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  1. If you think positively Sound becomes Music Movement Becomes Dance Smile Becomes Laughter Mind Becomes Meditation And Life Becomes a Celebration…. Arkona Creation and friends present another upcoming unforgettable gathering in Lithuania. The Swampy Open Air gathering is going to happen in deep and mystic forest of Trakai region, which is only 10 km away from Trakai. The old town of Trakai is extremely popular with the residents of Lithuania and foreign guests – it is situated west of Vilnius between the hills, forests and lakes. This town, famous for its picturesque landscape and the legendary Trakai Castle, was a cradle of the Lithuanian statehood, and the capital of Lithuania. The festival designed for travellers, psy music lovers, and even families. We will have specially designed family friendly ambient area where anyone could relax under the sky full of stars Come and delve into the pool of psy music, arts, workshops and many other entertainments together with us! More info: swampyfestival.lt facebook
  2. Thousands items in stock. Check this out: http://www.discogs.com/user/arkona-creation Kind regards, Arkona Creation
  3. Artist: Anix Gleo Title: Fatum Label: Arkona Creation Cat: ARKNCD005 Format: CD + Digital download (MP3/FLAC/Wav) Cover design: Anix Gleo & Manush Mkrtchyan track list: Freestyle Daddys Honest Dance Deep Sky Atonal Gleostep Highway Loop 1000000dollars Moondub For album preview click here This album was created in three years. Each of the tracks was born first on paper in the form of logical-art scenario, and after with the sound it gained flesh. This music is not a totally dance orientated due to the whim of the author . Half is dance and half is history, stories with his actors, conflict, complication, crisis and denouement. 99% of the attention on the album is devoted to the development of sound parts, but does not fill the frequency space evenly by design. The structure of the album "FATUM" has two breaths, two emotional splashes - in the first half and in the final. This was not planned initially but t by the end of the album, the music actually ceases to be a trance in its usually understood form. The whole collection of experiments led to the pure psychedelic sounds of the album outweighing the dance floor’s psychedelic prowess. What is the album “FATUM” about? About freedom, twilight crackle, the cosmic dust, the diffusion, the voices of distant countries, the corridors of the material world, about people... For more info visit http://www.anixgleo.com For any booking requirements visit http://www.arkona-creation.org CDs & Digital downloads now available @ Arkona Creation Shop http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com CDs also available at following online shops: Psyshop, Beatspace, SaikoSounds Digital downloads: Junodownload Other Arkona Creation releases: VA - PERKUNEYA PRADOX VS BASSID - EXFOLIATOR PEACE DATA - INFECTED WASHROOM RADIOACTIVE CAKE - THE NEW KIND PROJECT SKETCH - PARADISE VALLEY THE GROBIANS - TRIPWIRE BRUJO'S BOWL - HEALING WITH SOUND VA - JAVANESE PEACOCK Coming up soon on Arkona Creation: PRADOX - BLOOMY RUST BASSID - HOME VA - PSYGRESSIVE CHANTING For all questions regarding bookings and licencing please click here Follow Arkona Creation on: facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArkonaCreation soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/arkona-creation youtube: http://www.youtube.com/arkonacreation twitter: http://www.twitter.com/arkonacreation
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