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  1. What do you think? :) https://soundcloud.com/totalytrippy/woza-requiem-1
  2. Hey, what do you say? :) https://soundcloud.com/totalytrippy/woza-bonfire-1
  3. Hey, happy to present you a new track, hope you like it
  4. Happy to show you a new live-set, enjoy it :) https://soundcloud.com/totalytrippy/2019-03-03-11h13m39
  5. Hey Guys, happy to present you my first EP., hope you like it. If you like it feel free to download or share it. Greetings
  6. Hey guys, made a new track, take a listen
  7. New track, opninions? :) https://soundcloud.com/totalytrippy/halsey-hurricane-woza-bootleg
  8. Hey guys made a new track and a new live set with some new ideas, hope you like it
  9. Hey guys mixed aronchupa - little swing to psytrance/dirtyprog, hope you like it
  10. Hey guys made a new proggy track with indian acapella:)
  11. Hello, made a new track WoZa - Kalinka remix hope you like it
  12. Hey Made a new track again with some dubstep elements and a nice melody, Hope you Like it :) https://soundcloud.com/totalytrippy/woza-mystic-machinery
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