psychedelic monster compilation showcasing mostly Danish artists collaborating with the usual hypertrance suspects…The quality level is always very high with the Parvati label– and pretty much everything they’ve released has been essential… Can they continue raising the standards of modern psytrance? Well – let’s find out…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Mussy Moody – Magnetic FX

This stompfest is kicked into gear by the Danish producer Thy Trung… One of the few female underground producers… Just as her track on the Trishula compilation Ignis Fatuus, this is dark, gritty industrial psytrance with a rolling bassline and an overall bleak, metallic surface... There’s a whole lotta acid-tweaking going on here – making this very psychedelic, but somehow kinda minimal too… This track works wonders as a trip-tool – but I’m not sure it works quite as well on the dancefloor… A decent track!


#02: Hokus Pokus – Zim Zalabim

AFAIK this is the debut track from the Danish producers Anders Eskildsen & Christian Kaas Andersen… The intro is very cool here – the guys are playing around with stereo FX and I can vividly imagine how trippy this would sound on a big-ass sound-system… An eerie, haunting atmosphere is slowly developing for almost 3 minutes – and even after that, the track never goes full-blown… Sure, there’s a bassline and tons of acid-lines – but still… This is subtle, held-back psychedelic trance – bubbling with joy and keeping a dark, murky atmosphere intact… Spooky, mesmerizing, trippy... What a great debut! Sweet track!


#03: Jahbo – Chronic Mnemonic

“What the hell is this? It’s my media-induced, paranoid-delusional nightmare!” Danish producer Roelike Jahbo is pretty much the personification of the infamous Århus-sound… He has released a number of benchmark tracks under his own name as well as a bunch of collaborations with other artists – Like the brilliant Meteloids/Grapes Of Wrath album Tits On Fire released last year…Anyway, this track is more subtle psychedelia… Trippy, underground night-trance – drenched in digital farts and electronic burps – and enough twirling acid-lines to crack a zillion smiles… Check out how the track totally changes direction after the breakdown… Instantly shroom-friendly and pure dancefloor fodder… A true psy story! Brilliant track!


#04: Snap, Crackle & Pop – Where Is Pop?

“Take her to the Racoon City Facility, then assemble the team. We are reopening the Hive; I wanna know, what went on down there!” Time for some psychedelic cereal! This is a collaboration between Grapes Of Wrath (Jacob Skouborg & Morten Wurtz) & Kindzadza (Leo Greshilov)… Forged in the deepest underground, this is an epic constellation – of gargantuan dimensions! This is bleak, hard-hitting, skull-crunching, night-time trance… Darker than dark and psychedelic as fuck! A thousand shades of black + and one mean-ass wookie that has a thing or two to say… A very, very unique track and another really awesome psy story!


#05: Grapes Of Wrath – Goa Helvede Til

Here’s more Jaffa & Monno mayhem… The title is a Danish play on words that can’t really be translated into English… Something like ‘Goa To Hell’… Ah well, this is more distinct Århus underground music… Fast-paced, darkish, industrial hyper-trance…I think this might be the fastest track here – for a while, it gets insanely fast… Reaching psy warp-speed! Ho – ly – shit … How’s that for full-blown party-music? Eat your heart out – this is pure evil! Almost too evil – yikes! But a sweet track nevertheless…


#06: KinJahJah – What Has Begun Cannot Be Stopped…

“What has begun cannot be stopped. The time for this world is over!” Here’s another very interesting collaboration – this time between Kindzadza (Leo Greshilov) & Roelike Jahbo… A match made in hell! Fuck yes; this is what I’m talking about… Crank up the old trip-o-meter; pound a dozen shrooms and slurp a handful of microdots – and you’re still nowhere near the sound of this psychedelic bombshell… Pumping night-time trance with chain-sawing acid-lines and enough gore to scare the living shit out of anyone… And it can’t be stopped! Save yourself – this track will utterly annihilate your soul! …An amazing track!


#07: Derango – The Arm

TuMuLT is the name of the upcoming debut album from Swedish shroom-lords Derango (Jens Eriksson & Ola Eriksson)… Surely an album to look out for, as pretty much everything I’ve heard from these guys have been pure gold… And this track is no exception – this is text-book Swedish forest-trance – complete with tripping trolls and wicked pixies… This is perhaps not as dark as the previous tracks, but it makes up for that in its off-the-chart trip-factor… This is mushroom-trance if there ever was mushroom trance – psychedelic down to the last second… Perfect for tripping! Great track!


#08: Strangers – Moruka

“And now for something completely different!” And here’s a psy story from Greece – told by Stefanos Gkogkakos, Pr. by S.Gkogkakos & Ilias Besios… This is Halloween trance – spooky to the core and dark as always… The electronic signals and twirling melodies are both annoying and relentless – but they work wonders and will cause havoc on the trance floors… I really dig the pounding qualities in this track… But I guess, this is not as much a psy story as it is a pure, banging dancefloor anthem… Fuel for the feet! Nice track!


#09: Red i Jedeye – Mind Expansions

We end the journey where we started: In Århus, Denmark… This is a new project by Stephanus Smit… The intro is pure old-school acid – add some nostalgic computer game samples – mix with a mean-ass Århus-bassline – stir well with even more acid – and you’ve got another psychedelic stomper! The shiva-samples are perhaps a little over the top, but this is still just as psychedelic as they come… Fuel for the mind! A fine debut and a fine way to end another brilliant Parvati compilation!


Klonk! (The sound of my jaw dropping!)


Damn – just when I thought that I’d heard it all, Parvati pulls out another ace… This compilation is so fucking sweet I don’t even know where to begin… I mean, just look at my indication of favourite tracks below – that’s all tracks except one! Yes – this *is* the best thing Parvati has ever released – it even tops the brilliant Psychedelically Yours compilations + the sweet GOW/Meteloids and Para Halu albums… And that’s saying a lot! It’s essential!


I really like how we get a mix of trip-friendly and dancefloor friendly tracks here – the flow is close to perfection and the amount of awesome standout tracks are simply impressive! There’s enough psychedelia to go around twice here – and anyone who’ve lost faith in psychedelic music needs only listen to this compilation to regain faith… I mean it – this is a stellar compilation that deserves to sell a billion copies! The music is very close to perfection and the fractal artwork may be simple, but instantly cool… Connoisseurs of trippy, mind-expanding, psychedelic music should not be without this CD… I will not hesitate to give this my highest, most deep-felt recommendation… An essential purchase! …Enjoy!


Favourites: 2, 3(!!), 4(!!), 5, 6(!!), 7(!!), 8, 9



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External links:

Parvati Records: http://www.parvati-records.com

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/534237

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/dute8

Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/cv26b

Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/82jbm

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/8kr52

Chaos: http://tinyurl.com/bk9sq

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

I got some constructive points to expose (at least i hope they’ll).


Let’s begin with the matching between the calling of the compilation & the cover’s design plus the musical content : i think this name to be very good, unfortunatly it doesn’t fit for me with the 2 elements pre-quoted.

I mean there’s some funny entertaining tracks nevertheless majort part are more connected with energyzed groovy-hypnotic & high twisted psychedelic productions (tracks 1, 2,3) than real psytrance stories telling to my neurons.

Generally i don’t focus that much on the design but here, except the inside parts with tracklist & the fractal, the result is awful to my eyes. I don’t catch what it’s suposed to represented (jungle ?), & furthermore nothing matching with the Psystories concept.

That’s a pity, coz by the past, the parvati cover’s design used to be better.


Now focusing deeper on the music, i won’t repeat twice what i explain before. I’ll add that i frequently notice the tracks have wicked creative intros, creating great atmospheres, feelings but it stops here. As most of the artists aren’t able to keep going on it & evolving from this beginning , it’s the case here with track 2.


Exposing constructive points, means for me to tell & explain all aspects negative & postive ones.


I’ll give a counter example from Psystories of all i just said before : Snap, Crackle & Pop – Where is Pop ?

That’s by far the best tune of this compilation, why ? It’s simple, all the constructive remarks i’ve made before, have avoided here :

-it starts a way in which one it evolves & finishes,

-the creative ideas aren’t gathered only during the intro but scattered all along the track,

-it’s at the same time psychedelic, funny, entertaining & danceable.


And there’s something very specific from Parvati’s sound that you don’t find too much on others psylabels these recent days : they’re developping a own sound based on high twisted psychedelic sounds with colours & always with an happy feeling . So it’s THE proof that you aren’t obligatory forced to be dark if into Psyché sounds (too much darkpsy labels coming out these days).


I forgot something typical from Parvati’s sound : the strong tasty & powerful tones aspect from which you could be reluctant or addicted, one of the best illustration here is the Red i Jedeye – Mind Expansions. If you make some efforts the first time after you’ll only pray by this one, in this style you can add tracks 5,6&8. And concerning the Derango’s one, it’s more connected with the darkpsy side.


Otherwise but has some importance, the mastering is good (done by Drix).


Himalaya : 4

Second Altitudes : 6,8,9

Third Altitudes :5,7



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I really really really love this one from parvati!! Top notch!

After psychedelically yours 3 this is a long awaited taste of Aarhus heaven!


hmmm...Snap Crackle&Pop -Where is the pop , Red i jedeye-mind Expansions and Strangers-Moruka just didnt do it for me... But after reading all the positive comments about theese tracks i might have to give them another chance...


Favorite moments:


Hokus Pokus – Zim Zalabim

Jahbo – Chronic Mnemonic

GRAPES OF WRATH-Goa til helvede

KinJahJah – What Has Begun Cannot Be Stopped…


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  • 3 weeks later...

power pure psychedelic cd of parvati!congratulations again parvati!

keep psychedelia


om shanti



lOve ~ freedom ~ balance ~ harmony ~ peace ~ unity ~ respect

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It's a very good CD. Not every track is great, but most are really good. Not that dark, but definitely twisted - one of my favorite Parvati comps for sure.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Best release from this label, most tracks are above average in quality and production. A good release but better comps came out this year (New World Order, Aspara). This label continues to improve their unique and potent psychedelic sound. Kudos!


Final Verdict: 7/10 (Nice)

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