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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Enertopia Title: Magic For Eternity Label: Krembo Records Date: 1997 1. Intro 2. Broken Sky 3. The Shout of a Headman 4. Marakesh 2000 5. Novelle 6. Van Spooker 7. Manga 8. Volvoker 9. Wacky 10. Marteff 10a. Untitled "You're not ready for so much excitement!" To further drive home the point that not everything released in 1997 was gold comes the debut of Emiliano Solazzi Griminger. His second album Face Adaptor was appealing to me in a I don't know why I like this, but I do kind of way. With a heavy techno influence this has a raw and electric feel. With that description it should be appealing in a cold and dark way, but something is missing. There are melodies of course, but they sound abrasive rather than melodic. Marakesh 2000 isn't bad and with it's power and symphonic layers reminds me a little of a Kris Kylven production. He goes a little heavy on the sample usage in Van Spooker (even though I like the sample) and then annoys the crap out of me with a looped vocal tacet on Volvoker. For one final insult with the last track he adds some more music after an extended silence. I hate that. Ask me if it made any f*cking difference with the overlook of this album. Pass.
  2. Artist: Enertopia Title: Face Adaptor Label: Krembo Records Date: July, 1998 1. Oh Nurse Over Ring 2. If When What We See 3. Torn Between 4. Brain Spiders 5. Open Up (The Elevator) 6. The Guardian 7. A Little Tiny Pause 8. The Forehead Stories 9. The Treatment (A-La Family Way) 10. A Man of God? "The war between heaven and hell depends on the choices you make. And those choices require sacrifice." Enertopia is Emiliano Solazzi Griminger and this was his 2nd album. It's a combination of psy, goa, techno, and darkpsy. I'm still deciding on whether I like it or not, but one thing remains very clear... This is some evil and twisted stuff. First, I'll say there is a lot to get through. It is densely packed with so many thought strands it can be difficult to follow. As I mentioned it is a mixture of the styles above written in conjunction with the artist B.L. T. Loud and always dark this has more in common with Chaos Laboratory from GMS than Transdimensional. There are quite a few layers to enjoy with lots of thought provoking and moody samples sometimes to its detriment. It's a fine line between using a sample to enhance a track and beating you over the head with it like in If When What We See. That was oftentimes the style back then so it's not a dealbreaker for me. Because each track is so thick and similar in structure sitting through an entire album of music like this can be challenging. But like an octopus on LSD because it flails in so many directions I never find it boring. Lots of effects help to maintain the dark and atmospheric conditions as well as several instances where he pulls of some searing goa riffs. Torn Between and Brain Spiders are a psychedelic wet dream, but Forehead Stories and The Treatment loses me with its noisy repetition. Not your everyday goa, but if you devote some time to it I believe it will surprise you. Mdk
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