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  1. Please share you experiences with live performances of goa or psychedelic trance... I know this is a bit rare as many artist mainly have click and play live sets (correct me if I am wrong)... Found this Japanese guy Kick.S, he is pretty damn amazing! I was listing to his acid techno first, but then I stumbled upon this live set... Damn, some series nob-twisting ps. the first set really starts to pick up after 8 minutes time
  2. This set is record on Màgürô's private room at monday morning. Fresh & powerful twilight psychedelic tunes!! BPM 149-150 Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records Podcast 017 Fractal Spin - Ttracker - Galactic Groove Records Ooblek aka Black Noise - Don’t Feed The Aliens - Sangoma Records Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music Peace-Ka , Module Virus - Siddhi - Sangoma Records Psiked’eliah , Ready - Premonitions - Dream Project Records Uka Uka - Boom Bahi - Sangoma Records Uka Uka - Ukadelic - Believe Lab Kaya Seneman - The Discovery - Clocktail Records Rezonant - Midnight - Sangoma Records Fungus Funk , Vial - Binary Sensation - Sangoma Records Leopardtron - So Good -Sun Station Records Yabba Dabba - Pineal Nerds - Sangoma Records Diksha , Purist - New Era -Sangoma Records
  3. Compilation Profile: For this 2nd opus of his Psykorigid compilation, dj PSYKELO remains in his psykedelick world, bringing together different universes such as darkpsy, forest, hitech, dark forest, twillight and psytrance. Thanks to all artists present on this compilation without whom nothing could have been made. The adventure goes on…. Cover artwork and mastering made by our friend Blisargon Demogorgon from Bhooteshwara records. Compilation Infos: Label: MORPHONIC RECORDS Cat No: MPH126CD Format: CD & Digital Release Date: 01/12/2017 Cover Artwork : Blisargon Demogorgon Mastering: Blisargon Demogorgon Compilation Tracklist: 1) CAVEMAN VS PSY MR- LIGHTLESS 2) ZAIKLOPHOBIA – DEACTIVATE 3) BLISARGON DEMOGORGON – UNEARTHED MYSTERIES 4) PRADEESHA VS MAKUMBA – BRAINSHIFTER 5) OROBOROS – TIMES INSTRUMENTS 6) ACIDOPHILIUS – SCHIZO 7) SLATE VS RED DEAD JO – PHRENETICUS 8) KOMFUZIUS – SUPER NATURAL REALM 9) ASTROGEN – BRAIN SCRAPER 10) ABDUCTED BRAIN – MASSIVE DELUSION Demo listen : Available on all major shops like PSYSHOP : https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mph/mph1cd126.html BEATPORT: https://www.beatport.com/release/psykorigid-2-compiled-by-dj-psykelo/2159230 Morphonic Online Shop: http://music.morphonic-records.com/album/psykorigid-2 JunoDownload: https://www.junodownload.com/products/dj-psykelo-psykorigid-2-compiled-by-dj/3596424-02/ Goastore: http://www.goastore.com/compilation-psykorigid-2-compiled-by-dj-psykelo.html and more...
  4. Mozza DJ set at Tribodelic (Sumadija Fest Promo) Party, Kragujevac, Serbia (26/08/2017) Tracklist: Imaginarium, Earthspace - Glitches Of Perception (Digital Om Productions) Tristan, Outsiders - Liquid Sky (Sacred Technology) Faders - Molecular Formulas (TechSafari Records) Earthspace - No Rest For The Blast (Nano Records) Reversed Logic - Leave Your Logic (Digital Om Productions) Djantrix, Modual - Back To The Rituals (Own Spirit Records) Magik - Bitting Point (Sacred Technology) Killerwatts - Hooked (Nano Records) Djantrix, Rezonant - Lemuria (Digital Om Productions) Ajja, Nirdal - Happy Daze (Sangoma Records) Earthspace - As Within So Without (Nano Records) Dickster - Elastic Dreams (Nano Records) Tristan, Aardvarkk - Daws Of Perception Imagine Mars & Volcano Remix (Nano Records) KoxBox - Color Rain Dickster Remix (Zero1 Music) Middle Mode - Extension (Antu Records) Imaginarium - Speed Of Light (Transcape Records) Circuit Breakers - Commies Avalon & Laughing Buddha Remix (Nano Records) Tristan, Mandala - Mimosa Dosa Tristan Remix (Future Music Records) Galactic Explorers - Lysergic (Galactic Records) Download:
  5. Tuna Freaks a.k.a. "Màgürô vs Kàtsuô " are special B2B units participating in FusionDeLic Records. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FDLR Podcast 016 Far-Q - Unknown Organism - GloOm Music Cracked Nozes - Moving Forward - Parvati Records Metrix & Spirituz - All Things Must Pass - Sun Station Records Isometric - Acoustic Distractions - GloOm Music Kusabi - Whisper From The Deep - Dream Project Records Kabayun - Limbic Resonance - GloOm Music Third Eye Of Monkey - Yurienaka - GloOm Music Critter - Tryptophile - Woo-Dog Recordings Brain Jam - Deep Web Noises - D Noir Records Kronos - Polaritones - D Noir Records Paul Karma - Last 5 Sec - GloOm Music Braindrop - Intelliscience - D Noir Records Init Preset & Rizomorf - Freak Out! - D Noir Records
  6. Dj Wàkàme played to groovy twilight sounds at sunday acid morning in private studio. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FDLR Podcast 015 Groove Hunter , Nemo - Corridor Of Eclipses - Vertigo Records Module Virus , Ingrainted Instincts - Experiences - Believe Lab Rezonant - Dig Deep - Sun Station Records Hypereggs - Queens Of The Stone Age (Ukauka Remix) - Sangoma Records Virtual Light , Mark Day - Petty Fly For A Psy Guy - Believe Lab Kusabi - Primordial Experiment - D Noir Records LaaToka - Kemi - Sun Station Records Oksha , Critter - Sample & Hold - Sun Station Records Sagoam - MeccaniKailen - World People Production Psiked’eliah , Slide - Fnkingallo Dsompa , Animailen - Tropicaliens - Believe Lab Tristan - Origens - Believe Lab
  7. Recorded live at Koh Chang Island, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia (02/07/2016) Artists: Aardvarkk www.facebook.com/aardvarkkmusic Atoned Splendor www.facebook.com/AtonedSplendor Avalon www.facebook.com/avaleon Black Noise www.facebook.com/TheBlackNoiseProject Braincell www.facebook.com/Braincellstudio Burn In Noise www.facebook.com/burninnoise Dickster www.facebook.com/dj.dicktrevor Djantrix www.facebook.com/DjDjantrix Dust www.facebook.com/Dust.LMrec Earthspace www.facebook.com/earthspace.live.br Humanoids www.facebook.com/therealhumanoids Imaginarium www.facebook.com/ImaginariumMusicOfficial Lunatica www.facebook.com/lunaticapsy Martian Arts www.facebook.com/martian303 Middle Mode www.facebook.com/MiddleModeMusic Paratech www.facebook.com/paratech.psytrance Peyotes www.facebook.com/Peyotes1 Radical Frequencies www.facebook.com/radicalfrequencies Reversed Logic www.facebook.com/ReversedLogicMusic Rezonant www.facebook.com/RezonantMusic Shekinah www.facebook.com/shekinahlivebr Tristan www.facebook.com/djtristanfanpage Labels: Transcape Records www.facebook.com/transcape.records Goa Productions www.facebook.com/GoaProductions Zero1 Music www.facebook.com/zero1music Digital Om Productions www.facebook.com/digital.om.productions Looney Moon Records www.facebook.com/LooneyMoonRecords Blacklite Records www.facebook.com/blackliterecords Nano Records www.facebook.com/nanorecords Sourcecode Transmissions www.facebook.com/sourcecodetransmissionsmusic BMSS Records www.facebook.com/BMSSRecords TIP Records www.facebook.com/tiprecords Sangoma Records www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Boom! Records www.facebook.com/boomrecs DJ Mozza: www.facebook.com/dj.mozza www.soundcloud.com/mozza www.mixcloud.com/mozza www.hearthis.at/mozza Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/mozza/mozza-dj-set-at-elysium-island-festival-2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr27ZWQHfV8 Download: https://soundcloud.com/mozza/mozza-dj-set-at-elysium-island-festival-2016
  8. Hello freaks!! Tuna Freaks a.k.a. "Màgürô vs Kàtsuô " are special B2B units participating in FusionDeLic Records. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records podcast 011 - tracklist Kaliohm - Just Another Mushroom Track - Unalome Records Diksha , Tera - Inside Mind - Forestdelic Records Kaliyuga - Bottom of the Sea - Sangoma Records Buckle , Loom - Tolerance Issues - Forestdelic Records Gabaascape - Simulated Experience - Anarchic Freakquency Records Cosinus - Citizen 4 - Spontaneous Aerobics Records Kebun - Technology - Woo-Dog Recordings Delirium Tremens - Jungle Boogeyman - Woo-Dog Recordings Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music Oksha - Anandamide - Forestdelic Records Psyked’eliah , Kusabi - Project Zero - World people & Dream Project Records Evol Shaza - Amazing Amazon Maze - Dream Project Records
  9. Hello Freaks!! Fresh & powerful twilight psychedelic tunes!! Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records Podcast 012 Dymons - Morere - Forestdelic Records Radikal Moodz - Globetrotters - Tantra Music Anubian - Trip To Euphoria - Tantra Music Slide - It’s Just a Ride - Woo-dog Recordings Antagon , Parsec - Offline - Xerks Music Criok Shatter - Nubase - Woo-dog Recordings Rusty Train - So There's Life On Other Planet - Tantra Music Southwild - Let’s Roll - Hadra Trance Festival Hookers , Buckle - Lost In Reality - Forestdelic Records Shred’er - Psy Hollow - Nataraja Music Rezonant - Circus DMT - Sangoma Records Curious Detail - Radiate - Forestdelic Records
  10. Hello , freaks!! Ciàlis and Kamàgra are B2B units participating in Toh-Shiva project. This Dj set image of midnight at the forest. Good listen Happy people TRACK LIST Mendrion - Owl Cave - Forest Spirit Records WindowpaiN - The Three Crocos - Indali Records Critter - Sewer Trooper - Woo-dog Recordings ZzBing - Barak Matter - Woo-dog Recordings Daksha - The Dough - Vantara Vichitra Records Aranyo - Eternal - Omveda Records Elf De La Nooi - Supernatural Order - Sangoma Records Mark Day - Ruckkehrunruhe - Hypnotique Recordings Argaleth, Fafazz , Meerkut - Net Work Of Energy - Hypnotique Recordings Daksha - Silicone Carne - Vantara Vichitra Records Sychoplasm - Maestro Twisted Brain - Woo-dog Recordings Krosis - Ancient Agnostic - Woo-dog Recordings Banjhks - The Language Of Spirit Plants - Hypnotique Recordings Dr Fractal - Fragment Of The Universe - Namaste Records
  11. >> https://psychedelic.org.uk/event/psyrhythmix-15092017/ << Friday 15th September 2017 // 23:00 – 07:00 £5 before Midnight, £10 after, advance £5 tickets through Club414.org Club 414, 414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London, SW9 8LF CLUB414 >> http://bit.ly/club414 CLUB 414 ON FACEBOOK >> http://bit.ly/club414fb PSYRHYTHMIX ON FACEBOOK >> http://bit.ly/psyrfb Progressive, Fullon, Psychedelic Trance ૐ // ROOM 1 ૐ THALLOM Brazil born, as a child ThallOm discovered his love for music when he played trumpet in the school band. He felt the music and soulful sounds, which made him realize there was much to accomplish with music in his life. Further fueling his desire to create his own original music one day. ThallOm knew that he had to be somewhere in the world where he would be able to achieve his dreams in the music business. He took a plane and headed for the UK to London, where parties and music thrive. In 2008 ThallOm met Dj Prozak at a Brixton, London nightclub called “Medussa”, a Psychedelic Trance Dj who made ThallOm realized that Psy-Trance is the music he wanted to be involved in. By 2009 he completed the full Dj course in one of the worlds best music schools Point Blank music college in London www.pointblank.com ThallOm’s passion was being unleashed and he started to play what he loved, psy trance. He stared to get booked for parties in clubs like The Coronet, Ministry of Sound, Heaven, Area, Fire, Club 414, Electric, Union and many underground warehouse events. Playing with world-class artists such as, Astrix, Shane Gobi, M-Theory, Kristian, Absolum, Champa, Libra9, Avalon, Mechanimal, Contineum, Mad Max, Infected Mushroom and many others. 2017 Makes ThallOm very busy on gigs, start to play in outdoors festivals and really focus on the scene playing in many warehouse,clubs in london his discovered the real passion Psychedelic Trance "Full On". 2013 saw his rise into many new venues and parties. The rise of Mentalogic has been born in 2014. 1st E.P "Spacetrip" recently released on H2O Records. Plus a track on the VA "Goa 49" on Y.S.E. Records. ThallOm also became promoter of London's number 1 Full On clubbing night out "COHESION" located at Cub 414, Brixton, London, and has twice been involved in successful promotions with "Halcyon" hosted by "ILLUSIOM" and the first Cohesion warehouse event which was smashing. http://thallom.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ThallOmUK https://twitter.com/Djthallom http://soundcloud.com/thallom ૐ ANTHYMETIC Anthymetic aka Sandro Rocha will be making his Psyrhythmix debut this month, his demo impressed us very much! Certainly one to watch out for! https://soundcloud.com/anthymetic ૐ PSYLUCID Born in 1985 Germany. David Cunnett always liked electronic music,but in 2001 he went to his first PsyTrance Party! From that moment on he discovered his passion for Psytrance! In 2013 he moved to the United Kingdom and the project "PSYLUCID" was born,since then he's playing regularly in London's Psytrance scene & making a name for his own! https://www.facebook.com/psylucid/ ૐ CHRIS DELL https://www.mixcloud.com/dellboy1/ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009156687661&fref=ts ૐ TBC —–·٠•●ૐ●•٠· —–·٠•●ૐ●•٠· —–·٠•●ૐ●•٠· —–·٠•●ૐ●•٠· —– ૐ // ROOM 2 (Chill Out Lounge/cafe) A beautiful place to sit down and chill and chat with your friends. Why not have some snacks later in the night? * UV Decor * Lights and Lazer Show * Full on sound system * Very Friendly Security * Over 18 Only (Open Roof terrace for those who wish to smoke) *** Please note that excessive noise will be not tolerated outdoors *** *** Please respect the neighbourhood, Thank you for your co-operation *** Date: 15/09/2017 Time: 23:00PM – 07:00AM or Later ? Entry £5 B4 12 – £10 after, £5 ADVANCED *** Please Bring Photo ID / No ID No ENTRY *** London’s friendliest Psy Trance Night Out! Club 414, 414 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LF Group Bookings / Concessions – Please email info@club414.org Call 07470349063 HOW TO GET THERE :: Tube = Brixton (Victoria Line) 1 minute walk Rail = Brixton (Mainline station) 2 minutes walk Daytime buses : 2,3,35,37,45,59,109,118,133,159,196,250,322,333,345,355,415,432,P4,P5 Night buses = N2,N3,N35,37,N133,N159,250,689,690 Directions: Come out of Brixton tube station and turn left. Walk 100 yards till you see KFC on your left. Turn left and walk 100 yards. You have reached your destination on the left. Find more travel information on TFL >> http://bit.ly/transportfl Please Spread The Word!
  12. Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip (timewarp053 - Timewarp) Beatport: btprt.dj/2ntEis7 Psyshop: bit.ly/2nsc3FZ Beatspace: bit.ly/2n7o1YC 1 - Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip 2 - Psychedelic Quest - Crystal Moon 3 - Psychedelic Quest - Lunar Circles 4 - Psychedelic Quest - Crazy Forest Timewarp is honored to welcome back this amazing sound sculptor, Psychedelic Quest, for his second release with the label called Morning Trip. These four epic songs will take listeners on a wild ride across the event horizon with a soundtrack from the future which will stoke memories of legendary goatrance vibes rarely found to. ► Subscribe: bit.ly/YTsubTimewarp ► Beatport bit.ly/BPtimewarp ► Spotify: play.spotify.com/user/timewar... ► timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/ ► www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec ► @timewarp-records ► twitter.com/TimewarpRec ► youtube.com/c/TimewarpGoa Released by: Timewarp Release date: 20 March 2017
  13. Release date: December 2015 Genre: Psychedelic Trance Style: Goa, Progressive Goa Label: Global Sect TRACKLIST V/A – The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds This is a MUST HAVE. Pure Psychedelic Trance from start to finish. It never gets cheesy or uninteresting. Everything is fresh and new. Psy-H Project delivers his best stuff for sure on this compilation, and for me is the highlight of the album. I can’t decide which track I like best, because they’re all so damn good. (Probably Dark Matter) Extremely good melodies and atmospheres, my mind is blown! And what a surprise! I NEVER excpected this from Psy-H Project and he went from zero to hero just like that. Filteria’s track is, well, okay, but it tries too hard. Artifact303 delivers yet again, with his super crisp production. I’m in awe how masterful this guy is at mixing. The melodies are always satisfying and so is the atmosphere. Best track is Black Light but Future Power comes close, and the others not far behind. Sirius delivers some proper oldschool goatrance, and this is a new artist to me. Look forward hearing more. Skarmas track Animoneae is sooo good. Sounds like Astral, yes, but that is his thing. And it works. It works VERY well. I’d place it in the sound kinda in between Another World and Amen. But obviously not feeling like an AP wannabe- he definitely has is own twists to it. He reminds me of Afgin – but Skarma does it better. This is really an overlooked artist at this point and should be well appreciated. Dude got mad talent. Celestial Intelligence is another great artist, and all of the tracks here are great. My favorite is Infinity. Not much to say really, you know kinda what you’ll get before listening, but that’s okay! His tracks are more suitable for multitasking rather than dancing or whatever it is that you do while listening actively to goatrance. Stoned watching fractal animations maybe? No idea. But this artist is more for the background. Merr0w – Burning Universe is fu**ing crazy. Incredible acid tweakage and the guy knows what he is doing. Proper stormer this one. Have to admit, didn’t like Merr0w very much before. Not that he was untalented – his music just didn’t catch me as great. But this one is for me his very best. Its crazy energetic and if a dancefloor doesn’t erupt during this, then the dancefloor is collectively caught in a K-Hole. Centavra Project is yet another artist, whom I’ve never heard of before. Galactic System is really sweet, and is close to the style of Artifact303. Can’t wait to hear more from this guy! Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra. Such a trio. Wow. Can they really make it work? Doesn’t that saying go; too many chefs spoil the broth? Well not here. This track is amazing. Imba & Somnesia – Astral Travellers is very good, one of the better I’ve heard from Imba! Somnesia I’m not particular familiar with but either way, the collab worked, and the track is awesome. Another thing about Imba – I’ve been (well, the whole psynews community has) watching him grow the past 5 years. From a very skilled amateur to a total professional. Well done Imba, well done. Not many people get over that threshold and actually succeed! Im very proud of you in a must humble way. The rest of the tracks are really good, and there is no bad track here. An epic compilation sure to last a long time. 5/5. WELL DONE, GLOBALSECT! This is both dancefloor music and headphone music. Very well done. To mention the Artwork aswell, It is the best since as far back I can remember. Thanks for bringing the real Goa vibe back, globalsect! <3
  14. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/2Uux2Fg8Lrw
  15. We tried to make it in the best tradittions of psychedelic trance but also took into matter the new developments, so thats what we got. Comments are welcome!
  16. Hello there! Some of you might remenber me from the old Psynews days. It has always been one of my dreams to DJ. I have a feeling i can bring good sets into the psytrance community So here's my first set. Please listen to it and let me know what you think about track selection, flow and transitions between tracks.
  17. Artist: Various Artists Title: Unimuse Records: 5 Year Anniversary Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNICD004 Genre: Psytrance/Progressive Psytrance/Progressive House Format: Physical CD & Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Beatport Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/unimuse-records-5-year-anniversary/1918414 CD link: https://unimuserecords.bandcamp.com/album/unimuse-records-5-year-anniversary Tracklist: Disc 1: 1. Empty Wheelchair - Alone Again (feat. Ebba Eskilsson) 07:12 2. Koatl - Melodic Mind 07:43 3. Massive Reaction - Brutal Thoughts 07:04 4. Freakaholics Vs. Katharsis - Estrelas (feat. Shizune Yatzu) 06:53 5. Head FX - We Cannot Trust 08:05 6. Complicated - Complicated Voice 07:50 7. Atongmu - You Know What I Want (feat. Leeland Campana) 05:37 8. Full Propulsion - Free Man 07:26 9. Metal Groove - Love for Psytrance 06:21 Disc 2: 1. Stellar Flux - Anabiosis (Old School Mix) 07:32 2. PsyZIon - Zenon Life 06:24 3. The Empty Project - Liberation 06:34 4. Cambium - The Dance Temple 08:48 5. Freak Control - The Kingdom 07:14 6. Safem - Joy 08:41 7. TeKBoT - The Darkness Owns You 07:12 8. Green Pulse - Grinder 06:17 9. Albin Appelqvist - Emma's Spider 07:31 Release Info: Unimuse Records are celebrating it's first five years as a label and has therefore created this compilation which contains some of the best tracks Unimuse Records has released over the years. Unimuse Records was founded in 2011 by Albin Appelqvist and Ebba Eskilsson (currently run by Albin Appelqvist) and is a label dedicates itself to the best new talents in the areas of Psytrance and EDM. Enjoy this massive collection from artists and producers worldwide and don't forget to dance and have fun! Release Date: 12/15/2016 (Beatport Exclusive) 12/20/2016 (Other Stores) Unimuse Records Links: http://unimuserecords.com http://facebook.com/unimuserecords http://twitter.com/unimuserecords http://soundcloud.com/unimuse-records http://beatport.com/label/unimuse-records/28301
  18. Hey Psypeople, I just uploaded a new track for my album =) If you like my music, I am grateful for followers and likes on soundcloud
  19. MATSURI DIGITAL presents Enf of year party 2016 -Synthesis and Rezonanse- 2016.12.28 (Wed) Open/Start:23:00 at UNIT/Saloon/Unice ZaHOUSE bld, 1-34-17 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-5459-8630 Entrance: Door 4500yen+1 Drink 500yen Advance Ticket 3000yen (Drink charge 500yen pay at entrance) ■■■前売チケット11月8日より販売開始!!!! チケットぴあ/Ticket PIA Pコード/P-Code:315-166 ローソン(LAWSON)/Lawson Lコード/L-Code:73996 SHOP Rhythm9 (リズム9/下北沢)https://www.facebook.com/rhythm9.f/ Psychedelic Garden https://www.facebook.com/PsychedelicGarden/ For foreign dancers* For Matsuri Digital presents -Synthesis and Rezonanse- "統合と共鳴", we can reserve advance tickets for foreign dancers! If you planning to attending to our event from overseas please make reservation advance ticket via email. Please send us email to matsuri.digital(@)gmail.com or contact via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ (Pleasse remove () when you send) with.... Your name Your address and phone number E-Mail Address    Price is 3000yen and 500yen will charge at door as Drink ticket. Send inquire until 20th Dec,We are looking for many travelers gather to our party !   ■■■■■■Line up ■UNIT ”VOOV Experience Floor” -Special Retro Full Live Show SUN PROJECT (VOOV Experience) from Germany + Bravo Komatsu on Guitar (Kinocosmo) + -DJ DJ K.U.D.O. aka Artman (Qooki Records) YUTA (MATSURI DIGITAL/Rezonance Mood/LDG) and more!   -Live Jikooha (Panorama Rec./Shamanarchy)   -Deco KANOYA PROJECT   -VJ OVERHEADS   -Lighting Yocchi (Mind of Vision)   -Peformance Seira ■Saloon ”WILD PEOPLE Floor” -Live Groovebox (GRASSHOPPER RECORDS) -DJ HANABI (MOSAICO RECORDS/GENTENKAIKI/WING MAKERS) MASAYA vs UNAGI (JUNGLE FRESH MUSIC/WILDTHINGS REC.) MOTHERSHIP (PHRPSYDE RECORDS) RYO OOOD (PHANTASM RECORDS) -VJ DOT TV -Deco U2 RECORDS ■UNICE ”MATSURI DIGITAL GROOVE Floor” -Live GUUSUN (MATSURI DIGITAL GROOVE) KOJIRO and Friends (Rebirth Festival/Hypnodisk/MoV) and more? -DJ Andrew Till (Machine) from Australia Minoru aka Funky Gong (Electric Circus/idps) Hobo Brazil (bonobo) -PA MMU -Deco Heaven's Hug -VJ Chrisholic ■■■Notice ※ 未成年者の入場不可 / Minors are not admitted. ※要顔写真付きID / Please bring your photo ID. ※ 再入場不可 / Re-enter is not permitted. ■■■More info Web:http://matsuri-digital.jp/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ UNIT:http://www.unit-tokyo.com/
  20. I just uploaded the final version of my new track: Chemical Element 33 Hope you like it =) I'd appreciate Feedback, likes and shares Peace, Ananda
  21. 하이. 접니다. AZ NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. CATOLOG: NHJOCD0019 GENRE/STYLE: GOA PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE BPM: 139 http://www.soundcloud.com/nhjo-sounds This is my new recent track! Its a new style of GOA/PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE track!. BPM 139 medium buy groovey and danceable!. Enjoy for your home, walk, drive, club, festival etc! itunes, beatporty, juno, amazone, sporitfy etc soon upload. worldwide booking welcome!. www.nhjohyennro.com www.aznhjohyennrorecords.com www.nhjoall.com www.nhjosounds.com www.nhjogallery.com www.nhjoname.com 082 10 9749 2747 nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjohyennro <katalk, skype etc AZ NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로) AZ NHJO HYENNROGOAPSYCHEDELIC TRANCEPsychedelicPSY TRANCEEDM
  22. 하이. 접니다. AZ NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. CATALOG: NHJOCD0018 TITLE: DANCE TEK 1 (Radio Edit) GENRE/STYLE: ELECTRONICA TRANCE + PSY ELEMENTS This is my new recent track! http://www.soundcloud.com/nhjo-sounds Its a GOA/PSYCHEDELIC TEKNO TRANCE track!. Enjoy for your home, walk, drive, club, festival etc! worldwide booking welcome!. itunes, beatporty, juno, amazone, sporitfy etc soon upload. www.nhjohyennro.com www.aznhjohyennrorecords.com www.nhjoall.com www.nhjosounds.com www.nhjogallery.com www.nhjoname.com 082 10 9749 2747 nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjohyennro <katalk, skype etc AZ NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)
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