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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Adrenalinn Drum Title: X-Perimental Goa (A Higher State of Trance) Label: Unnatural Recordings Date: 1997 1. Behind The Hills 2. God Mountain 3. Pulstatic 4. Shadowland 5. Desert Fly 6. Acid Dog 7. The Electric Sheep 8. Trip To Zagreb 9. Terbulance "All the people on this Earth are truly one." Hey! What's with the f*cking rhino? Har-El Prussky again with his first album as Adrenalinn Drum. The extra N is for nephew I got this. "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike!" 1997 was an awesome year for goa trance with some of the greatest releases of the genre coming out during this time. Layers of melodies tumbling down the spiritual mountainside engulfing you in a warm state of trance. If you were expecting more of the same than you've obviously not been working on your reading skills. It says right there in the title, X-Perimental Goa. And that's what it is. Yeah it's goa, but maybe a little outside the box. Now I have been very critical of Har-El and the California Sunshine project because for me he makes bad, derivative, generic music. But back in 97? He was one of the many lords of the realm. Even CS was hitting on all cylinders. Behind the Hills opens with rather sparse production compared to other goa (Etnica, Pleiadians, Transwave...pretty much everybody) but it opens the door to God Mountain which is pretty good with a more expected type of goa feel. The quasi insect sound echoes throughout which I thought was a nice touch. After that he starts to experiment with sounds and phrases you will either love or hate. Like the sliced scream on Pulstatic. Shadowland is a 10 minute progressive goa rambler that hits in all the right places and he knows how to wield a 303. Desert Fly has a little hitch in its giddy up that makes it funky, but it gets a little boring. Not bad though. On the other side of the coin is the most boring track Acid Dog. Virtually no change with its bleeps and bloops. It's like aural Ambien. The Electric Sheep comes in second as the most boring. It uses I believe the Neil Armstrong moon sample as it drones on endlessly. Now everyone loves a Trip to Zagreb. Not the track, the destination as I hear it's lovely this time of year. The track is another without variation, but mercifully it is half the length as the previous two. Closing things out with the downtempo Terbulence it borrows the sample from Zagreb and is very futuristic with loads of cold computer sounds against warm pads. Clear glass with colorful liquids come to mind as the dr. tells me to relax. While I don't think this can crack the top 50 goa albums of all time, I don't believe it to be a throwaway either. There are some good tracks here, but not enough to make this a must have. Too many tracks travel with blinders on and don't deviate from the straight and narrow. Mdk
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