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  1. There are many cultures which use psychedelics not to get high, but to understand the supreme and listen to it. For them these plants have psychological and religious properties. This article talks about five such ecosystems around the world.
  2. Have you guys had a chance to read new Mr. Pollan’s book - “How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence,” ? He has a lot to say about on LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics and the way we can use them to heal mental and emotional afflictions. Check this article here - it will help you get an idea what the book is all about and give you some insight on new science of psychedelics.
  3. Limelight Projection Mapping has been involved in 3D projection mapping, light painting and light installation since 2006. Regularly invited light festivals worldwide such as the Amsterdam Light Festival or the Skyway International Light Festival in Poland. The award winning A & A Award for Design Award and Competition, Interconnection in 2016 has already earned the largest 3D projection mapping competition, iMapp Bucharest jury and audience prize. Read more about this team >>HERE<< and enjoy some great videos!
  4. We’re often conditioned to put the cart of our need-to-reach-enlightenment in front of the horse that will get us there. “There” being some heightened or exalted state “above it all.” Zen teaches the opposite of this. There is no such state. There is no final enlightenment. Or, if there is, it can only possibly exist in the moment, during the process, unattached to enlightenment. Or, so completely non-attached to it that one becomes connected to all things through it. It’s not a destination but a direction. It’s not a truth but a process. It is only achievable when it is understood that i
  5. STVinMOTION is creating and distributing Visual Content for those big display screens you see in EDM clubs & festivals. Their visual content is played by VJ's, whose job is to create a live video mix that adds another dimension to the music played by the DJs. What's unique in STVinMOTION is that, in a scene dominated by mostly abstract visuals (of shapes & colors), they strive to make the visuals tell a story - by using more of a cinematic approach and the use of defining themes, for example: https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/STVinMOTION-psychedelic-vj-loops/
  6. Taking psychedelics can be a very eye opening experience. It allows for things to be taken in from a different perspective, nurtures personal growth, and is often great fun! However, if you let them, psychedelics can also help you grow intellectually, especially when supplemented with some psychedelic based reading. By getting to grips with the technical know-how of psychedelics, not only will you broaden your intellectual horizons, but also develop a much deeper relationship with the substances you take – boosting the experience to a whole new level. So where to begin your journey into the i
  7. Very good article about trance and psychedelic music in general. https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/Psychedelic-clothing-tshirt-Psychedelic-Music-The-Human-Brain/
  8. Inspired by a mix of psychedelic art and spiritual principles, www.psytshirt.com brings a collection of unique designs to the forefront of availability. We incorporate into our art a variety of spiritual motifs and ideas, including mandalas and sacred geometry. At SOL-Seed Of Life, its important that our products not only look good, but also mean something. We offer our unique art on a variety of items, from T-shirts, dresses, and hoodies to an array of bags and cushion covers. All of our items are High Quality Silk Screen Printed and have UV Reactive Colors.Those who have an interest in our
  9. Congrats to Crossing Mind . Glad to hear that he's gonna perform on Boom.
  10. Sure Especially cause linueup is outstanding if you ask me . So much Goa
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