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  1. Etnica - Alien Protein Pleiadians - IFO Astral Projection - Another World
  2. tracks by Decoded Feedback: Breathe, Phoenix, Evolution, Bio-Vital (Funker Vogt Remix), Reflect in Silence
  3. most familiar with geir jensen's biosphere so i picked that. perhaps to be considered less ambient i like the Microgravity album quite a bit. intertwined with memories.
  4. cinos asked me to post his farewell letter somewhere on psynews so i choose to post it in both of these currently active threads regarding him and his ban. Regarding Cinos Ban. (General) Cinos (Off Topic)
  5. yes, but even the elderly can learn! come on in, charlie!
  6. can't say i'm displeased with the result... nice job.
  7. i think i saw it stated that the votes of those who did not vote a full top-five were ignored. is this correct, or did i misunderstand?
  8. vnvmod

    Khetzal - Corolle

    4.6/5 = very good (plus a couple inches more towards the divine) one of the best albums i've ever heard. feeds me with a current of unspeakable joy each time. on the late i've also listened to filteria's sky input album and and it's pretty much as good too. they aren't very much alike, but the essential divine passion that they both awaken in me is the same, i suppose, and that's all that counts.
  9. 1. Khetzal - Corolle btw tatsu, why didn't you just edit that previous post...?
  10. in 2012 i'll have it. but that may not be the only thing...
  11. pm and you can d/l it from me. btw that Chi-A.D. album is named "Virtual Spirit". a great one too.
  12. haven't heard others than Alien Protein, which is... well, suffice it to say the most spiritual album i've ever heard, an efficient tool to a blissful trance state...to begin with.. Pleiadians - IFO comes kind of close, but in a different way. i didn't vote. i'm still n00b.
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