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Found 13 results

  1. 1. Goasia - Outer Space Formant 2. Goasia - Alien's Ultimatum 3. Goasia - Back To Space 4. Goasia - Hybrids 5. Goasia - Yes, We Are 6. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet 7. Goasia - Life Reborn 8. Goasia - Basic Instinct 9. Goasia - XOR 10. Goasia - Area 51 So this just happened. Very nonchalantly. It's been 6 strange years since the release of Goasia's last 'Amphibians On Spacedock' album. But if you have heard any of their more recent 'Goa Trance Legacy' releases then you may have an idea of why this might have some hype around it. Y
  2. Artist: Acid Destroyers Title: Monsters And Mad Man EP Label: Spacedock records Release date: May 15, 2019 Tracklist: 1. Acid Destroyers - Universal Language 08:16 2. Acid Destroyers - Ohm Devil 09:14 3. Acid Destroyers - Monsters and Mad Man 07:24 Things are going good in Goa land. You wouldn't say this judging by the number of posts in the review section, but the music is going strong these days. This collab on Spacedock records between Goa Madness founder Ohm Mind and Laughing Space Devil from Switzerland shows that they're on a creative cloud. Aci
  3. Artist: Various Title: SpaceDock Records Goa trance Legacy by Kanc Cover Vol.4 Label: SpaceDock Records Release: 26 December, 2018 1.Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star 2. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference 3. Goasia - Polar Lights 4. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula 5. Omnivox & Hand Of Damaru- Magical Mountain 6. M-Run - Vastness 7. Jikooha - Indigos 8. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix) 9. Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis Spacedock Records Goa Trance legacy series has, since Vol. 1 been
  4. Ho-Ho-Ho, If you thought that the Christmas season was just about complete you can think again. You've all been good little cherubs and Santa AKA Kanc Cover has compiled a little selection of tunes to present you volume 4 of the Goa trance Legacy series. With a tracklist that looks like this:- 01. Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star 02. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference 03. Goasia - Polar Lights 04. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula 05. Omnivox & Hand Of Damaru- Magical mountain 06. M-Run - Vastness 07. Jikooha - Indigos 08. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psych
  5. Artist: Psychowave Title: Chronicles ep Label: Spacedock Records Date: July 27, 2018 1. Elephants In Pocitos 2. Fight Like A Woman 3. Life Waves Psychowave has produced two tracks which have found their way into my favourite list. His ear for melody and production technique is a treat and sends me into euphoria every time I listen. The new ep comes complete with some pretty artwork done by Natan himself and 3 tracks containing plenty of funk. Elephants In Pocitos - Not as many elephant sounds as I was expecting but still a well produced song thats got
  6. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Legacy 2 Label: Spacedock Records Date: January, 2017 1. Artha - First Element Is Gone 2. Hypnagogia - Launching Green Lights 3. Omegahertz - Ecliptic Conjunction 4. Power Source - Goaway (2016 Mix) 5. M-Run - Trans Our Way 6. Goasia - Secret of Nazak 7. Prana - Derwish (Funky Gong Remix) 8. Total Eclipse - Blade Runner (Remix) 9. E-Mantra - You Are Empty Spacedock is sort of an outlier when it comes to the more well known labels, doing more with digital eps. That isn't to say they are a throwaway by any stretch with releases like the fi
  7. Artist: Liquid Flow Title: Cosmic Ascension EP Label: Spacedock Records Date: September, 2012 1. Cosmic Ascension 2. A New World 3. 2012 "Great moments are born from great opportunities." Nothing like a sample from Miracle on Ice. Right now it would be a miracle if the millionaires would stop acting like self-important pricks and get back on the f*cking ice. Don't make me watch basketball. Don't make me. Tomislav Savic is yet another Croatian in the seemingly dominant wave of artists erupting from the Balkans. Having released a successful Ep (Goa Terminal), al
  8. Artist: Goasia Title: Defected Reactor Ep Label: Spacedock Records Date: March, 2015 1. Defected Reactor 2. We Live There I recently went a little bandcamp crazy and bought a bunch of digital eps without even listening to the samples. This was one of them. We are all familiar with this duo and I believe they are in the category of love 'em or don't love 'em that much. This ep should be a cautionary tale of always listening before you buy. This music damn near put me to sleep. No drama, no gravity, hell no goa. The second half of We Live There was pretty good, but not
  9. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Legacy Label: Spacedock Records Date: October, 2015 1. Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) 2. Power Source - Sparks (Remix) 3. Goasia - Haunted 4. Filteria - Memory Lane (Future Live Remix) 5. M-Run - Last Survivor 6. Omnivox - I Am The Storm 7. Prana - Boundless (ManMadeMan Remix) 8. Psychowave - Catch The Rabbit 9. Shakta - Amber Mantra This was the first compilation from upstart Spacedock Records and like the second one in the series it brought together a great line up. There are no unknowns here. J
  10. JZ TRANCE press. SPACEDOCK RECORDS in WONDER NIGHT of GOA TRANCE OCTOBER 17, 2015 Club AGEHA - ARENA stage, TOKYO JAPAN Arena stage: GOASIA / Suntrip records / Spacedock Records / Serbia OMNIVOX / Spacedock Records / Croatia TSUYOSHI SUZUKI / Matsuri Records / Japan ARAKI / Jz Trance / Spacedock Records / Japan YOSHIHIDE / Jz Trance / Japan Full info https://www.facebook.com/events/1066168156727356/
  11. Artist: M-Run Title: Viral EP Label: Spacedock Records Date: October, 2013 1. Bastard Train 2. Viral After the massive praise Mario received for his debut album Some Run Just For Fun he's right back at it with a brief 2 track ep. This smacks of striking while the iron is hot so we don't forget about him. No worries my friend. Gone however is the complexity and ass wiggling goa grooves and in its place is 4 on the floor speed goa. It reminds me of Colorbox with its rapid pace like going through a mile long tube waterslide. Man, that would be fun as f*ck. 2 tracks a
  12. Artist: Vox Title: Alien Humanity EP Label: SpaceDock Records Date: June, 2012 1. Alien Humanity 2. Desired Piece 3. Inner Polarity (Year of Prophecy Mix) *Picks up phone and punches numbers* "Hey Tawana, how are ya? Kids doing ok? Glad to hear it. Mind patching me through to the big guy? Yeah, no problem I'll hold." *Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?* "Mike is that you?" "JC!!! Whassup brother?" "Oh, it's been stressful. What are they thinking taking my rules for humanity out of public schools?
  13. http://spacedockreco...ted-galaxies-ep Goasia - Tribal Experience 6:01 Goasia - Chemical Brain 8:11 Goasia, synonym for today's Goa Trance scene!!! Huge honor to open our chapter in Spacedock with Goasia, one of the greatest Goa projects treat us with brand new digital EP. After two magnificent albums, one XXL extend play and colab album with Omegaherz, plus a numerous tracks on various compilations, Goasia present new material and pre-release of 3rd album. Tribal elements and galactic feeling in atmosphere, will declare these tracks as anthem of the milky way. Fr
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