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  1. TRACKLIST: 1. Thalamus - Drummy Groovy 2. Thalamus - Church of Bubz BeatPort : https://bit.ly/3DC1QxG SoundCloud : https://bit.ly/3d90a4k Bandcamp : https://bit.ly/3DXACSy _________ With this new EP release, Thalamus will immerse you in his fun and hyperactive universe. ADHD is a melodic and groovy track selection; this psytrance is thought out to make you live a big flow of energy and bring a big smile to your face! _________ Avec ce nouvel EP, Thalamus vous entraîne dans son univers hyperactif et fun. ADHD est une sélection de tracks mélodiques et groovy. Cette psytrance est pensée pour vous faire vivre un tumulte d'énergie et vous donner le sourire ! _________ Facebook : facebook.com/natarajamusic Instagram : instagram.com/nataraja_collective Website : www.nataraja-music.com Festival : www.nataraja-psychedelic-gathering.com SoundCloud : @natarajamusic Bandcamp : www.nataraja.bandcamp.com BeatPort : beatport.com/label/nataraja-records/27810 Beatspace : www.beatspace.com/labels/nataraja-records.html YouTube : youtube.com/user/natarajamusic __________ Graphism by Thalamus Mastering by Inside Mind Live
  2. Extra-terrestrial visits on earth have always been hidden. National Agencies and Secret Organizations kept the flying saucers a mystery, and the Zeta Reticulans a secret. But that was until a courageous team of psychedelizers known as Shred'er & InnerShade decided to tackle the Great Investigation. It is now only a matter of time before the world finds out the truth! Discover their secret mission to inform the world in the form of a banging psytrance tune, full of crazy distorted sounds and fast rhythms. No rest for the blast! "The Great Investigation" by InnerShade and Shred'er out on BeatPort : https://bit.ly/3n3AxaS SoundCloud : https://bit.ly/31n4GcB Bandcamp : https://bit.ly/3cn5kZS Graphism by OVNI Studio Mastering by OddWave Studio
  3. #11 on Beatport TOP 100! Thanks a million for your support dear psytrance lovers If you didn't check it out yet, Mirson's great new Psytrance EP is now out on many platform! Bandcamp https://bit.ly/3BlQc9k BeatPort https://bit.ly/3ndpWbV SoundCloud https://bit.ly/3BI1iGz Three different stories, one single place: Okinogami. Discover the tales from a world of its own, a psychedelic daydream to a deep trance state. Graphism by Iso Morphik Mastering by Plus Six Mastering 異なる三つの物語、その一つはOkinogami それはサイケデリックな幻想から深いトランス状態へと導く独自の世界 Beatport で公開されている Mirson の新しい Psytrance EPをチェック!
  4. Have you ever felt the need for new ideas and rejuvenated creativity, for fresh landscapes and shapes never seen before ? Then take the trip with us and break the boundaries of imagination with this new release from Improvement. With its wild textures, crazy modulations and futuristic beats you'll be super refreshed for your next psychedelic adventures ! Bandcamp : https://bit.ly/3jwJ04m BeatPort : https://bit.ly/3BbA2j9 SoundCloud : https://bit.ly/imagination-teaser Graphism by Isomorphik Mastering by Plus Six Mastering
  5. PSYTRANCE NEW RELEASE Far Beyond Beliefs by Psychobass is out on every platform ! Bandcamp > https://bit.ly/3iNAC0u BeatPort > https://bit.ly/PsychobassBeatPort SoundCloud > https://bit.ly/3yI7rRU You've had wild dreams before, but never like this one. What you thought were the boundaries of imagination are actually just the beginning of an unlimited world of possibilities. Far, far beyond beliefs, discover the universe of Psychobass and his deep, hypnotic and powerful psychedelic music. Artwork by Isomorphik Mastering by Plus Six Mastering
  6. BAZINGA ! New release by Activating Evolution out on Bandcamp ! Get yours on Bandcamp >> http://bit.ly/BazingaBandcamp SoundCloud >> http://bit.ly/aebazinga BeatPort >> http://bit.ly/BazingaBeatPort As a vibrant tribute to the emeritus professor Cooper, it really can't get more trippy. Translating the geeky vibe of this legend to a #psytrance track was a crazy idea, but the result is mad genius ! Get a firm grip on your seat as the #psychedelic rocket of Activating Evolution sets up its interplanetary tour, guided by heavy riffs and powerful melodies. Mastered by 7Art Studio Mastering Cover by Isomorphik #psytrancefamily #psytribe #trance #fullon #goatrance #guitar #ozora #psytrancemusic #psytranceworld #psychedelictrance
  7. Get the "The Full" picture of what a psychedelic tune should be and discover the new Brazilian talent Kronomy, starting today at Nataraja Records. With solid assets in production, this explosive EP delivers a ton of psychedelic goodness and fearsome drops for the experienced trancers out there. Enjoy with no moderation! Bandcamp >> http://bit.ly/thefull-kronomy SoundCloud >> https://bit.ly/3geZm0u BeatPort >> http://bit.ly/TheFullKronomy Graphism by Isomorphik Mastered by Plus Six Mastering
  8. Imaginary Effect (EP) by Dktronic is now out on every platform !! Bandcamp http://bit.ly/3qAH2AJ BeatPort http://bit.ly/3qenYIp SoundCloud http://bit.ly/3ogOIqV Take the red pill to an ears-opening experience that will lift your imagination to unspoiled realms ! Dktronic delivers yet another piece of timeless music with 3 finely crafted full-on psychedelic tunes ready to rock your body and your soul. Tracks : Dktronic - Imaginary Effect Dktronic - Make a Fire, Catch a Fire Dktronic, Sartor - In the Ship (Dktronic Remix) Graphism by Dktronic Mastering by brdigitalmaster
  9. Creative Nature by Disconect & Of Paradise is now out on many platforms!! BeatPort http://bit.ly/3mLAKfp Bandcamp http://bit.ly/3ht53WV SoundCloudhttps://bit.ly/3oS6MI4 This new collaboration between Disconect and Of Paradise will make you groove to the rhythms of a creative nature like you have never heard it before. Exploring a sound line with elements of nature concentrated in crystalline sounds and immersive vocals, you are in the heart of a futuristic and advanced sound journey. Mastering by Storm Mastering Graphism by Daniel Campos
  10. "Futuresynthesis" by Alternate Side is out on every platform !! BeatPort https://bit.ly/3qK8oW2 Bandcamp http://bit.ly/3nGDETJ SoundCloud https://bit.ly/37PxiuT Futuresynthesis is the combination of abstract shapes in a dimensional journey, taking you to a distorted world where sounds can be modified from solid to liquid, letting your ears travel to their own futuristic horizon. Get ready to experiment a higher level of psychedelic music! Graphism by Psybuddy Mastering by Storm Mastering
  11. Out on BeatPort >>> https://bit.ly/39cwJNR SoundCloud >>> https://bit.ly/3fdry0U Bandcamp >>> https://bit.ly/3mt5mTA Track : Mirson - Massive Effect The master of psyprogressive Mirson has something to surprise you with his new bomb Massive Effect : a psychedelic journey that will make you feel the intensity of a heavy bassline and a blend of oldschool sounds ! Mastering by Storm Mastering Graphism by Artrama
  12. Bandcamp https://bit.ly/2UE6iYS BeatPort https://bit.ly/3lrjsnX SoundCloud https://bit.ly/2TXnTKQ Brought in front of the scene once again, the sound of the legendary Electric Guitar reached new heights in the hands of the two psytrancers extraordinaire. With a heavy dose of heroic melodies, restless riffs, hammering drums and psychedelic twists, you're in for a ride, a heavy metal kind of one! Graphism by Isomorphik Mastering by 7Art Studio Mastering
  13. Universal Talk EP by SPECTREE & Dktronic out on every platforms !! Preview > https://bit.ly/2UuxbOy BeatPort > https://bit.ly/2UMfppW Psyshop > https://bit.ly/3aTU9Wr Bandcamp > https://bit.ly/3e7PTEw Music is a message to humankind in a way that transcends all languages! Discover a unique combination of talents from Brazil that will shake dancefloors on the four corners of the world thanks to a powerful psychedelic inspiration. Delivering a fresh vision of what psytrance is, they provide amazing new goodies to your stash bag - ready to make any psyhead groove to the bassline! Graphism by Psybuddy Mastering by Stryker Mastering
  14. NEW compilation Ananda Tandava OUT NOW on BeatPort !! >>> http://bit.ly/2U4axMM We are so happy to release this new born compilation after working hard on it for two years. A huge thanks for all your support, one day psytrance will rule the world ! Middle Mode • Lunatica & Hypatia • Zeridium & N-kore • Innershades & Doki Doc • Yner & Mirson • Psychobass • Moaiact • Terra Pura & Spiritual Mind • MOSBA Want to support us ? We made a special offer including CD + Download + T-Shirt! >>> http://bit.ly/2TNBxRz (limited edition) >> Full tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube << http://bit.ly/2xPVHC7 CD + Download : 10€
  15. From joy to sadness, from laughter to fear, music if an infinite source of emotions. Specifically engineered to make you pass through a multitude of feelings such as unity, freedom, love and peace, the psychedelic sounds of Yner & Chronosphere are so rich you might overdose. Watch out for the correct dosage! SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/natarajamusic/yner-chronosphere-overdosed-feelings-preview BeatPort : https://www.beatport.com/release/overdosed-feelings/2847422 Bandcamp : https://nataraja.bandcamp.com/album/overdosed-feelings Nataraja : https://www.facebook.com/natarajamusic/
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