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  1. It has to be Scatterbrain for me. I'd like to add Nystagmus to the list as well.
  2. Congrats guys!! Remember you guys when you were doing the hard yards on forums.. Can't wait to give this a listen to..
  3. What a mood he puts you in. No let up and just a constant reminder that you're stuck. Impressive work from an already impressive artist.
  4. :posford: :posford: :posford: Gotta love this album. Artifakt does what few should do, he is consistent. This album stands alone from his debut record and II. And it is so strong from track to track, it doesn't waiver. It doesn't outstay its welcome. It is uncompromising music. I just don't know where he can go to from here. But I certainly can't wait.
  5. Special stuff here, although not quite up to the unique and unflinching genius of The Art of Being Non. Still this would be worthy for any early morning stomp on the dancefloor.
  6. Excited about these!! Am dying to hear the Nosferatu remix!!
  7. Shimmer

    SynSUN - Unstoppable

    Great album!! The sound is a return to form for them...Really like the 2 disc format, as it really shows what they're capable of!! Good work guys!! Can't wait until the fourth album...
  8. Props to SynSun who are doing much more than just putting their stuff out there...after all those rumours about them splitting because of they weren't making money, it's good to see them getting back on track. Hopefully this is the album that really gets them noticed!! My love for Symphonic Adventures knows no bounds. I was lukewarm on Phoenix. So here's to old roots...
  9. I guess with this album I didn’t really have any expectations other than I think B.P.F’s compilation, JP Noir, is one of the best things I have heard and Asian Babylon still gets a spin in the player. So, this comp. didn’t really have anything to live up to. Artists : V.A. - compiled by Clutch aka Tonio Title : GEAR Label : b.p.f.records Distribution : Wakyo Distribution 1. Tokyo Taxi - CHRIS CARGO 2. Pimp My Babe - LOUNGE CONTROL 3. Ex - MOTION AND CLUTCH 4. Summer Madness - CYPHER DRONE 5. Trust - PLASTICIN PORTERS 6. Half and Half - CLUTCH 7. Mosaik - LA BAAZ 8. Penthouse Rock - TRANCEFELD Tokyo Taxi - No fade ins. No time to waste. We’re into it. And what a nice popping beat it is. It’s hard to tell where this track is going to go but at the moment, you don’t care because it’s pretty damn fun. The track remains fun and light until the 2:50 point about when it takes a turn, and gets more serious. The beats disappear and it’s replaced by a build up of various percussions. And then we’re back to the fun part. The track is a very enjoyable romp; your head matches your feet which in turn is matching the beat. While the track never breaks any records, it never promises to. Instead, it sets up what I expect will be a great journey. Pimp My Babe - Carrying on the theme of no introduction, this track bursts onto the scene with this odd rhythm and even more baffling effects. It shouldn’t really work, but somehow it does. And the bass pops in, almost like something you’d hear from a band made up of 14 year old teenagers in the early 90’s. But it’s good. It moves and grooves. It plays more like something you’d hear late morning when the sun is softly touching your face as you are on the dance floor. The build up leaves you at the place and pace you expected. This is a smooth track which does leave you wanting more. Ex - The introduction to this really is pretty cool. It plays with your ears a little, expecting you to delve in to listen and then giving you too much. Once that is out of the way, it opens up to be quite interesting. The melody is something Kraftwerk would do if they had the chance. The timing of the beats are very addictive, so much so you want it to continue. The soft pads behind this the percussion almost threaten to burst into the foreground and when they finally do, you want more. The mix is pretty well done; there are little moments of melodies that sounds straight out of the heart of the south of the U.S. All in all, a stand out track on the album. Summer Madness - Summer Madness almost plays like a traditional goa track, in that it builds up with a strong beat, sweeping pads and a bass that always keeps your hips moving. Again, this is one for those sunny mornings with your friends. The track maintains its mood and beat until a beautiful melody comes in and sits down next to the rest of the gang. Here the track opens up and is alive. The colours that this track promotes are sublime. This is definitely a way to get lost in your thoughts. The strongest element of this track is that it the mixing is so crisp that it allows you to experience each sound to its fullest and it is maintained until the end. Perhaps the best track on the album. Trust - The mood has shifted and a bass is telling us that we should be obeying it’s every beat. It is thick and guides the track. I enjoy the way this track lifts and drops but the sample over the top of it all is distracting, only when it is gone is the track better for it. This track does do a good job in trying to separate itself from the others by playing with samples but it isn’t as unique and as a result is not too memorable. Half & Half - This is Clutch’s track. And I know that sounds like I’m speaking to a 3-year old but I mean, “This is Clutch’s track”. He puts his signature touch on it by allowing the kick to guide the track into open spaces rather than falling into a trap where he has to rely on it to keep the track moving. A nice rising and dropping of a siren hints at something that is going to be dropped upon us. I like the production of this track; you can focus on 3 different levels and be totally immersed in any of them. At around the 4-minute mark, he does a very cool thing where he stops things. I like these little moments. I’ve picked up on them in his tracks. I guess for myself, these moments are what makes his tracks so memorable. Mosaik - A track that takes its time getting to the place you want to be at. The percussions aren’t cheesy, but a change at the 1.30 mark is. But it remains true to the other parts of the song. A bass and percussion break up the tunes and it is quite cool, not a totally danceable track as it really changes its mood. One moment it is laid back, and then it’s in your face, and then laid back again. Things pick up at the 3.40 mark where you sense that given some more time we could be doing some serious head bobbing. The melodies play like that of an old commodore 64 game. Nostalgic and classic. Penthouse Rock - To the final track on this album. An empty sound of drums begin this track and it’s quite classy and cruisy. Really laid back and relaxed. It remains like that, real background music but also plays like something that could lead into an explosive track. A really nice choice of a closer to the album as it basically keeps the mood of the album until the very end. Overall, this is a cruisy album. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was pretty satisfied with the end result. There were some outstanding tracks and others that were designed to do what they do and they did it. Clutch has done a great job of compiling these artists. A few artists to watch out for in the future, I suspect. Standout Track - 4 Other Fav(s) – 1, 2, 3, 6, 8
  10. I enjoyed this album...as with Schizm, it's very left of the middle... Good work!!
  11. Great review...might have to check this out
  12. Good luck with this one...the cover is pretty cool...the artists are enticing as well...should make for a good listen!!
  13. Man, this release is fascinating...have been waiting for a long time for a Ka-Sol release... Pretty much agree with you Posture...those first 3 tracks were outstanding...sort of gave you a taste and then took it away from you... But the rest of the album stands up on its own...almost feels like a double album in that regard. Gotta mention the "energy"...man-o-man, the energy that is put into all the tracks is amazing. A lot of sweat...blood...and tears, went into each track. Well done!!! A great purchase!!!
  14. Couldn't agree with you any more...absolutely brilliant...Aldo knows what I think of this...I can't recommend it enough to people who are up for a challenge... Well done! Well done!!!
  15. Shimmer

    Shift-Byte Me

    Yep, Nefarious. You said it. Some parts just come off like bad Euro...(dare I say it, "Tamir")... I guess this is the result of a man who is working too hard on too many things... There's nothing here that's awful, but there's nothing here that's brilliant... And the cover art...well...everyone knows what everyone thinks of it...
  16. In the mail, along with Shift's new album...should be a cranker of a night when they finally arrive here!! Lots of Long Beers and a Long Night I presume!! Cannot wait!!
  17. 01:02:03 04-05-06 Cool... The Album! FUKKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Good luck again, mate!!
  18. Yes. So good. Very excited now. Chris is a busy, busy, busy man...but has kept it up so well...even his side projects are of a high standard!! This will be in the ever expanding Shift related collection!!!
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