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Found 4 results

  1. Tuna Freaks a.k.a. "Màgürô vs Kàtsuô " are special B2B units participating in FusionDeLic Records. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2018!!! Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records podcast 024 Malákia - Light & Shadow - Under Voice Records Animalien & Purist - Future Ancestrors - Purple Sangoma Records Orion Signal & Buckle - Mind Control - Paramystical Records Prinordial Ooze & Weirdbass - Warp Activate - Purple Sangoma Records Glooex - Tiger Hill Jam - Impulse Audio Records Psyence Of The Apes & Zzbing - Beltch Blaster - Catar Records Sequoya - Quarks And Bubbles - Sangoma Records Electryxeed - Underdose - Sangoma Records Cocodrilo - Organikoestocleidomastoideo - Paramystical Records Babagoon - Carrier Wave - Purple Sangoma Records Cosinus - Space Is The Place - Psynon Records Critter & Eeriegeist - Fever Swamp - Forestdelic Records Khaoscope - Flow In The Space - Mind Frequency Records
  2. Hello freaks!! Tuna Freaks a.k.a. "Màgürô vs Kàtsuô " are special B2B units participating in FusionDeLic Records. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records podcast 011 - tracklist Kaliohm - Just Another Mushroom Track - Unalome Records Diksha , Tera - Inside Mind - Forestdelic Records Kaliyuga - Bottom of the Sea - Sangoma Records Buckle , Loom - Tolerance Issues - Forestdelic Records Gabaascape - Simulated Experience - Anarchic Freakquency Records Cosinus - Citizen 4 - Spontaneous Aerobics Records Kebun - Technology - Woo-Dog Recordings Delirium Tremens - Jungle Boogeyman - Woo-Dog Recordings Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music Oksha - Anandamide - Forestdelic Records Psyked’eliah , Kusabi - Project Zero - World people & Dream Project Records Evol Shaza - Amazing Amazon Maze - Dream Project Records
  3. Lotus Feet Records, recently established as an independent record label in Pristina, Kosovo, is proud to present its debut compilation, Lotus Rising. Their aim is to stir up the psytrance scene while delivering quality underground music to listeners worldwide by offering space for talented producers to present material favourable to the label’s concept: groovy night-time psychedelia with powerful bass lines and positive vibrating sounds. In their words, “We believe that contributing creatively and sharing our vision through sound is the only way of awakening and interconnecting our souls within this planet and beyond!” While working on this first compilation the label had the pleasure of working with DJ Fedro AKA S.E.T.I. who unfortunately passed away in this time. As he was a great inspiration for the release of this compilation it is now dedicated to him. R.I.P. Mastered by Monno @ Bimmelim Soundlabs. Artwork by Urtina Hoxha & Edvin Susuri. Compiled by Visar Hoxha AKA Younion. Tracklist: 01 Esoteric Bloom - Lotus Rising (Intro) 02 Moai Project - Broadcast 03 Microsphere - Enigma 04 Gridy Cosm - Atcha 05 Highstyle - Understand Something 06 Killawatt - True Story 07 Leso - Sick Society 08 Leopardtron vs Ra Root - Mondaygroove 09 Ra Root - Now You See Me (155 BPM) 10 Electrypnose - Une Biere Dans La Riviere (Spore Remix) 11 Esoteric Bloom - Floating Petals (Outro) DOWNLOAD via EKTOPLAZM
  4. Artist: Various Title: Pranava Mantra Label: Fractal Records Date: June, 2012 1. Speeding Bullet - Orca 2. Unhuman - Poizon Vs. A-Mush 3. Demon - Braindriver 4. Everything Moves - Resonanz3 5. Higher Dimension - Hyperactive I realize that I haven't been churning out the reviews recently like I used to. Life has gotten in the way. Take one kid to school, spend some quality daddy daughter time with my little girl, clean the house (losing this battle) prepare all meals, do the laundry including folding and putting it away (taking it on the chin here as well), mow the lawn, do the shopping...you get the idea. Oh yeah, also have to maintain this hunk of man meat so my wife will still give me the goods. How do I look? Needs more bronzer! So when I look in this forum I see it's deader than Mitt Romney's chances of being President. What the f*ck people? I'm not asking for a thesis, but how about some thoughts on how a particular release made you feel or whether it sucked or not? It's tough carrying this load and the forum would be a much more attractive place if you would stop lurking and start contributing. *Gets of soapbox. Frowns at it. Kicks it. Kicks it again. Jumps on it repeatedly and pisses on it. Takes out matches and sets it on fire. Watches it burn. Looks askew at chick observing in horror. Slaps chick. "What the f*ck are you looking at?" Chases chick. Forgot pants. Still chases her. Grabs heart. Slows down. Breathe. Breathe* See, look what you almost made me do. Fractal Records has always had a good track record with me. They've been responsible for some real quality twilight psytrance in the past so this struck me and I picked it up. It was worth it, but I'll show you how I got there. Speeding Bullet- Do you like subway? I do on occasion. Quizno's is way better, but Subway will do in a pinch. Orca's album Fist of Fury from way back in 2008 was impressive so I was looking forward to his hard edged style. It's comprised of 3 parts not unlike a Subway sandwich. The beginning and the end are the bread and what we have here is some Italian herbs and cheese nicely toasted. But the middle is the meat and let's face it, that's what makes a good sandwich. Imagine a recently fired sandwich artist wanted to get back at his boss. Just before he cleans out his locker he decides that your Philly Steak and cheese needs more defecation. The middle of this track was so f*cking bad it made me pine for a sh*t sandwich. I hate it when psy artists try to remake classical or video game music and in this case a movie theme. The outcome is never good and it always sounds embarrassingly bad. No exceptions. None. So why on God's green Earth did he decide to remake the Superman Theme? Christopher Reeve? Richard Pryor? Yeah that one. I've had a kidney stone and as excruciatingly painful as that was it paled in comparison to what I just heard. Did you even listen to this Fractal Records? You just threw your money away on a sh*t sandwich. Eat Fresh! Unhuman- See this one is just the opposite. The beginning is unimpressive, but they manage to cobble together some momentum in the middle. You've got some acid and power, but there are so many stops and starts it's like playing Red Light Green Light. Not. Going. To Stick. With Me. Not like Orca's track. But have you ever stepped in a pile of sh*t? Hard as f*ck to get that sh*t off. Demon- Not a minute in and already with the buildup? You just started, what exactly has been building? To his credit it picks up steam and gets very powerful. Easily the best so far, but look what you were up against. Everything Moves- Maximum points for using the Clerks sample. And for being a thick and chunky track. This is the quiet guy that waits for you to say something stupid before he hauls off and whacks you in the mouth. Oh yeah he's f*cking everything that moves as the acid flies. Hey! Hey Braindriver! You have officially been knocked off the pedestal. Higher Dimension- "The highest dimension is 11. You can not go higher than 11." "It's what I been trying to tell you for mor'n a decade adn't I?" Talk about ending on a high note. The power explodes from the get go along with a slick groove and massive acid splatter. Somebody needs to clean that sh*t up. But it ain't gonna be me. This one kept getting better and better as it went along. We have a new champion! So that's how I came to think this was worth it. Since it's digital, buy the last three tracks and you should be golden. Beatport Mdk
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