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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Guest The Journey Man Project

my metal mainly consists of Fear Factory, Opeth, Machine Head, Soulfy and Sepultura now-a-days... Opeth is becoming my no.1 for now...

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VA - Psychoactive Scandosounds (Vol 1) (1998)




1 Divinorum ISMS Pt 1 (7:15)

2 Scahgblota Front The Boeuf (9:47)

3 Fripic Bounce Clerkdrive Phanwiz (6:59)

4 Battle Of The Future Buddhas It's Spooky Out There (7:57)

5 Ka-Sol Professor Mephisto (7:47)

6 Mugmez Bakkarbobs Carnobissica (8:23)

7 Psyclus & Silver Me Komatsu (8:37)

8 Psyclus Learn (7:02)

9 God Damn Ninjas Rovboc (8:47)







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Alice Mackay and Benfay -  Lighthouse


Fosku/Nt thanks for those links  :)


No problem :) Great choice you got there!



np: grateful dead - casey jones (live at Hollywood Palladium 1971-08-06)


I really like this kinda rock, nice to listen in the backround, read & chill out.

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