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  1. VJ: Audio-Visual Art / STVinMOTION

    STVinMOTION is creating and distributing Visual Content for those big display screens you see in EDM clubs & festivals. Their visual content is played by VJ's, whose job is to create a live video mix that adds another dimension to the music played by the DJs. What's unique in STVinMOTION is that, in a scene dominated by mostly abstract visuals (of shapes & colors), they strive to make the visuals tell a story - by using more of a cinematic approach and the use of defining themes, for example: https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/STVinMOTION-psychedelic-vj-loops/
  2. 10 Mind-Opening Psychedelic Books

    Taking psychedelics can be a very eye opening experience. It allows for things to be taken in from a different perspective, nurtures personal growth, and is often great fun! However, if you let them, psychedelics can also help you grow intellectually, especially when supplemented with some psychedelic based reading. By getting to grips with the technical know-how of psychedelics, not only will you broaden your intellectual horizons, but also develop a much deeper relationship with the substances you take – boosting the experience to a whole new level. So where to begin your journey into the inner workings of psychedelics and the mind? Well, the following 10 books are a great place to start. Full article @ https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/psychedelic-clothing-t-shirts-Top-10-Mind-Opening-Psychedelic-Books/
  3. Psychedelic Music & The Human Brain

    Very good article about trance and psychedelic music in general. https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/Psychedelic-clothing-tshirt-Psychedelic-Music-The-Human-Brain/
  4. Psychedelic Clothing

    Inspired by a mix of psychedelic art and spiritual principles, www.psytshirt.com brings a collection of unique designs to the forefront of availability. We incorporate into our art a variety of spiritual motifs and ideas, including mandalas and sacred geometry. At SOL-Seed Of Life, its important that our products not only look good, but also mean something. We offer our unique art on a variety of items, from T-shirts, dresses, and hoodies to an array of bags and cushion covers. All of our items are High Quality Silk Screen Printed and have UV Reactive Colors.Those who have an interest in our psychedelic art will find that theres really an item for everyone. Our goal is to help our customers break the mould and, through self-expression, re-shape it their own way. Happy, confident, and expressive customers are our goal. As our designs evolve, we are constantly updating our store. Dont just take our word for it, though; check it out yourself at www.psytshirt.com ! SOL- Seed Of Life - https://www.psytshirt.com/ www.psytshirt.com https://www.facebook.com/sol.seedoflife https://twitter.com/SOLofness https://instagram.com/sol_seed_of_life/ https://www.pinterest.com/solseedoflife/
  5. Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    I also have tinitus . Really awful thing
  6. Lectro Spektral Daze - Totally Frictionless Surface EP

    Honestly wish you all the best Danny
  7. Suntrip updates!

    Congrats to Crossing Mind . Glad to hear that he's gonna perform on Boom.
  8. Deepweb

    Shift + Delete + Wipe
  9. I found the best gif ever

    Gif Age has come
  10. Transylvaliens Festival ! 28-31 July , Sibiu , Romania !

    Sure Especially cause linueup is outstanding if you ask me . So much Goa
  11. Transylvaliens Festival ! 28-31 July , Sibiu , Romania !

    Thanks a lot for your kind informations I'm lover of small "family" festivals. There I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom .
  12. I was expecting this album since I heard -Space Dwarfs- Live. Outstanding release Genre - Mad Goa Trance
  13. Psychedelic Design

    I'm glad you liked it . New designs are coming out soon. Stay tuned...
  14. Siam - Mystical elevation

    I really like Siam stuff. He's underrated in my opinion.