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Found 2 results

  1. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/epub/10.1177/0269881120916143 Pretty interesting answers to the open-ended answering questions in the questionnaire: "Table 6. Open-ended written responses to the question regarding the message, task, mission, purpose, or insight received from the encounter with the being or entity.a Theme and descriptionExemplar quoteNumber of respondents (percentage of total sample, n=2561) Idiosyncratic information Idiosyncratic messages or insights not otherwise captured in themes; vague, non-specific communications or insights“He was teaching me the rules/regulations of the NFL.” “She said ‘you’ve finally found me’.”703 (27%) Personal insight Insight into personal behaviors, emotions, relationships, or life purpose; specific instruction or task pertaining to the aforementioned“I learned that when I resist uncomfortable emotions, I am selling myself short of the possibility to learn and grow.” “It was on a personal level as I had been struggling with addiction of opiates at the time. She basically told me that I really needed to cut it out of my life because all it will bring is pain. I had not previously thought negatively about my use of opiates before this encounter.”571 (22%) Love Message, insight, or task related to love, kindness, compassion, or benevolence“Love is the answer to everything." “The message and insight is that our purpose is to love each other.”409 (16%) Task Task, instruction, or command not related to other themes; may be within or outside of the DMT experience; often idiosyncratic in nature“Worship me.” “Telepathically: ‘Do not tell anyone about this’.”280 (11%) Safety/reassurance Message about being safe or protected“It told me that everything was okay.” “I was being reassured that I was safe.”259 (10%) Interconnectedness Message about the interconnectedness of the universe and/or all beings; sense of oneness or connection to the entity; realization that separateness, self, or ego are illusory“This experience was them showing me that we are all connected, all one.” “The insight I received was that everyone and everything is connected.”180 (7%) Death Message or insight about death, afterlife, pre-birth state, or reincarnation“That this space was the after-death state.” “There was insight that death is not the end.”168 (7%) Knowledge Message about general knowledge or information; receiving general knowledge; task to spread, share, or pursue knowledge“The entity was showing me knowledge.” “Learn and educate myself.”161 (6%) Greeting, valediction, or reprimand Being welcomed or invited; being told farewell; being told to leave, or that one is not ready for the experience“The message I received was, welcome.” “The message was to go back to my planet as it was not my time to be in that amazing golden white sea of consciousness.”104 (4%) Prediction Prediction about the future, not related to other themes“I thought about a missing zippo lighter for some reason and they flashed to me where it was and after I came back, I went to that spot deep inside a couch and grabbed it perfectly, it was unreal.” “The being communicated to me that future DMT experiences would more or less be the same as the one I was experiencing.”99 (4%) Divinity Message or insight about God(s) or deities“I was essentially told that I was God.” “It telepathically gave me information that said this being was in service of God.”66 (3%) Veridicality of DMT space Message or insight that the DMT space is more real than everyday reality; everyday reality is an illusion, simulation, or dream“That the reality I perceive is more like a hallucination and that the true reality is better represented from the encounter with these beings. That the DMT reality is more real than the perceived world I inhabit.” “There was an indescribably powerful notion that this dimension in which the entity and I convened was infinitely more ‘real’ than the consensus reality I usually inhabit. It felt truer than anything else I’d ever experienced.”52 (2%)"
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