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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7ZBM8gAtlchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZCsvbWzL1M Certainly, some of us have a pet animal in our home as a beloved companion, mostly a dog or a cat, or maybe a parrot or even a sober specie of monkey. Before many years, when i was a child and living in a house with a backyard, i noticed one day that i let a cat get in and join me inside the house, that was aware of the sound coming out of the music player, but was scary too and hostile towards it. I thought she doesn't like the music. Few years now that i live with a cat, i see that is very accustomed to psytrance since a kitten. She can even sleep while the vibes spreading in the room. Well, the subject focuses on psytrance especially as a complex music but it is related with music as a phenomenon for the senses and the perception of the animals and its effect on them.
  2. Sinsonic Records is proud to present its first release from their artist Roger Gnos alias Mindsurfer. The EP is called “Water” and water is the creed of this first release from Mindsurfer. Focusing on the finely tuned balance between being musically challenging and having enough of a dance beat he has composed a sound that pulls you from riding a wave on a surfboard into the mystical depths of the musical underworld – without getting lost in new age samples of dolphins and mountain streams. This EP is the first release from Sinsonic Records and a lot of time and energy has gone into it. The result is a crystal-clear sound with four tracks which have been sensitively put together; a fresh water source for the quagmire of progressive trance. The EP is available right now at beatport Feel free to leave a feedback and if have any questions or comments contact as at info@sinsonicrecords.com
  3. Something to think about... --> http://soundcloud.co...p-by-step-guide <--
  4. Liquidseed netlabel is happy to release Alpha Digital - System Pussy this Ep is the first part of Alpha digital's story ,expresses his psychedelic trance side ...bright ,wild , old school and at the end ampient . Listen preview : http://soundcloud.com/liquidseeds/lsd003-alpha-digital-system Download : http://liquidseed.net/ Alpha Digital myspace : www.myspace.com/thedigitalanarchy Liquidseed Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Liquidseed
  5. Hi everyone Fish 'n Trips records is an Australian based psytrance label looking for new submissions for upcoming releases. After some well received work from Spunje, Atomgrinder, Boom nasha, Funkadelicasy and friends we are excited to announce a new schedule of submissions being taken to support the already thriving fish fun. You can find a little more info about us and the proposed releases here but we strongly encourage you to send us your best material now. Please use the form here.... http://fishntripsrec...ic-for-release/ https://docs.google....xVmVmeUsxUHc6MQ Find us online here... http://fishntripsrec...ress.com/about/ http://www.beatport....s-records/23636 http://fishntripsrecords.bandcamp.com/ Currently seeking music for “Twisted Mysteries 2.0 and 2.5″ – Dark, Edgy, full on and twighlight with a little darkpsy 145 – 160 BPM (series) “The Master Baiters” – Pumping and pounding Psygressive and progressive 134 – 140 BPM (new series) Ep’s, albums and singles in Psytrance, Hi-tech and darkpsy Some psybient and downtempo music In Other news we have also just released Spunje's debut. This challenging crossover album has been getting some great support from Dj's as it bridges new gaps between ethnic downtempo, drum n bass and psychedelic trance all rolled into one nice and totally genuine package. Dont miss Spunje this season with his incredible sounds and delightful delivery. Visit our bandcamp page now and join the journey thousands of others are taking for the first time. http://fishntripsrec...p.com/album/anu http://www.beatport....ease/anu/895850 Thank you for your consideration, Good times @fishntrips_recs
  6. 1. Kala - Perfect Creature 09:48 2. Kala - Synthetic 09:23 3. Kala - Space Flight 06:58 Sun Station Records proudly presents Kala (“time” in ancient Sanskrit), a psychedelic trance project founded by two soul-mates from Macedonia, Prodanov Zoran and Toromanoski Darko (DJ Darko). “Growing in the Galaxy” is their long-awaited second EP, it contains 3 powerful psytrance tracks that will take you on a breathtaking galactic ride! The EP is full of juicy old school sounds, dynamic basslines and cosmic energy, and any fans of the Macedonian psychedelic sound will enjoy it a lot. Stay tuned for more sounds from this promising eastern European project! Download: FLAC: http://depositfiles.com/files/pyk6cujcn MP3: http://depositfiles.com/files/vv5qaf2k3 Artist: http://sunstation.ru/artists/kala
  7. Circle is the last work of Cristian Soriano, more than 100 hours of work in the studio for just a couple circles as result. It is awesome that this time Kriscore change the geometric structure of his art-sound. You could listen both tunes below. You could support Nomad wave buying our music. Nomad wave is net label also, so you should visit our soundcloud and download the tunes that you want !! Cristian Soriano - Circle Regards, San Isidro
  8. Hi We are Tzolkin records, a mayan label from Mexico with universal roots, positive energy and blast music. Here you could find all our digital releases. If you like our sound, we will be so happy. Supports our project listening our music. Supports our survival buying our sound. Regards, San Isidro
  9. We return to Nepal once again for the seventh edition of this unique gathering of music and arts, Universal Religion. Email us at info@urnepal.com to reserve your room at the festival venue before it’s too late!!!! (Fulbari Resort) Purchase your entrance tickets directly from our website Help us Spread the Word!!!!! Join & Share our FB Page:- https://www.facebook....religion.nepal Visit our Website for more information: - http://www.urnepal.com See you in the Dance Floor folks!!!!
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Fernando Iam from Portugal and Iam available for graphic design, video (edit and animation) and webdesign! You can find my website here, Dissolvingstudios.com Some services provided: .webdesign (flash or html) facebook pages (flash) facebook competitions, mp3payers and other applications .video editing - promos, video clip, music video, visual fx .Graphic Design - cd design, dvd design, digital ep design, business identity and much more Here is some work ive been making latelly, some professional and some personal: contact me on my website or info@dissolvingstudios.com Has a hobby iam a music producer with several projects such as "smileypixie" and "message to earth" plur
  11. DJ Hydra playing at KIN 3D with G.M.S. With an unreleased remix of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" produced by Animalis, this journey has 16 tracks released last year and 3 new ones. Admittedly psychedelic and a blistering pace of 145 beats per minute it is the latest compilation of artists and songs I enjoyed the most in 2011. This compilation opens with a merger between Ultravoice and Azax Syndrom - Ultrazax. I highlight two songs from the new Mekkanikka album - "In Spiral" and "Always Ticking" - and the unreleased track "En Fuego" from Earthling. The line up end with "Gate To Nowhere", an unprecedented co-production between Xerox, Hipnotix and Volcano. This best of 2011 also features songs by Peacemaker, Black & White, Avalon, X Noize and co-productions between: Block Device vs. Wild Monkeys, Mad Maxx vs Space Tribe, Mad Maxx vs Mekkanika; Orpheus vs Point; Bionix vs Mesmerizer and, Orpheus vs. Dual Core. HYDRA "Best of 2011" DJ Set
  12. Namaste forest beings, after 2 years of sillence we glad to announce our 2nd compilation "Creaking Rhythms Valley". Cat.n° : TRLCD002 Artist : Various Artists Title : "Creaking Rhythms Valley" Format : digipack CD Barcode : TRLCD002 Mastering : Xenomorph Artwork : Treetrolla Crew Release date : Coming Soon! Tracklist::. 01. PAGANOPATH - INZELADUN 02. GOCH - BRAIN FORESTS 03. WHRIKK - HAXAN 04. AMORPHOUS - TREETROSPHER 05. ODR - QUETZALCOATL 06. GOCH - LOST MOMENTUM 07. GORM - AND THE ELDERS SAID.. 08. PUROSURPO - EAT A SPHERE 09. KA-SOL - PANTHER About Release: After a short-term break for work in digged caves, and search of inspiration on magic glades under hats of mushrooms, sorcerers from Treetrolla have made opening of a completely new potion and glad to present to attention of fans of shadowy, abstract and live organic music the 2nd psychedelic tale, which transfers the listener to the valley of the “Creaking Rhythms”. Track-samples and the dates of relese will be updated very soon. Stay tuned! Sincerely Yours Treetrolla Crew. http://www.treetrollarecords.com
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