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  1. This is a very good album indeed but like many other people also said this isnt different than the rest of the Vibrasphere material. YES the recipe is very good BUT you cant eat spaghetti with meat balls every day can you? My favorite tunes are Sweet September,Sudden Comfort,Late Winter Storms and Tierra Azul in this order of preference i guess. I also enjoyed Morning Breeze and Seven Days To Daylight and depending the mood i might like Landmark. The weakest tunes for me where Reservoir and Baltic Resonance. I will rate this 8/10 because Vibrasphere are still one of my favorite projects out there and their production quality is of high standards but they got to advance a little bit in the near future if they want to remain on top. P.S The cover picture is great.
  2. Somebody ban this guy immediately,he is a menace to society.
  3. Downloading the sample. Lets wait and see....
  4. By the way first question should be LESS KNOWN no?
  5. As an organiser myself i guess i cant propose any questions but i will be glad to answer whatever i might be asked. As we say in my country 'A clear sky is not afraid of the lightings'.
  6. All the best of luck to you then my friend You are going to need it for sure heh.
  7. DETOX

    I am angry

    TRANCECHICK actually your idea is something i have thought of in the past and i am very glad that someone else did also mention it,it might sound difficult to happen or even sound funny to some people but this could actually be a very good measure to tell the 'good' from the 'bad' guys. I mean if such an organisation existed then people who dont pay the artists for example in their events could get soft of banned from the scene. So lets say for example that 100 artists are registered within this organisation and 2 of them go to play in a festival in Mexico and the promoters treat the artists very bad and dont pay them.If this organisation examines both sides (artists and promoters) and decides that the promoters treated the artists really bad for no obvious reason and that they are not willing to make up for it then it could inform all of its 100 artists members that they are not supposed (or even allowed as long as they want to be members of this organisation?) to go and play for that specific promoter. Same for labels that dont pay their artists all of the organisation artists would get informed to not give their music for release purposes on these labels and if some online trance shops and distributors could also be part of this organisation then they could also stop doing business with these bad labels. Sounds funny huh?Well funny and difficult at the same time like i said before but it could actually work very good within our small scene and save us from the existance of some people who are involved in this music just to make a profit on the expense of others. ANOEBIS ofcourse within this 300 cds there will be 30 cds that are really good but like i said before they will get lost within the massive releases chaos.I mean take for example this PKS guy.He established a new label,he compiled AN AMAZING cd and in the end he didnt even sold 500 copies.He had all these amazing names and music in his cd but the guy got fucked up because of this spam releases situation coming from crappy labels.Isnt it really sad for such a person to loose the faith in the music and the market just because some young kids are desperate to release their crap music on a cd even if they have to establish their own label in order to do that simply because noone else is willing to release their music?And its not only PKS that looses the faith,its other people too who had the same plans and dreams as him but after reading his story decided to not make a step further in order not to loose their time,money and efforts.THIS SITUATION MUST COME TO AN END. By the way dear FROZENREALM noone has anything against mp3's as long as they are used in a balanced way.You might want to buy 20 cds a month but thats impossible for you to afford it.If you buy 5cds and download the rest noone is going to blame you BUT if you dont buy none and just download everything because its easy and free then you are using mp3s in a wrong and selfish way.Unfortunately 90% of the people out there download everything and dont even buy one cd a year and not only that but they even make fun of the people that spend their money in order to support their favorite artists,labels and music.
  8. DETOX

    I am angry

    Unfortunately Nemo we reached a point where people who really care about this music are just a minority that is being bashed out from the majority. When good artists make good music they get ignored by the people who prefer over promoted bad artists who suit better to their drug addiction habits and star system. When good labels release good music they get ignored by the people who prefer to download for free this music rather pay for it.When the labels complain about this situation all this majority of people bash the label out for putting high prices on the cds,not being innovative in their promotion and sales strategy,labels being bad and greedy and exploiting the artists etc etc etc. When good promoters organise nice events with quality line ups the people prefer to visit the mega raves with the over promoted artists mentioned before. We reached a point where artists asking to be payed for the music and live perfomances are considered greedy bastards,labels who ask people to buy their music original rather download it are called exploiting pimps,people who complain about the quality of music that is getting released in our days to be called old fashioned etc etc. We even reached a point where people accuse me of being part of the super star system because i release music by Prometheus,Orion,Bamboo Forest,Deedrah,Jaia,Silicon Sound,S Range,Electric Universe and more on my label. HEY DETOX YOU FAT RICH BASTARD YOU AND YOUR FLUFFY LABEL ARE NOT PART OF THE UNDERGROUND TRANCE SCENE BECAUSE YOU DONT SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL UNDERGROUND ARTISTS (WHO MAKE MUSIC ON 190BPM USING FRUITY LOOPS) AND YOU ARE RELEASING WIZZY NOISE AND PROMETHEUS INSTEAD PLUS YOU CANNOT BE ONE OF US BECAUSE YOU SLEEP IN A HOTEL INSTEAD OF A TENT DURING A FESTIVAL AND YOU WEAR NAUTICA T SHIRTS INSTEAD OF WORN OUT ROLLING STONES T SHIRTS FROM WOODSTOCK. Times and things are changing but thats not always good i am afraid.
  9. Dear Nemo getting educated,having a proper job and organise your life priorities doesnt mean you are a 'slave of society',thats preety harsh dont you think? For sure someone should have as a goal to realise some of his dreams.Dreams for someone can be an expensive car or motorcycle,vacation on a tropical island,learning many languages and getting very educated,being very good in arts,becoming very rich and many other things. Like i say though first things first.First you get organised a little like having a place to stay,a daytime job that will provide you with the essentials,some proper education that can help you in the future,building a social circle including familly,friends,lover,business people that can help you and more. After you get all these things then you can also at the same time start realising your dreams one step at a time. Dropping school or your job to say that 'Today i decided to become a music producer or a painter or a footballer or whatever' can have a very negative impact for the rest of your life. Sometimes you fall and can get up for sure,sometimes though you do fall and its very difficult to get up and sometimes even impossible to do so. Many people while trying to realise their dreams lost contact with real life and when real life knocked their door it was really late for them to change things. And to get back on the main topic we got a person here who wants to dedicate his life on music production on some specific styles of music and in order to do so he has decided to drop his daytime job.Thats not very wise in my opinion since the trance market is falling down everyday,if things were going well and sales were rising and bookings were easy to achieve and the money involved were big then i would for sure say to him to go ahead with his plan BUT at this specific moment ones dream to live out of the trance scene seems to me more like an illusion than a possibility.
  10. DETOX

    I am angry

    Dear Nemo ofcourse we need young blood in this scene.Without new people this scene will die sooner or later. And like you wisely said some people should just retire while some others should continue doing their great work and helping this music to evolve and expand. The problem is that newcomers with good ideas are the minority and are getting lost in this endless chaos of bad amateur people trying to achieve their personal goals through this music. For every good new label we got twenty bad labels just spamming the market. For every good new artist we got thirty wannabe artists who just want to be super mega pop stars and will stop nowhere before they achieve that. For every good new dj we got at least fifty self proclaimed djs who want to travel and become world famous so that they can get more fame,money and whatever comes along these two.The same goes for many party organisers. With this analogy there is no balance and every day things are getting worst. So if things continue like this the end will come sooner or later unfortunately.
  11. Well living your dreams is for sure great. Who wouldnt like to be a world famous artist,actor,singer,athlete,a billionaire,whatever. The thing is though that in reality things are very very difficult and when the fridge and your stomach is empty living your dreams is the last thing you care about. When the bills and the rent are left unpaid noone cares if you are living your dream or not,they just care for their money and if you cant pay them they will just make your life more difficult. Saying 'I challenge you to live your dreams' is very easy to say,same goes for global peace,love and respect,fight the system,dont play their game and many other things. Me i say first organise and secure your life and then and only then feel free to fullfill your dreams.
  12. DETOX

    I am angry

    All is falling down since very young,naive,selfish,greedy and arrogant people discovered that its very easy to start a label and release whatever even without paying the artists,very easy to buy two cdjs and pretend to be a DJ playing unreleased mp3s easy found on the net and cheap downloaded using an ADSL line,relatively easy to buy a computer and download some programs and start making 'music' and naming yourself an artist,easy to set up a 'party' and if nothing goes well to just dissapear and dont pay anyone and other various stuff like that. Wherever you look today you see djs and artists,party organisers,label managers,booking and promotion agents and psy trance experts. Every day i wake up and visit psyshop just to discover that another 2-3 new labels were established somewhere in Israel and Russia releasing music from people i have never ever heard of despite the fact that i am listening to this music for something like 6-7 years now. Everyday i see new festivals popping up all around the world with endless artists and djs lists that i dont think have ever played anywhere else before.Same with local parties.You know the usual 'Me and my friends' line up. Everyday i have 4-5 Israeli 'artists' wanting to send me their demos through the net,i mean this country has more artists than the rest of the world has alltogether.When i ask from them to just send me a cd on the label office everybody just dissapears. Everybody is or at least wants to be something in this tiny scene.Thats not bad ofcourse but if you want to be an artist then you better go and study some music or visit an audio engineer school or something and then come back in 3-4 years and shows us what you have learned during this process.Everybody wants to be a party organiser but noone is willing to work for someone else first and learn how things work and operate in parties.Everybody wants to be a dj but very few people own some dj equipment in their house and buy original music so that they can do the work properly,instead everybody knows how to use dj software programs and knows one thousand codes of secret ftps for downloading mp3 music. The funny thing is that very few of these people will actually evolve into something good.They will just be there forever doing their thing and offering nothing to the scene apart ofcourse fucking everything for those who are serious on what they are doing. So there will always be crappy labels selling 300-400 copies with their friends music out there who in fact just prevent serious labels in selling more. There will always be young crappy wannabe artists and djs out there willing to play for free and even pay for their own travel expenses in order to go and play in a festival and see their name printed on a flyer,these people just block bookings of serious artists and djs who ask to be payed for their services. If you want to be a lawyer then you got to study,practice and ofcourse love what you are doing,just the love for it isnt enough,until people in trance understand that things will keep going down the drain every single day.
  13. Mate leave this music business aside and go to a college or university and get a degree and fix your life.You can also work part time in the same time so you can support yourself. This thing called psy trance market is falling down every day and in 4-5 years there will be nothing left,not to say even earlier than that. Dont rely on this kind of music for a future career and way of life,you will unfortunately get very dissapointed in the very near future. This is my humble opinion.
  14. Nacho Satomayor-Remember You featured on Cafe Del Mar Volumen Diez
  15. He is a really great artist indeed,his new stuff is not probably as good and atmospheric as his older works but the guy is still top notch if you ask me. He is a great guy too.
  16. Some of you people are in for a real suprise
  17. Rotorblade by Juno Reactor is Progressive? Sorry but that is as progressive as Queen's-We Are The Champions.
  18. Space Frequency presents a special event in Athens on Saturday 17 June @ LUV Club featuring the greatest names of the trance scene. ALIEN PROJECT DJ Set (TIP World / Israel) Ari Linker,born and raised in Israel,is one of the major players of the trance scene since 1994.After releasing two personal albums as Alien Project on Phonokol Records he then signed on the prestigious TIP World with another two personal albums on his backround plus a collaboration album with Quadra under their Save The Robot project.With a great variety of releases in the best labels of the scene and with consecutive perfomances on the biggest parties in Brazil,Japan and Mexico he is back in Athens for a memorable dj set. DINO PSARAS DJ Set (Vision Quest / UK) Back in 1988 Dino started his dj career with the likes of Carl Cox in small warehouse parties in the south of England playing a wide variety of dance music from house to techno.His career took a sudden change in direction in 1992 after being exposed to trance music,soon he became one of the most famous dj's and producers in the world and today he is a living legend of the trance scene with countless releases on the best labels and live appearences on all major events.At the moment he is working on his new album that will soon get released on the Tokyo based Vision Quest Productions. ION Live Perfomance (Harmonia Records / Greece) John Geragelos is one of the rising stars of the greek trance scene and not only.Signed on Harmonia Records he just released his second personal work Sugar Free which is getting a great feedback from all around the world.This will be the official presentation of his bright new album. This event is supported by Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records. The event will take place at LUV Club located at Ermou 128 Street & Asomaton Square, Athens. Date of the event is Saturday 17 of June and doors will open at 23:30. Extra Sound System,Lights & Laser Show,Visual Projections,Friendly Security,Many Surprises and Happy Vibes. No illegal substances,help us to protect our scene.Management reserves right to refuse admission.Age Limit 18+ Entrance Fee 30 Euro including drink. Have fun people!!!
  19. Yes i believe that Dado is way too optimistic about it,afterall on September the new GBU will be out so like i said i expect the new Transwave at least on December.I mean not only the album is not ready yet but it also needs a big promotion plus to decide where it will get released no? Now about the Best Of (which is going to be just best of cd) i said it will probably have 24 tunes,it might have 20 tracks in it so you dont have to argue concerning the length of the tunes Dado will be in my place in Athens next week so i can give you even more info.
  20. This will probably be a double cd release with 24 tracks on it all newly mastered plus some remixes i guess. The album will be most probably released by the end of the year,its half ready and i doubt it will be ready by September. There are also plans for a Transwave DVD. And also keep in mind that the GBU album named Wanted will also be released soon,i can guarantee you that its a great release with tracks to match every taste and with really phat production.This one will be out in September/October maximum.Its already playing in my cd player for a week now and i still didnt get enough of it,lovely work indeed. Sometimes i think if i should start djing a little hehe.
  21. Euro Trance is not as good and emotional as it used to be some years ago,too many people involved plus some super star attitude from some of the people that created the whole thing 10-15 years ago,same shitty situation like psy trance i guess.The big names of the scene like Tiesto and Oakenfold for example are so busy touring the world that have other people making music for them and all they do is just giving them so advices when they get some time to go into the studio,thats not something secret,just open the booklets of the cds and you will see in each track Tiesto's name along 2-3 other names that are actually the people that make the music for them.Same applies FOR A LOT of people in the euro trance scene today. I really miss the old days when Tiesto,PVD,AVB,BT,Sasha,Digweed,Chicane,Oakenfold and more would spend more time on the studio than touring the globe and making money on ultra super duper commercial events sponsored by big companies. There is still some good music around but the scene got so big that you cant keep track of whats going on anymore,exactly same situation like psy trance. Now playing Airscape-L'Esperanza (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Remix)
  22. DETOX

    V/A - Rewired

    From the moment i received this cd i had this strong feeling that it was going to be something special,although i am not a great tech trance fan once i gave a good look at the cover i knew that this is really serious stuff,the colours,the AMAZING artwork,the tracklist,everything seemed so professional and well placed,even the copying kills your music logo,a tiny and for some unimportant detail,was where it should be giving me a good idea for my own label's future releases. I dont know who the hell DJ PREACH is but Oxygen Enhanced is an AWESOME and MASSIVE track of very high standards that i never expected to hear in a compilation released in the small community and market of psy trance.This is one of the finest tracks i have heard for long time now and is equal to tracks released on worldwide known labels such as Global Underground for example.This is a masterpiece indeed,exactly the kind of music i like,serious and pumping with a high production quality,atmospheric vocals and a hunting melody that never get cheesy.The best beggining this compilation could ever have. NUCLEAR RAMJET are a well known name in the tech trance scene and Down The Wall is a typical good tech trance track with great deep atmosphere throughout and some clever placed french samples.Not as good as some of their older works but still really nice. I never much liked THREE POINT TURN,their live perfomance in a festival in Greece some years ago really ruined the whole party and since then i had a bad opinion about them.Klush Kingdom is a very average track,the kick and bass combination reminded me some of Dado's Synthetic project older work,which is a good point,but apart from that nothing really interesting in this tune.Very average as i mentioned already. Dismembered by the french duet KALI FROGZ is also really average,its not bad but i guess its a track that most people will skip without paying much notice to it. TRIAC are a well known Israeli group following the footsteps of X Dream,Spirallianz and Midimilliz.Although their track is quite short and ends up in an unexpected way it is quite good and for sure better than the french tunes above.I am preety sure that the tech trance freaks will appreciate this one a lot. Track number 6 is a collaboration between TAO AND METALOGIC named Irrational Impulse.Although there are some nice atmospheres on the backround of this track this kind of music is not my cup of tea.Its not bad but its for sure not my style. Although Les 3 Machines is quite repetitive in some parts i really enjoyed it and think that is one of the best works i have heard from AUTHENTIK/Three Point Turn.Powerfull and well crafted this one is really nice and even has more potential in case the guys decide to remix it and make it a little longer. Bp Talk by SPIRALLIANZ is a very good track with some full on elements i dare to say.I really love those sounds in the backround which give a mystic and space touch to the whole tune.Very nice job here,highly recommendable. Next we got the second appearence of TAO in this compilation this time on his own though with the track Pacific Intervention.This is a very good track especially for the summer time,little repetitive in the middle but overall a very nice tune with some dreamy ambience in the backround.Nice one Tao. Fixed by HIDRA is just a good combination of kick and bass with some tiny work in the backround.Clearly a newcomer's track,some future potential here but nothing more than that.Lack of creativity so below average rating. Next tune by TOLTECH is preety noisy for my taste.It was the only tune from the whole cd that i didnt have the patience to listen till the end so i skipped it really fast.Too hardcore for me. Last but not least we got New Normal (Remix) by AXIOMATA,this is a very nice track to close the compilation with,slower than the majority of tunes featured here but of good production quality and deep atmospheres.Yes this is good music indeed and ideal for home listening.Thumbs up! Overall this is a great debut release from DJ Clown and Jester Records,i mean if someone like me who is not much into tech trance really enjoyed this release then i guess that the people who are seriously into this kind of music will be very pleased.The package is great,the tracklist tempting (although i would choose ten tunes instead of twelve especially since at least two of the tunes featured here are fillers and nothing more to say the least) the music is good with well crafted tracks by Nuclear Ramjet,Spirallianz and Triac,two nice suprises by Tao and Axiomata and ofcourse the massive hit Oxygen Enhanced by DJ Preach.The future looks really bright for Jester Records and i can only wish him good luck with his efforts to establish a new label in this chaotic market today,you got my full support mate,you really deserve it. My favorites are 1(!!!),2,5,7,8(!),9,12. Overall Rating 8/10 P.S Pay attention that tracks 11 and 12 are reversed.
  23. Space Frequency presents a special event in Athens on Saturday 10 June @ LUV Club featuring the greatest names of the trance scene. TRISTAN Live Perfomance (Twisted Records / UK) For more than ten years Tristan Cooke is one of the most respected and well known producers in the world.One of the headliners of the legendary Twisted Records and with countless releases in the best labels of the scene such as TIP World,Dragonfly Records and Solstice Music he has performed in the biggest parties and festivals around the planet.His unique music style manages to remain powerfull and groovy at the same time while combining trance and progressive elements with distinctive melodies and well crafted backround themes.Tristan is going to present his upcoming album through a majestic live perfomance not to be missed under any circumstances. WIZZY NOISE Live Perfomance (Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records / Greece) Micky Noise and Uriel,the audio wizards from Thesaloniki,strike back with a massive live perfomance in Athens presenting their upcoming album Sabotage Part II to be released under the joint venture of Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records.The guys are considered the best trance group from Greece and among the top acts on an international level with five personal albums on their backround and countless releases on the most respectable labels of the scene such as Spun Records,3D Vision and Etnicanet.The masters of sound are finally here! DEEDRAH DJ Set (Spun Records / Ibiza) Frederic Holyszewski,also known as Dado,is one of the most innovative and multitalented artists in the electronic music scene today.He has been actively producing music under various names such as Deedrah,Synthetic and Cypher and he also works on more chill out tunes with his Federico Baltimore project.Dado has been a member of the groups Transwave along with Christof and GBU along with Serge and Dimitri that are considered to be two of the best acts ever in the trance scene.During his dj set in Athens he is going to present the already finished and bright new GBU album plus many tracks from the upcoming Transwave masterpiece. MICKY NOISE DJ Set (Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records / Greece) A bonus set by Micky presenting the latest tunes from all around the world plus some unreleased Wizzy Noise remixes on artists such as Sub6,Etnica,Silicon Sound,Juno Reactor and Deedrah. This event is supported by Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records. The event will take place at LUV Club located at Ermou 128 Street & Asomaton Square, Athens Date of the event is Saturday 10 of June and doors will open at 23:30. Extra Sound System,Lights & Laser Show,Visual Projections,Friendly Security,Many Surprises and Happy Vibes. No illegal substances,help us to protect our scene.Management reserves right to refuse admission.Age Limit 18+ Entrance Fee 30 Euro including drink. Have fun people!!!
  24. Gnome you might not like Tiesto but you got to admit that he has offered a lot to the trance scene and that he is very successful on what he does. Now concerning Man With No Name his new album will be out on TIP World and also prepare for some special collaborations with Dino Psaras since Martin moved from his old house to a new one next to Dino. About his live perfomance it includes both old and new tracks.Actually he plays some remixes of his older tracks that are not released anywhere and are specificaly designed for his live perfomances.The last time he was invited in Athens last year the crowd went absolutely crazy with his majestic perfomance.
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