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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Human Blue Title: Base Basket Buffet Label: Transient Records Date: February, 2009 1. Lone Ranger 2. Imperial Mind 3. Dessert Desert 4. Dragonflingz 5. Hide and Seek 6. Party Deluxe 7. Pacific Run 8. Gravity Affair Progressive trance from Sweden? Sign me up. The churning beats, the deep bass sounds that growl from the ether, and lush pads make this one a keeper. The opening track is a lesson on how to open an album combining power and layers to blur the line between psytrance and progressive. That trend continues throughout the album with long tracks which I believe mostly hold up well some ten years on. Psyshop
  2. Artist: Psychaos Title: Chaos To Order / Mindwash EP Label: Transient Records Date: January, 1998 1. Chaos To Order 2. Mindwash Joti and his warped mind bring you Chaos to Order. Futuristic cyber-goa with an eerie android sample. Dark atmosphere for sure and I felt totally out of control. Mindwash is less gripping yet still has the same dark vibe and wanton destructive pattern. Side note Mindwash was re-released on Zion604's Phoenix compilation back in 2013. But you goa heads already knew that didn't you? Mdk
  3. Artist: MFG Title: Magnetic Activity EP Label: Transient Records Date: 1996 1. Magnetic Activity (Remix) 2. Overlord (Remix) Silly black man. Plastic on couch means a bad ending for you. This is what I'm talking about. Old school goa trance that is in a continual state of flux. More ethereal than physical it is evolving, spiraling, and twisting. Overlord is I believe a typo, and should be Overload, the same track from their 1996 album The Prophecy. Both are bad ass. Mdk
  4. Artist: Lunar Asylum Title: Reefer Madness EP Label: Transient Records Date: October, 1996 1. Reefer Madness 2. The Crawl "That is quite the quantity of marijuana gentlemen." It's uh, for my cataracts. Yeah cataracts. "Don't you mean glaucoma?" Yeah I got that too, My country didn't always have such a puritanical attitude towards the sticky icky. Many can and do point to the hypocrisy of the government by keeping weed illegal yet alcohol which is responsible for an exponentially greater amount of deaths is readily available to any kid with a fake id. I used to smoke it and all it did for me was make me grin like a mental patient and put a whooping on a bag of funyuns! Drunk driving? Terrible problem and inexcusable. On weed? Nobody ever died in a car going 10 miles an hour. Sure it seemed like the trip took forever, but what a ride. Ever watch cartoons high? I used to wonder why that big chicken was so f*cking angry. When some people drink they immediately turn into assholes and want to fight the room. I don't even think it's possible to fight if your high on marijuana. It would be the worst slow motion video ever seen. I'm not saying make alcohol illegal (we tried that, didn't turn out so well), but why criminalize something that can help so many people? Epilepsy, MS, people suffering from Cancer...hell it even works for migraines I'm told. On top of all that you could fill your Rx at Wal Mart. It would end a lot of the violence and cripple the drug cartels all the while increasing tax revenue. Sure you'd still have to go into a Wal Mart, but here's one reason why you should. You ain't gonna find a back rack like that at Target! Think of the art community. Bob Marley smoked weed and he was the greatest reggae singer ever. Think this world could use a little more Marley? It also could have governmental applications. Stunning compromises could arise when opposite sides are chilled out. Terrorism? Hard to fire an RPG when you're smiling all the time. Besides if it's good enough for the Hobbits... So what's the f*cking problem? I realize this is more of an infomercial for weed than a review. Just had some things to say. As far as the music goes it's all right. Nothing spectacular, but I bet it would sound much better if I was high. Mdk
  5. Artist: Lumen Title: Toffee In My Teeth / Vegetable Frequency Modulator EP Label: Transient Records Date: October, 1997 1. Toffee In My Teeth 2. Vegetable Frequency Modulator Getting toffee in your teeth is a pain in the ass. You'll be picking at that sh*t for an hour and consider yourself lucky if you don't lose a tooth while chewing it. But it's so good I can't help myself. This is Chris Conklin with a nice EP. The title track has an acidic lead that makes me think of the gooey stuff as he gets down to some serious knob twisting. Lots of energy to be found here. The vegetable track is a gritty piece of dirty bass lead manipulation and pure old school sound. There are moments when it roars like a lion and times when it can be a low growl. One thing I noticed is you can barely hear the hi-hats. Maybe he didn't even use any. Doesn't really bother me, just was aware of it. Mdk
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