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  1. Bandcamp https://bit.ly/2UE6iYS BeatPort https://bit.ly/3lrjsnX SoundCloud https://bit.ly/2TXnTKQ Brought in front of the scene once again, the sound of the legendary Electric Guitar reached new heights in the hands of the two psytrancers extraordinaire. With a heavy dose of heroic melodies, restless riffs, hammering drums and psychedelic twists, you're in for a ride, a heavy metal kind of one! Graphism by Isomorphik Mastering by 7Art Studio Mastering
  2. Universal Talk EP by SPECTREE & Dktronic out on every platforms !! Preview > https://bit.ly/2UuxbOy BeatPort > https://bit.ly/2UMfppW Psyshop > https://bit.ly/3aTU9Wr Bandcamp > https://bit.ly/3e7PTEw Music is a message to humankind in a way that transcends all languages! Discover a unique combination of talents from Brazil that will shake dancefloors on the four corners of the world thanks to a powerful psychedelic inspiration. Delivering a fresh vision of what psytrance is, they provide amazing new goodies to your stash bag - ready to make any psyhead groove to
  3. NEW compilation Ananda Tandava OUT NOW on BeatPort !! >>> http://bit.ly/2U4axMM We are so happy to release this new born compilation after working hard on it for two years. A huge thanks for all your support, one day psytrance will rule the world ! Middle Mode • Lunatica & Hypatia • Zeridium & N-kore • Innershades & Doki Doc • Yner & Mirson • Psychobass • Moaiact • Terra Pura & Spiritual Mind • MOSBA Want to support us ? We made a special offer including CD + Download + T-Shirt! >>> http://bit.ly/2TNBxRz (limited edition) >> Full
  4. From joy to sadness, from laughter to fear, music if an infinite source of emotions. Specifically engineered to make you pass through a multitude of feelings such as unity, freedom, love and peace, the psychedelic sounds of Yner & Chronosphere are so rich you might overdose. Watch out for the correct dosage! SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/natarajamusic/yner-chronosphere-overdosed-feelings-preview BeatPort : https://www.beatport.com/release/overdosed-feelings/2847422 Bandcamp : https://nataraja.bandcamp.com/album/overdosed-feelings Nataraja : https:/
  5. Mosba is back on Nataraja with his amazing work. Huge bass line and groove like he only has the secret, this new piece from Mosba is a must have to drill the dancefloors world wide! Get your copy https://www.beatport.com/release/cosmos-is-my-camp/2844867 https://www.psyshop.com/Cosmos-my-Camp-Mosba/ntj1dw060/ https://nataraja.bandcamp.com/album/cosmos-is-my-camp Free listening on : https://soundcloud.com/natarajamusic/mosba-cosmos-is-my-camp-preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=fSwE84JfXHc
  6. How do you perceive light? For some people it's related to love, happiness, for some others it's electricity. If we add them both we get this dynamic ball of trippy sounds bouncing in your head. Through an irregular groovy bassline you can catch a glimpse of resonant melodies and tensions leading to bright explosions, throwing you straight to the Milky Way! Grab your copy of "Strange Light" --> https://www.beatport.com/release/strange-light/2804357 Graphics by Psybuddy Mastering by Storm Mastering
  7. Œuvrant pour le bon, le beau et la basse, les équipes de Nataraja, Prayazen et Psychill Café ont réuni les plus grands savants fous de ce monde et d'ailleurs afin de percer à jour le secret de l’expérience psychédélique ultime. La réponse est formelle et elle implique un voyage sur la bordure extérieure de notre galaxie. Prenez place à bord du vaisseau-mère. 3 SALLES - 3 SONS - 1 ESPACE EXTÉRIEUR 》》》》》 PSYTRANCE 《《《《《 VIRTUANOISE (Freak Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/virtuanoise Spirit Architect (Dacru Records - Macedonia) https://soundcloud.
  8. NEW RELEASE Nataraja Records ConWerteR & InnerShade - Ancient Knowledge // Out the 23rd of October on BeatPort // ENJOY ! Psychedelic Trance is a gate to an Ancient Knowledge, and this is the key to it ! ConWerteR and InnerShade took profit of their years of mastery on the trance experience and used an antique, secret recipe to craft this unique piece of music, designed to lift the dancer to another plan of consciousness; where body, mind and spirit are One.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/363166380847560/?active_tab=about From July 5th to 8th, Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering is back! For 4 days and 3 nights, find us in a small piece of heaven cut off from the world, located just 1 hour from Paris. On the program: music, dance, trance, sharing, creation and escape on a beautiful wooded area of 9 hectares, transformed into a psychedelic playground for the occasion! This year, the Hindu culture - the origin of the concept of Nataraja, god of dance and trance - is in the spotlight, and we offer the drink of their choice to all who come with a
  10. Music is a key to a rare state of consciousness that helps the listener to follow his inner voice, the one that leads to happiness by dedicating yourself to what you love with the right passion. This timeless track by the italian psychonaut ILAI will let no one unaffected by its psychedelic assets and strong production value as they'll instantly be hooked by the serious psytrance delivered here. To listen or to download, this way
  11. Rising star of the psytrance scene, the macedonian maestro Djantrix is back alongside Modual to deliver another fresh take on the genre. Twisting further their unique style, they introduce us to a parallel universe where reality melts with imagination, giving life to yet unknown psychedelic visions. Proven craftmanship from the duo magnifies the creative work further, releasing a real bomb not only for the minds but also for the dancefloors ! Choose your platform here https://kuronekomedia.lnk.to/Cisterna
  12. Is there an answer to the great Question of Life, the Universe and Everything ? Embark on a sonic odyssey of high psychedelic value through the galactic space of Magrathea and find out more on what Deep Thought, the majestic super computer created by a pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent specie, has found after seven and half million years of calculation. Expect some twisted melodies and a strong groove on the way ! To discover the tracks: https://soundcloud.com/out-of-jetlag/sets/42-1 NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE YOU WANT ! Choose your platform here: https://kuronekomedia.lnk
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