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  1. DJ Hydra playing at KIN 3D with G.M.S. With an unreleased remix of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" produced by Animalis, this journey has 16 tracks released last year and 3 new ones. Admittedly psychedelic and a blistering pace of 145 beats per minute it is the latest compilation of artists and songs I enjoyed the most in 2011. This compilation opens with a merger between Ultravoice and Azax Syndrom - Ultrazax. I highlight two songs from the new Mekkanikka album - "In Spiral" and "Always Ticking" - and the unreleased track "En Fuego" from Earthling. The line up end with "Gate To Nowhere", an unprecedented co-production between Xerox, Hipnotix and Volcano. This best of 2011 also features songs by Peacemaker, Black & White, Avalon, X Noize and co-productions between: Block Device vs. Wild Monkeys, Mad Maxx vs Space Tribe, Mad Maxx vs Mekkanika; Orpheus vs Point; Bionix vs Mesmerizer and, Orpheus vs. Dual Core. HYDRA "Best of 2011" DJ Set
  2. see u at the dance floor. good fest. first editions are special !!
  3. Master Goa Gil is back to Portugal to redefine the ancient dance ritual. On the 25th of June, the trance ceremony begins at sunset and follows the moon path on a journey of tribal connection with the universal language of music and dance. For this magic moment we open Boom Land's gate for a weekend at Idanha's heavenly lake. Love & Light Omium & Psyart
  4. We are pleased to announce that the "Redefining the Ancient Tribal Dance Ritual" event will be in a natural paradise: the shores of lake Idanha-a-Nova. People may enjoy a weekend in nature, with a sublime 3km beach, shadows and the magic of Boom Festival 2010 location.
  5. http://963.photobucket.com/albums/ae113/Ambiens/?action=view&current=killer.png With more than 1,300 festival-goers, the 4th edition of KIN was filled with music, color, smiles and an atmosphere of joy and sharing. The photos that we leave here are the first visual cue of future photo gallery KIN where, besides photos of various participants are given the original photos from Nuno Noronha. http://s963.photobucket.com/albums/ae113/Ambiens/?action=view&current=KIN__THE_4_ELEMENTS_3D_42.jpg http://s963.photobucket.com/albums/ae113/Ambiens/?action=view&current=CIMG4199.jpg http://s963.photobucket.com/albums/ae113/Ambiens/?action=view&current=_MG_9703_2.jpg
  6. The event location is "Herdade da Baracha", Porto Alto, Portugal. http://psyart-org.com/drupal/sites/default/files/images/d.jpg Distance: 40 Km from Lisbon 16 Km from the nearest train station "Vila Franca de Xira" For any information about the event you may contact us on producao@psyart-org.com All information is also available at official portuguese blog kin2011.blogspot.com Unedited video from last edition of KIN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR9XnhUKfwo&feature=player_embedded
  7. The biggest one day party on Iberian soil represents a chance to find old friends and meet new ones. The four elements are mixed in nature in a very balanced and very unpredictable way. Whether it rain or shines at the 4th edition of KIN, the dance floor will have an innovative and unique aesthetics. This party will have a Bedouin tent style used for boom fest 2010's ambient paradise with turquoise and beige hexagonal geometric shapes. The dance floor will be covered by an elastic tent will a light and clean look. The chill out area will have a Moroccan-inspired tent that will give a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Kin & The 4 Elements is Psyart's first open air event every year in Portugal and it is the biggest one-day trance party on Iberian soil. This event will have a special visual mood with interaction between visual 3D stimuli and music. We build up a partnership with the Holographics team to apply the 3D video mapping technology. On the 5th of March we welcome everyone for a special culture and music event; a temporary community partying in brotherhood and respect. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and each individual KIN reflect the connection between human and nature and the unique experience that each person will have at the event. Alien Project, Space Cat and Abomination are all globally influential israeli school artists performing the best of their career. Portuguese acts Creative X, Myrah and Nammah Ohm are also invited as well as DJs Anestetic, N3urofitness and Hydra to perform during night, morning and afternoon party times. At the chill out area plays french master Kick Bong and some of today's best portuguese ambient, downtempo and dub artists. Sergio Walgood, Space Designers, M&Ms and Gooyz are the highlights. .: LIVE ACT :. ALIEN PROJECT h2o rec SPACE CAT h2o rec ABOMINATION mind control rec MYRAH namaha rec CREATIVE X psyart rec NAMMAH OHM helichedelic rec .: DJ SET :. ANESTETIC timecode rec HYBRIS crystal matrix/psyart rec HYDRA vs SPIN psyart rec N3UROFITNESS crystal matrix rec SHANODIN digital oracle .: CHILL OUT :. AJNAVISION Rec presents .: LIVE ACT :. KICK BONG france SERGIO WALGOOD AMBIENS INDAGES SPACE DESIGNERS BALANCÉ NURION .: DJ SET :. M&Ms GOOYZ LIQUID SHAPE ANDREI .: DECOR :. Holographics 3D - Psyart Deco Team - Special Guest (to be announced) .: LOCATION :. Beautiful natural landscape near Lisbon. All info about specific location, route and travel in February. .: TICKETS :. 15,00 € Pre-Sale 25,00 € At the door 00,00 € Free Party in Portugal Initiative Party in Portugal Initiative People or travellers coming in from out of Portugal don't pay to get in. You have to bring proof of travel around the 5th of March, ID card. This ticket should be booked in advance. Please contact producao@psyart-org.com for information or booking you free ticket. .: PSYART PRODUCTIONS :. Psyart is an organisation part of ControversasIdeias a wider not-for-profit artistic association in Portugal. We are based in the southside of Rio Tejo where the beach meets the atlantic ocean. On October the 2nd 2009 we produced our 12th party celebrating 3 years of creative learning, development and warm feedback from the portuguese public. ControversasIdeias' work expands through 3 areas of the music industry: Psyart, event production and record label, Mastering Lisboa, record studio and Art'Ensemble, electronic music school. Since 2006 we have organized in and outdoor trance parties with some of the biggest names in the psytrance scene and collaborated in many musical events with other event producers such as Festival Avis A Rasgar, Tribus Urbanas, Crystal Matrix, Symbiosis and Quantic Chill. In 2009, PSYART reached out to become one of the most influential party promoters by working with well-established international psytrance agencies making room to bring top artists like Vibe Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Phanatic, Painkiller, Freaked Frequency, Perplex, Rinkandink, dj Domino, Alternative Control, CPU, Electro Sun, System Nipel, Ultravoice, Menog, Michelle Adamson, PTX and many more artists. Also working to discover new upcoming talents and make room for the portuguese scene: Anestetic, dj Pena, Myrah, dj Hydra, dj Spin, Ambiens Indages, D_Maniac, Suria Namaskar, Uno Maxin. We bet on diversity and quality is the key. @ Facebook @ MySpace @ KIN 3D Blog @ official website
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