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#psynews.org IRC channel


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This is how you do:

1) Download mIRC (for example) at www.mirc.com. It's very easy to understand.

2) Install it yada yada yada

3) Connect to any EFNet server (irc.inet.tele.dk:6667) works good for me.

4) Type /join psynews.org in status window.

5) Share you thoughts and oppinions with the rest of the people there :)


Written by moni:

open irc.

go to Options (second yellow button from the top left)

write a nickname and all

then go to Servers.

choose IRC Network: Efnet

Irc Server: any, as long as it is efnet.

click Connect to Server.

Once you are connected, join the channel #psynews.org

(for this you can also type "/j psynews.org" in your status)

tell me ig you have problems


Any problems? There is a guide at www.mirc.com for you newbies (for whos not a nerd I mean).


Also there is Miranda, a freeware program and it's a multiprotocol messenger program supporting all the best-known systems like ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC.

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Guest .::E.P

ok, USUALLY i am there :P



ahh so that's where you have gone. Leaving me alone on yahoo messenger. I thought so... :angry:

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no, just bad timing i suppose

usually when i login to yahoo, everybody seem to be offline.


I'm always as "gone" .. But if you say "hi" next time you log-in, i'll talk to you :)

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