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  1. We all search to fulfil our destiny and Belief is a key element in this journey of making our imagination become reality. The second studio album from BrightLight follows the meanderings of the mind. Experiences and emotions take form through psychedelic soundscapes and drifting melodies, taking us on a dreamlike ride into reality. Tracklist: 1. BrightLight - I want you to imagine 2. BrightLight & Kobi Saka - Time had stopped 3. BrightLight - The most 4. BrightLight & Darwish - I need a miracle 5. BrightLight - Irony 6. BrightLight - Flower 7. BrightLight - A little bit mad 8. BrightLight & Symbolico - It's just an illusion 9. BrightLight - One Release date: 26th of Jan 2018 Label: Future Music Records Mastering by: Ido Ophir Cover by: Govardhan Kulkarni
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