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Found 21 results

  1. Hello to all. Glad to be a member of this amazing forum. I've always been wondering about what what illustrated album cover of genres like "Trance" or subgenre of Trance like PsyTrance usually express. CEV/OEV that DJs experience when they are under the influence of Psychedelic Substances like LSD/DMT? Is there something to consider when choosing a title for songs and albums?
  2. Hello, Je vous partage l'album sur lequel je travaille en ce moment. Il s'agit de musique pour illustrer des reportages scientifiques. Je fais plein d'essais sonores étranges que j'assemble par la suite. Le jour où j'écris ce post, l'album n'est pas terminé. https://soundcloud.com/yiemerc/sets/scisalpo Si vous voulez m'apporter des conseils, je suis preneur. Merci
  3. Hello lovely people, We just created a platform for Decoration Teams, VJs and Psychedelic Artists... Artists can create profile and exhibit their works to receive more offers from all over the world. You can easily create your profile now : https://psyjungle.com/ Peace and Love
  4. Hi Psynews team! I am throwing a 48-hour psytrance / electronica festival in New Braunfels Texas with a few different groups. Many of the acts coming out are from Zenon Records. Hope to see some of y'all out there! Post on the Facebook event page if you found us here... I am curious :) Full Workshops, Lineup, and other Information can be found on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/667914800217101/?active_tab=about FEATURING PSYTRANCE ACTS Evil Oil Man • HypoGeo • Nibana • Smoke Sign • Dragon • Moon Frog • Robojoe Nivlem AND MANY MORE ELECTRONICA PERFORMANCES FROM U.S, RUSSIA. GUATEMALA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, AND U.K. ANKHS - (Texas) ASTEROIDS & EARTHQUAKES - (California) BASE2 - (Texas) BRICKSQUASH - (Colorado) BUMBLE - (Australia) CUALLI - (Colorado) DAGOBAH - (Texas) DAICHIFOX - (Texas) DIGITAL VAGABOND (Colorado) DRAGON - (Florida) DRRTYWULVZ - (Texas) DRUMSPYDER - (California) ECUE - (Texas) EVIL OIL MAN - (U.K.) FREQUENT - (Colorado) GADDY - (Texas) HYPOGEO - (Brazil) KLL SMTH - (Colorado) KNOW MATTER - (Texas) LAYER - (Texas) LEFTY - (Texas) LAVAR EL PERRO - (Mexico) MANTOID - (Texas) MINDEX - (Russia) MOON FROG - (Colorado) NIBANA - (France) NIVLEM - (Texas) OLDGOLD - (Texas) ORBIT WEAVER - (Texas) OVOID - (Washington) PATH OF THE MOOSE - (Texas) ROBOJOE - (Texas) SANJIWAN - (Texas) SICK NUMBLES - (Arkansas) SMOKE SIGN - (Guatemala) SOMATOAST - (Texas) SOULACYBIN - (Colorado) SPAWT - (Oregon) TWIN SHAPE - (Texas) ULTRASLOTH - (Slothopolis, Saturn) ZENTURION - (Texas) ------------------------------------------------------ LOCATION ------------------------------------------------------ Located just south of San Marcos, TX at the beautiful Texas Music Park! The full address is 8989 N Interstate 35, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 and works with most, if not all, GPS. ----------------------------------------------------- STAGES: ------------------------------------------------------ We are proud to present the maiden voyage of the Alethia Sound // Hennessey Sound Design full Texas rig! FULL MUSIC SCHEDULE COMING IN AUGUST! PSYDE STAGE: Representing Funktion-One (Official) is our very own Multidimensional Sound ------------------------------------------------------ ART GALLERY: ------------------------------------------------------ Over 50 Live Painters! ------------------------------------------------------ -Workshops -Vendor village -Dank tacos -Stage design by bild art -Visuals from Vision Reactor and friends -Featuring artwork from the master himself, Greg Pettit ART - A Video Game Dome - Giant neon bug things - AND MORE!
  5. ORB MAG IS LAUNCHED! Orb Mag is an online magazine that covers a wide range of alternative music, art, culture, and technology. Follow us: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube.
  6. ORB MAG LAUNCHING 14 MARCH 2018 Orb Mag is an online magazine that covers a wide range of alternative music, art, culture, and technology. All interested in psytrance and all its facets keep an eye on our social media and web magazine, there will be a lot of psytrance. Orb Mag will be showcasing artists such as Juno Reactor, Eat Static, Etnica, Filteria, Braincell, Arjuna, Derango, KinDzaDza, Johnny Blue, AstroPilot, Avalon, Androcell, and also the Psynews forum creators and Suntrip Records founders, Anoebis & Mars, among many others. Promo video link: https://www.facebook.com/orbmagofficial/videos/2027507417517099/ Video: Kokrra Audio: Takami Nakamoto (Nonotak) Logo animation: Granit Halili We encourage you to share our video with your circle. Follow us: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube.
  7. Sympathy in Chaos has returned! Matsuri Digital Chill will soon be releasing Sympathy in chaos 4! "Sympathy in chaos" was an artistic free-style compilation album by Tsuyoshi Suzuki released by Matsuri - the last volume was in 1999. After 20 years, we have produced volume 4. Please enjoy the promo mix of Sympathy in Chaos 4 by TSUYOSHI SUZUKI!   ///ENG/// Matsuri Digital Chill continues its revival of the 90s electronic underground scene with the release of Sympathy in Chaos 4. This fourth instalment in a famous series of downtempo music compiled by Tsuyoshi Suzuki comes 21 years after the first disc in the series was issued and 19 since the last, yet the vision and vibe are the same. The release is filled with funky, groovy, trippy atmospheric productions from musicians both in Japan and across the globe. Featuring a wide array of artists, from longtime Matsuri favourites Prana, Joujouka, and Ubar Tmar to international friends styles Oforia, Banco de Gaia, and Skizologic, this compilation features a wide-ranging variety of musical in a mind-expanding flow that is sure to delight electronica fans worldwide who are interested in breaking boundaries and exploring sonic soundscapes. ///Track List /// 1.Prana in Dub - Primal Sorbet 2.Skizologic - In Chaos 3.2Minds in Dub - Eclipse 4.Oforia - Private Moon 5.JOUJOUKA - Painless Pain - GAUDI Remix 6.JOUJOUKA - Fakes For Sale - OMB Remix 7.Banco De Gaia ft Sophie Barker -91 -Bennun & Healey Dub Remix 8.Rezonance Mood - Mars Calling 9.Jikooha - Peace And Anarchy 10.RaBi RaBi - ORGA - ALTZ 'Base Waves Tribe' Remix 11.N.Sof - Dealing with Latencies 12.D41 & ANODE - Mainline Music - Road 2 Tresor Remix 13.Max Million - Skying 14.Ubar Tmar - A003263 15.Funky Gong - Stranger In Paradise -Slight Return Long Mix – 16.Ten-G - KOKORO 17.JOUJOUKA - Feel Ride Roll - Ubar Tmar Remix   ///Release info/// Title : Sympathy in Chaos 4 Label : Matsuri Digital Chill Artist : V.A Cat No. : MDC003 Beatport Exclusive : 2018.3.2 Digital Release date : 2018.3.16 CD Release date : ??? Promotional Mix by TSUYOSHI on SOUNDCLOUD More info @ https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigitalChill/
  8. Hello friends! please take a sec to check out our page. We would love to put some pics but we're having some computer problems, hehehe. https://www.facebook.com/fakirisajugaart/
  9. STVinMOTION is creating and distributing Visual Content for those big display screens you see in EDM clubs & festivals. Their visual content is played by VJ's, whose job is to create a live video mix that adds another dimension to the music played by the DJs. What's unique in STVinMOTION is that, in a scene dominated by mostly abstract visuals (of shapes & colors), they strive to make the visuals tell a story - by using more of a cinematic approach and the use of defining themes, for example: https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/STVinMOTION-psychedelic-vj-loops/
  10. STEP_OUT/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / a night of cynical red head comedy// queer fashion// contact juggling art performance // live VJing vcr mashup// soul healing dance music// HOSTESS/ / / / dj.paulina_live.music+vj playing//pop hits/alternative//deep/acid house/ /rnb/ /trap/ /90's dance COMEDY BY/ / / / celeste. she's has red hair and she's funny PERFORMANCE BY/ / / / bella.muerta so cool, combining dance/performance art/freak show LIVE MUSIC BY/ / / / mewsique. d/n/b w/ live flute / / / /*IMPROMTU FASHION SHOW!!!* ???? ! ! ! ! (xurprises!!)/games/xpecially made deco just for the night/ +19 @ the Central_next door to Honest Ed's $5 cover (all night) $3.50 whiskey shots_DRINK SPECIALS_$5.25 pints Doors open at 9PM all work and no play makes me want to step_out / / / /
  11. Hey guys I made this a while back. It's kind of a photomanip of a pattern I found in Estonia. Simple but I found it surprisingly effective. http://gasolin3.deviantart.com/art/Nedow-581276902
  12. Amazing news!!! Global Sect Music with Goabom.com open psychedelic Shop! T-shirts and hoodies for space fractal freaks http://globalsect.ru/shop/wear 100% russian quality, good prices and double СD VA Space Of Power for first 40 buyers! When you buy our wear you help make our upcoming VA more powerful! Enjoy
  13. Hello! (I cant post on travel section) So.. Im moving to Italy cause of family.. I plan to stay for a couple of years to learn italian, and take some art course, and find a job hopefully MY question is::: where in Italy is a good place to live? Things to consider could be - a youthful city/town - good nightlife (psy-trance, dubsptep - alternative culture - nice nature surrounding the town - good for studying art hm... good food i guess everywhere how about organic shops? what else... hmmm... friendly and sexy people =^.^= And people that talke like thise.. hehe =p Grazie , Thank you!
  14. Tangent Gallery 715 E. Milwaukee St, Detroit MI 48202 Welcome to The Gates of Ra! An awe-inspiring, soul-healing, high-frequency event with an art show, spiritual workshops, and an all-night dance party across two stages! Featuring Sara Dopstar, Heersink, Spaceship Earth, YogiMagik, DJoye & DJourney, Amoeba, Shadows of Suns, Neural Patterns, Formless, and Zak & What Army? >> Event Schedule 5:00, Psy-Fly Space Pharaoh Yoga ($10 presale) 6:00, Ra the Art Show (FREE) 6:30, Sacred Wave Gong Immersions ($10* presale) 8:00, Sacred Breathwork Experience (FREE) 9:00, Dance Party ($10 presale) All Events = $25 (presale) Tickets @ www.intergalacticartmovement.com *Sacred Wave will be making a charitable donation to the Detroit Food Academy with a percentage of the proceeds from this event. This session is typically a $30 value, but is being offered at a very special one-time price, so come experience a gong immersion and help support a great cause at the same time! >> The Gates of Ra :: Dance Party (9:00 - 4:00am) We have been blessed by the Gods of Ancient Egypt with TEN* incredible musical performances in two divine temples! Come ready to dance to intergalactic frequencies from realms of higher existence! Bring your hoops, poi, glow sticks, finger lights, yo-yo's, fire toys, and firewood for a late night bonfire! Dress in your best ancient Egyptian space attire for our costume contest - winners will have their choice of prize (incredible ancient artifacts)! > Karnak Temple 9:15, Heersink, Toronto [melodic dark tek] 10:45, Zak & What Army?, Detroit [the god fractal] 11:00, Formless, Arcturus [drum and bass] 12:30, Sara Dopstar, Lyra [progressive psy] 2:30, Amoeba, The Pleiades [psytrance] > Luxor Temple 11:00, Shadows of Suns, Fields of Aaru [ancient electronic] 12:00, DJoye & DJourney, Solaris [temple dub fusion] 1:00, Spaceship Earth, Arcturus [quantum dub] 2:00, YogiMagik, Orion [love hop] 3:00, Neural Patterns, Alpha Draconis [polka rave] > Live Painting & Performances Ken Campbell Ariel Esterline Al Depree Christina Teller Christopher Ceelomon Closson Sara No H Bohan *Extended DJ profiles are listed at the bottom of the event page! Please check them out for links to their music and bio! Additional space is available for live artists of all mediums. Please contact us for more details: intergalacticartmovement@gmail.com! >> Psy-Fly Space Pharaoh Yoga (5:00 - 6:30pm) www.ShantiTimeYoga.com Take a journey with Shanti Time Yoga to Ancient Egypt while Liquid Sound Theory plays a live psybient set! Afterwards, enjoy and participate in a bonus 30-minute AcroYoga introduction. All levels are welcome! Please come 15 minutes early to sign some forms and don't forget your yoga mat! Changing rooms are available at the venue. >> Sacred Wave Gong Immersion & Meditation (6:30 - 8:00pm) www.SacredWaveGongImmersions.com Experience an inspired gong immersion offered by Sacred Wave Gong Immersions! Christopher & Carol each have over 25 years of experience in working with these incredible tools for bringing about calming, soothing, healing, and enlightening states. Please bring something to lie on, a pillow, a light blanket, and a bottle of non-fluoridated water >> Sacred Breathwork Experience (8:00 - 9:00pm) www.facebook.com/Th3CocoonCollective The Cocoon Collective is collaborating with I AM once more and offering a Sacred Breathwork Experience free of charge! Join us for an hour-long session of trance-inducing evocative music. Based on the work of Jungian psychologist C. Michael Smith, Jason & Angela have been studying Sacred Breathwork at the Ph.D level. While this is a free event, nominal donations are much appreciated! >> Ra :: The Art Show (6:00 - 9:00pm) www.IntergalacticArtMovement.com Bending the fabric of space and time, intergalactic artists and universe explorers have traveled through the caverns of time to bring us the wisdom and secrets of the Ancient Egyptians through art & music! "Ra" was inspired by the beauty and wonder of Ancient Egyptian artwork, architecture, mysticism and spiritual teaching. Speakers from Fireweed Universe-City and the Intergalactic Art Movement will introduce their projects and share their visions. Come chat with us and meet our artists! During the art show, we will have a drawing (coloring) contest, a group reiki share and healing sessions, a raffle, a treasure hunt, and more! Complimentary delectable and healthy hors d'oeuvres will be provided by I AM & Fireweed. > Showing Artists & Vendors DVS Jason Koprin Richard Risque Georgia Dyemant Steve Moon Tracita Faie Shekinah Kainesh Nathan Blume Emily Hoglund Kailey Josen Mika Ortiz Neural Patterns Dane Crotto Bubba Brewer Brandon BlueFossil Michael Bogdan Artwork and installations featured at the art show and dance party are available for purchase (unless otherwise stated). After the event, the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak will be hosting selected art from Ra during the month of May! Want to join the Intergalactic Art Movement? Additional space is available for artist & vendors of all types. Please contact us for more details! We are encouraging artists to submit their Egyptian-themed artwork until April 27th! Please reach us by email: intergalacticartmovement@gmail.com! >> Intergalactic Art Fund Sponsorship Support the by purchasing our merchandise! Proceeds from sponsorship packages will go toward furthering the movement, increasing our exposure, and supporting our crew and artists! All sponsorship packages include admission to the dance party. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! $15: Bronze, 4x4 I AM Vinyl Decal $20: Silver, 8x10 Gates of Ra Print $40: Gold, Gates of Ra T-Shirt $60: Platinum, Gates of Ra Hoodie Sponsor us @ www.intergalacticartmovement.com >> Extended DJ Profiles > Sara Dopstar, Toronto, Canada @ Eclipse Music Festival in Quebec this July! www.soundcloud.com/Dopstarx www.facebook.com/SaraADopstar Colombian visual artist and DJ Sara Dopstar started her music career in 2011 after being an active member within the underground rave scene as a deco artist and event promoter. Her versatile music choices allow her to flow freely between deep house, tech house, techno, hard techno and psytrance. Always maintaining a fine balance, Sara enjoys sharing the tastiest of melodies and progressions in EDM mixed with a full-bass, rough-edge & darker sound that has now shaped her signature style. On the decks her sets are dedicated to the crowd while delivering a full on energetic performance ready to send dancefloors to unthinkable places. > Heersink, Toronto, Canada www.soundcloud.com/Heersink www.facebook.com/Heersink Matt Heersink has been an active DJ and promoter for over a decade in London & Toronto, Canada, with a focus on UK hard techno and acid techno. Matt consistently focuses his efforts on technicmal mixing and his high-energy live performances. Bringing his own unique style of EDM that aspires to fit both festivals and dance floors, Heersink has been performing at venues and events all over Toronto for the past several years including Nuit Blanche and the World Electronic Music Festival. > Spaceship Earth, Kalamazoo, MI @ Rootwire in West Virginia this July! www.soundcloud.com/SpaceshipEarthMusix www.facebook.com/SpaceshipEarthKZoo Bringing the sacred into electronic music scene and futuristic soundscapes of elemental magik and texturized organic soundswaves, Spaceship Earth's productions are one of a kind. Produced by Ashton Robertson, Spaceship Earth features live guitar over-multidimensional, full-spectrum, holographic light-waves crashing with a resonating rhythm, creating a web, a unified field for us all to soak in. Channeling music from higher parallel future timelines and blending them with ancient beats of the past, Ashton concentrates and morphs it all into a imaginarium of what we call the NOW. Grounded in the roots of the Earth, and projecting the stars and nebulas from within, we are hear to wake up the world, and fully realize our already enlightened state. We are love ♥. > YogiMagik, Kalamazoo, MI @ Rootwire in West Virginia this July! www.soundcloud.com/YogiMagik www.facebook.com/YogiMagik Breaking into the world of EDM with a unique message of unconditional love and raised awareness, YogiMagik is an intriguing integration of live instrumentation and electronic dance music produced by Baba McGnarls a.k.a. Brendan Brown. Primarily, he plays live bass guitar over sacred beats, with the intention of eventually adding live violin, guitar, and keys to the mix as well as live vocals. Baba uses the experiences of all of his lives; past and future, channeling the wisdom and love from those experiences and firmly grounding them in the present moment with the intention of unlocking this MAGIK for all. > DJoye & DJourney, Ann Arbor, MI @ Metta Morphosis Festival in Saline, MI (May 30th!) www.soundcloud.com/DJoy-Soule www.synchroblissity.com Carla Samson & Patrick Soule are explorers and navigators through the world of sacred sound, combining the sacred art of vibrational activation through sound and movement. They are facilitators of DMT Dance Meditation Technique, creating deep sound-scapes for journey's towards healing. Carla also puts on a Dance Church in Ann Arbor every Sunday to bring community together through dance and music. Their mission on Earth is to bring freedom and liberation to bodies and minds everywhere through setting intention and manifesting dreams into reality. Come dance with them! > Neural Patterns, Detroit, MI www.soundcloud.com/Neural-Patterns www.facebook.com/NeuralPatternsDeco After deciding that some things are just better when combined, like a joint in your hand or boobs in your face, Neural Patterns crawled out from his hole and started combining beats. You can catch his ADD-influenced sets everywhere from polka raves, to stuffed animal funerals to midget weddings/divorce parties. Slipping a handful of gummy bears into his pocket during a set just may get your request played. Just make sure you reach down deep and perhaps a little to the left... > Amoeba, Detroit, MI www.soundcloud.com/DjAmoeba www.facebook.com/DjAmoeba In the summer of 2007, Amoeba was introduced to goa and psytrance and the rest is history. "Electric Mind" was Amoeba a.k.a. Phil Matta's first official release. Although it's referred to as "psytrance", many have come to say that it isn't like anything that they've ever heard. The word "Amoeba" is derived from the Greek, amoibē, which means change. Changing and evolving every day, into a better version of himself and his productions, that's what Amoeba's all about. >> I AM... It's a call to your soul to remember who you are...
  15. • Contemporary psychedelic & picturesque visual ARTs More works on the links, thanks for taking a look:} • For future works fallow me on: FACEBOOK • BEHANCE Contact: ivan.blazetic.up@gmail.com • • ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ
  16. Incredible lakeside location. Dancing all night till sunrise. Swimming in crystal clear waters. Sunrise and sunset views from lakeside. DANCEFLOORS • YOGA • INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERS AND WORKSHOPS CIRQUE THEATRE AND COMEDY • SURREALIST BINGO • KIDS AREA MIND BLOWING ART INSTALLATIONS www.SymbiosisGathering.com 19-23 September 2013 The Autumnal Equinox Woodward Reservoir, Oakdale, CA FULL SG13 LINEUP: • Eclectic Bass: Mount Kimbie Poliça Hudson Mohawke (DJ Set) Emancipator IAMAMIWHOAMI (Debut US Performance) RL Grime Active Child Star Slinger Lunice Chet Faker Cashmere Cat Ryan Hemsworth AnTenNae Lapalux French Fries The Coup Saul Williams Moombahton Massive Body Language Phaeleh Odesza Djemba Djemba Mr. Carmack Love and Light Michal Menert Vibesquad Real Magic Russ Liquid G Jones Thriftworks BOGL vs DIALS Danny Corn El Papachango Sidecar Tommy Sabota JPOD Shawna DJ Laura Dov The Librarian Mihkal Kitty-D jupit3r Monkey Marc Staunch Mustard Tiger • House / Trance: Gesaffelstein Popof Brodinski Lee Foss Nick Warren Max Cooper Matias Aguayo (DJ Set) French Fries Adam Freeland D-Nox & Beckers T.Williams Mosca Thugfucker J.Phlip Matt Nordstrom Christian Martin South London Ordnance Locked Groove Ana Sia Valentin Stip KMLN DJ Sabo Shawna Eduardo Castillo Eegor Eitan Reiter Pumpkin Uone Worthy Ardalan Little John Max Ulis DJ Laura Closer Apart Evan Marc Jeno Garth Idiot Savant Tony Inorbit Anton Tumas Matt Xavier Bob Five Maxi Adnan Samo Sound Boy Perfect Stranger Laughing Buddha Zen Mechanics Avalon Tetrameth Shadow FX LOUD Burn in Noise Grouch Emok Phony Orphants Zentura (DJ Set) Merkaba Treavor Moontribe Kromagon Tom Cosm Stranger than YULI Eitan & Kobi Terrakroma Nikroma Sentient Gatto Matto Swami Harami • Global / Galactic: GAUDI Random Rab Rising Appalachia Dub Kirtan All Stars (DJ Set) Bluetech OTT Desert Dwellers Kalya Scintilla SUN:MONX (DJ Set) Dirtwire Cheb i Sabbah Gods Robots Bird of Prey Kaminanda KiloWatts Ganga Giri Birds of Paradise Liberation Movement Dunkelbunt Zeb Dragonfly Masaladosa Shamans Dream Rigzin Makyo Austero Sweet Anomoly Hopscotch Bass Mantra Human Experience Plantrae Anchor Hill Psy Fi Kyrstyn Pixton Griff LubDub Eric Oberthaler [eO] Wala Sasha Rose RhythmStar Radio Hiro Auditory Canvas Outersect Janover & reSunator Spoken Bird Electric Vardo Neptune sol Rising MArz Starz Becca Dakini Radio Free Clear Light Smokavich • Live / Sacred / Gypsy: Nahko & Medicine for the People Rising Appalachia He's My Brother, She's My Sister SORNE Fish Tank Ensemble El Radio Fantastique Blackbird Raum Lynx The Crux Beso Negro Metal Mother Mortar & Pestle LoCura Dgiin Campfire Songs w/ Micha & Leighton Honeybrew Trio Hobo Gobbelins Inspector Gadje Cello Joe Tarran The Tailor Madrone Brothers Bad Unkl Sista Fanna Fi Allah Suzanne Sterling Stellamara Mark Deutsch Kirtaniyas Saratone & the Earth Tribe Gospel Ananata Govinda • Edwardian Ball Roadshow: Rosin Coven & Vau de Vire Society Delauchaux El Radio Fantastique Dark Garden Shakti Bliss Fou Fou Ha Shovelman The Klown Korp • Academy Dance: Amy Secada Wren LaFeet Elana Jaroff Monique Trinity Rose Chantelle Devi Nikelle Khan Tyler Blank Jenna Anjali Fabiona Lopes Heather Craig Workshops: Slam Poetry - Saul Williams Mythological News - Caroline Casey Laughtivism - Andy Bichlbaum Improv & Sketch - Kill All Comedy Standup & Improv - Stranger Foodopoly - Wenonah Hunter Spoken Word - Climbing PoeTree Resource Extraction - Beehive Design Collective Palm Oil & Orangutans - Laurel Sutherlin Biological Diversity - Tim Ream Fracking Policy - Brendan Cummings Rad Dads & Hip Mamas - Tomas Moniz Mycorenewal - Megan & Katie Wild Things - Josiah Clark Stargazing - Stargazer Li The Alchemy of Cacao - Brian Wallace Economies & Communities - David Casey Cellist Beatboxing - CelloJoe Festival Evolution - Magenta Community Organizing - Morgan Fizgibbons Permaculture Songs - Formidable Vegetable Sound System Monkey Ascension - Bruce Damer Plastics Kill - Manuel Maqueda Transforming Spaces - Ryan Rising Vocal Alchemy - Wahkeena Sitka Yoga: Veeru Triphathi Noah Mckenna Eric Wallace Charanpal Kaur Sita Devi Wendy Faith Barbi Joffee Matthew Schmookler Danielle Rubio Marisa Weppner Brad Parker James Kapicka Dharam Deep Singh MORE INFO & TIX: www.SYMBIOSISGATHERING.com
  17. This is one of the most incredible artistic styles I have ever come across. The brilliance of exotic interpretation from seasonal landscapes and the expressionism from the depths of the artists twisted imagination is splattered with every single oily brushstroke to form a colorful and phenomenal universe. Every detail is immense, crafting images unseen. Its an explosion of intensified euphoria, paying attention to the strangeness of curling fungus and glowing ice, the sky scraping colors of galaxy clusters crashing into eachother over the horizon, and the bewilderment of lights scattered amongst darkened mystery gardens. I am in love. I just interviewed one of my favorite abstract artists, James McCarthy! He is quite the phenomenal painter, expressing his perspectives isolated during the seasons. He supports the musical community, diving deep into it for further inspiration Check out his incredibly detailed oil paintings here and read the interview below. Q::: After noticing your abstract point of view on seasonal landscapes, my first question would definitely revolve around why you picked up a paintbrush to begin with. When did this vision to start painting begin for you? A::: I've always liked to draw (my father was an artist, too) and I guess I was pretty good at it. I was a painting major in college but I had no real direction at the time. Also, the fact that surreal and fantasy art which I always liked was generally looked down on by most of my art professors didn't help. They did like my spontaneous drawings of organic shapes (in surrealism this is known as 'biomorphism'). In painting I went from photo-realism to abstraction. I left college to work for my dad at his commercial art studio. I didn't paint for 15 years. Eventually, in 1998 work became slow. The ad agencies we were doing hand-drawn artwork for began using computers instead. I began to work on biomorphic colored pencil drawings and paintings. They weren't just simply organic forms by themselves but were now incorporated into landscapes. I miss the seasons from my early childhood in Michigan (especially Winter) so I made them seasonal, as well. I no longer cared what my old art professors thought about surreal/fantasy landscape art. It's what I wanted to do now. Q:::Yes, sometime it is very difficult to make a living off such a unique talent. When things got tough, what did you do to keep your passions? A:::Well, things are still tough. I live with my mother and brother. In 2004 I had throat cancer and shortly after I completed my chemo and radiation, my father got colon cancer. I survived but he didn't. We have no car anymore. My sister and friends drive us around. We make just enough money to get by. However, we live in a nice house in a great neighborhood. There are fields with goats and horses. There's a small woods and several drainage areas that inspire some of the landscapes in my paintings. There are hawks, owls and peacocks roam the streets which wander over from the 'Brandon Aquatic and Sports Center' nearby. More importantly, I'm getting more recognition now. I've sold eight paintings in the last three months. I've been selling them pretty cheap because we need the money but I think I have good reason to be optimistic about the future. Q:::It amazes me how artists such as yourself seemingly vanish from discovery. I am very happy to see your getting well deserved recognition! In my opinion, you should never stop. In this world you live in, what causes you to paint and express? A:::I'm introspective but not withdrawn. I think about my childhood and the past frequently but I don't dwell in it. I use it for inspiration instead. Music helps a lot, too. I try to keep the same sense of looking at the world with new eyes that came so naturally to us in our more impressionable youth. You have to be a nonconformist. There are relatives of mine who would rather see me give up painting and get a regular job- doing what, I have no idea. Since I've found my direction and my artistic niche, my painting is the one thing in life I never tire of. I can't imagine doing anything else anymore. Q:::The purity of open minded perspectives is extremely important, similar to that of a child exploring the world for new horizons. Its beautiful, and I can certainly see your outlook on the world frozen in time on your creations. Your exotic expressions mean more that I can put into words. How would you explain them? A:::It's a merging, I would say. As I child I was very introverted. I liked to escape. I watched a lot of TV. Besides cartoons and comedies I especially liked fantasy and science fiction. I still do. After my family moved to Florida I began to miss the seasons- especially the serene melancholy of Winter. I missed its weird beauty and quiet stillness. It was cold and somewhat barren at times but so simplified when everything is covered in snow. I missed the Autumn colors, too. So I had a fascination with fantasy and science fiction but at the same time I had a nostalgic fascination with the seasons based on my own personal experiences. This has carried over into my adulthood. My paintings are about the seasons and its affect on the landscape but looked at from a childlike fantasy/sci-fi perspective. It's also a merging between my past and present. As I mentioned before, many of my landscapes (especially the Fall and Winter scenes) are influenced by childhood memories of Michigan but my landscapes are also influenced by places in and around my neighborhood here in Florida right now. Q:::I see you enjoy engulfing others into these strange worlds as you did during your childhood. I notice the intricacy of your oil paintings expresses many isolated, exotic, and unseen lands. How would you personally describe them? A:::Some are more serious and some are more whimsical. Some are fairly subtle and plausible landscapes that could actually exist in this world. Others are completely surreal in the true sense of the word. These are the completely spontaneous paintings. I'm working on one right now. Normally I have a landscape in mind and I look at photos which would accommodate that particular landscape. I leave certain areas open for my spontaneous organic shapes. Others are completely laid out ahead of time. Some are meant to be nostalgic. Others eerie or slightly disturbing and dreamlike. Others are how I wish the world could be or you could say, 'Heaven' basically. Others are different dimensions or strange lands that may exist on another planet and/or other dimension. Overall, I do like to have some kind of idea or theme in each painting. Frequently this involves the passing of time represented by the seasons. Life, death and creation- creation in general and artistic creation. Q:::As you said, you draw very real things and mix them into very surreal things. These things, beautifully enough, look as if they are real on another plane of existence. That being said, how would you say you come up with these strange biomorphs, intense spiraling space towers, and uniquely stylized abstract figures? A:::As I mentioned, I began drawing spontaneous biomorphic shapes back in college. It was like doodling but not entirely mindless. You do actually look at what you're drawing. It's strictly an intuitive thing. Sometimes it flows out of me, other times I have to stop and stare at it awhile before continuing. Over time I became conscious of all sorts of interesting organic forms: fungus, various weird multicolored deep sea creatures and the strange and almost anthropomorphicshapes that kudzu vines as well as cosmic nebulae make. Even back in college, decades ago, I would look at certain photos while squinting my eyes and turn the image around and upside down, noticing the interesting abstract but still organic shapes that would emerge. I use images like that separately or morphed together with other organic forms to create newer biomorphic shapes. I may make one single image out of phosphorescent fungus , a bit of nebulae, part of a jellyfish and combined with some 'doodling'. Still, it's interesting to step back from photos from time to time and be completely spontaneous when I can. I feel like I'm 'creating' more when I do that. And that concludes the interview! Finally, here are a few of his oil paintings... I hope you enjoy them. Send him your regards. FUN FACT: James McCarthy did album art work for Through the Afterlife! Here is an unreleased full version below:
  18. I remember we had this thread in old offtopic where people posted artsy/awesome pictures they took. I like to take pictures all the time so why not do this again? Rules: Please try to resize pictures before posting and don't post more than ~5 per time(double, triple posting encouraged), it's not nice having to load 10 000 pics on 1 page Suggestions for uploading services: www.minus.com - Minus (is an awesome uploader.) Photobucket Imageshack I'll start, got my hands on Canon 400D for the first time : D This is my old graphics card GTX570 that I've put on sale.
  19. Calling all ARTivists for BOOM 2012: The time is NOW There exists in the mass media a complex web of disinformation communicated in the most subliminal form. ARTivists have therefore become the historians of the future as they document the truth behind the headlines, raise the consciousness vibration and witness the transformation taking place in our world. So a picture is not just worth a thousand words, but a thousand actions and art has become a powerful tool for expressing activist dissent and for communicating information that impacts us all. Visual communication is thus fundamental to the Boom experience and so ARTivists are invited to submit their activism-inspired works of art for display at the Boom Festival this year. Mass demonstrations are synchronising with the 2012 global shift in consciousness as depicted by the Maya. The time therefore, is NOW, as ARTivism becomes a crucial component of this year’s Boom Art Program. So whether your art depicts the farce of democracy, reality of corporate ownership, injustice of war, marginalisation, immigration, environmental damage, police brutality, border control or any other issue or powerful campaign that communicates the message hard and clear: we want to hear from you. NB: Feel free to experiment with either traditional or technological mediums; graphics, canvass, digital, print, installation, video, animation - it’s up to you! Please send all entries to: media@boomfestival.org by 28th June 2012. BOOM!
  20. Fulmoon Festival present: Freqs of Nature 04-09 july 2012 near berlin GROOVE FLOOR: <Aerospace> Digital Nature Rec. - Israel - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/aerospace **************************************** <Aerospace vs Etic> Digital Nature Rec. - Israel - (DJ-Set) *********************************************** <AMD> Nano Rec. - England - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/amd-trance ******************************** <Audiomatic> Spin Twist Rec. - Germany - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/benniaudiomatic ****************************************** <Avalon> Nano Rec. - England - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/avalon ******************************** <Bahar> Aphid Rec. - Danemark (DJ) http://soundcloud.com/bahar ***************************************** <Brujo´s Bowl> Zenon Rec - England - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/brujosbowl ************************************** <Bull> Tree Of Life Music/Plazmalab - Israel (DJ) http://plazmalab.com/ ************************************************** <Corona> Solar Tech Rec. - South Africa (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/coronamusic *********************************************** <Danshivan & Diavolo> Soundviecher - Germany - (DJ-Set) http://soundviecher.wordpress.com/ ************************************************ <Dick Trevor> Nano Rec. - England - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/dicktrevor ************************************* <Driss> Hadra Rec. - France - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/dj-driss-1 ******************************** <E-Clip> Tesseract Studio - Serbia - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/e-clip *********************************** <Egot> Zenon Rec. - Sweden - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/djegot ******************************** <Etic> Digital Nature Rec. - Israel - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/etic-d-solve ********************************** <Filteria> Suntrip Rec. - Sweden - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/filteria ********************************** <Fog vs Phobos> Looney Moon Rec. - Italy - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/looney-moon-records ******************************************* <Grouch> Zenon Rec. - New Zealand - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/grouchnz ************************************* <Hypnoise> Antu Rec. - Spain - (live) http://soundcloud.com/hypnoisesound ******************************** <Ital> Antu Rec. - Chile - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/ital-1 ************************** <Kained & Able> Uroboros Records. - England - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/kained ******************************************** <Killerwatts> Nano Rec. - England - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/neonbookings/sets/killerwatts-sneak-preview/ *********************************** <Liquid Soul> Iboga Rec - Swiss - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/liquid-soul ********************************** <Luca & Jazzmine> Blue Hour Sounds - Italy - (DJ-Set) http://soundcloud.com/bluehoursounds ********************************************* <Materia> 24/7 Rec. - Austria - (LIVE) http://soundcloud.com/materia-1 ******************************* <Natron> Solar Tech Rec - Germany - (DJ-Set) http://www.solartechrecords.com/ ************************************** <Nerso> Tesseract Studio - 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So over the years we took part in our scene, observed its needs and wishes to develop new ideas for our concept, and we found a perfectly suited, natural location on green hills full of flowers and herbs in the middle of a beautiful east German forest. We are back with a new festival name, as promised, from a two year break. We have teamed up with friends old and new to go beyond the from us known perfect infrastructure and well selected line-up by focusing on creating a unique space to present all varieties of psychedelic art. Upon entering our festival, you will find an array of art projects from next level dance floor decoration to performances to land-art installations. Our friends the Looney Moon Team from Italy is organizing a gallery with a large spectrum of the finest visionary artist we know. In addition to the gallery, our italian friends are also organizing a chillout-space with carefully selected experimental downbeat music. For the dance experience, we will again create two floors to be able to present all kinds of psychedelic trance music. The two dance floors are going to be the same size, managed with the same intensity and love, but with a different musical direction. While the one will cover the smooth and slower grooves with a constantly positive attitude, the other will lead you in to organic forest and experimental worlds to just get lost in or to have ego altering trance experiences. Keep an eye on our mailing list and upcoming website to get regular updates with information of the ongoing process, artist booking status, presentation of art project concepts, and anything else you might be interested in. We are happy and excited to welcome you to our festival in 04-09 july 2012; we can´t wait to share a new experience and together tune in to the freqs of nature! www.freqsofnature.de
  21. hello, i am painting decorations for psy trance parties, untill now i was decorating some psy trance raves. maybe somebody would be interesed in it, i would like to sell it. it is quite big works - 1/1.5 metres and 1/2 metres, it is uv light paintings and the price is £80 - 120. my works yu can find here:
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