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  1. Trolsk i dont know where are you from mate but in my country Greece if you step inside a party in Athens with a football t shirt from another city and especially Thesaloniki then hell will break loose instantly,same goes with the three big teams in Athens,if someone who supports lets say the green team of Athens (Panathinaikos for those familiar with the sport) enters into a party wearing his team t shirt then some people supporting the red team of Athens (Olympiakos in that case) will start a fight with him.Might sound funny to you but its not funny at all in Greece where people fight every day of the week for football reasons inside and outside stadiums,actually in the last 4-5 days there are fights taking place on a daily basis all around the city between the Olympiakos and Panathinaikos fans and imagine that the game between the two teams is in two months from now LOL.
  2. I dont think so Moni,probably to many people posting nonsense there since not only they werent at this party but also didnt bother to read the posts of some other people who claimed things like "me and my indian friends walked in with no problem" or "XP said that only people with flyers in their hands could enter the party and he asked everyone else to just back off but they still insisted on trying to get inside by pushing people all over".Not to mention about the bad behaviour of Indian people recently in parties in Goa where they think that they can get into parties and bother other people and especially foreign girls which they think are just stupid tourists that came in India to get laid. I seriously doubt that XP said anything like "No Indians allowed in the party" in front of the door because that would probably create a riot in front of the party and at least one person would inform the authorities about it or something like that.People always like to exaggerate things and being a promoter myself for many years now i have experienced similar situations by getting accused that i allow preety girls first into the party rather than boys and not so good looking girls (when the truth was that i just allowed my personal friends and people into the guest list first into the event which i guess is something taking place all around the world) or that i didnt allow entrance to some people because of their haircut and way of dressing or even their nationality and especially people from Albania and some other Balkan countries (when the truth was that i didnt allow these people entrance into the party either because they were junkies or really drunk or because i knew that they created problems into the party by making a lot of fights and annoying the rest of the crowd).I can even recall a case where someome blamed me in public at Isratrance that i didnt allow him entrance into one of my parties because he supported a different football team than me when the truth was that i was trying to explain him for more than 30 minutes in front of the party that i couldnt let him in unless he changed his top outfit because he was wearing a football team t shirt and this could lead into further problems and even a fight inside the club by some people that could get irritated by that. So before blaming XP Voodoo or anyone else of being a racist wait to hear his story and then judge him as you like. Would be interesting though to visit that event in Goa with my good friend Joti and having him rejected at the door by XP while GMS would be playing inside LOL
  3. Martin moved recently to Brighton and he is working for his bright new album that will be released on TIP World probably in the end of this year,well he is a little slow with production you know since he doesnt work like all the israeli kids in the market today LOL Also there is a serious probability that he will form a project along with Dino Psaras or at least produce some tunes together. I guess Richard "Purple" Kegg will fit somewhere too. Ah i can sense great things coming from the Brighton Boys.
  4. Indeed probably the best Space Cat track ever and not only,one of my very favorite tunes ever too. Some suggestions for you Profane if you liked that tune,not very same style but same amazing morning feeling and melodies. 1)Purple And Lunar-Subtle Thrust 2)Future Prophecy-Indra Remix 3)Power Source-Goaway 2002 Remix 4)Green House Effect-Global Warming album on Hommega Productions 5)Space Cat-Power Up original version and its remix by Oforia. 6)Pink Floyd-Enter The Machine (Oforia Remix) well you cant find this one especially in a good quality so message me or find me on MSN to share this little gem with you straight from the source. 7)Blue Planet Corporation-Blue Planet album.
  5. Amazing track indeed,you will appreciate Purple And Lunar-Subtle Thrust if you enjoyed this one,also i can recommend A.I-Whats My Style from Spun's compilation Genetic Process Part Dose,Synthetic-Beat Machine and Saikopod-Sashitarian from Solstice compilation and last but not least a little faster tune Wizzy Noise Versus Joti And Paul Taylor-Headhunter from Tweakers compilation.
  6. Dark Side Of The Moog is indeed a special release.
  7. The problem is not when but where. And since the answer to where is Twisted then when is simply undefined. Simple algebra guys LOL
  8. Please dont ever mention Namlook and Schnauss again on this forum. We are simply not worthy to speak about them. Lets open a couple more Skazi threads to have something to speak about.
  9. Except the fact that many people on this list are not djs,or at least perform as djs very rarely so i doubt so many people have heared them doing that so that they voted them into the 100 best djs in the world, its easy to notice that this list has been heavily spammed on purpose by the artists themselves and their friends and even more ofcourse by the managers of the artists whose job is to promote their people the best they can. For those unfamilliar with the voting system in this poll i can only say to you that i know a manager who has hired at least one person whose job for the last two months was to create various mail accounts and visit various internet cafes in order to vote two specific artists who are featured in this list for the last two years.I guess many other managers follow this tactic because spending couple of thousand of euros for getting into this list bring back much more than any other kind of promotion. And by the way who the fuck is DJ Offer Nissim who is among the best 25 djs in the world???
  10. A good release featuring well known names by an established label sells around 2000 copies with a lot of effort into a period of time of around one year,a really good release could climb up to 2500 copies.Same goes with albums which if they are really good might sell up to 2500-3000 if promotion is done right and luck is on your side. Most average releases in our days dont sell more than 800 copies and the rest of smaller labels and mostly the so called dark psy labels sell no more than 400-500 copies which just keeps them running. By the way Kristian i doubt Iboga is happy by selling 1500-2000 copies,i mean i sell this number of copies and i am not happy about it not to mention that i consider Iboga as a bigger and much more well known label than mine. All the numbers you mentioned about Infected Mushroom,Skazi,Hallucinogen,Astrix and i dont know who else are just small exceptions in the psy trance market.I seriously doubt that there are more than 10 artists who sell more than 4000-5000 copies of their releases.
  11. New Order says Hommega,New Grounds adds Detox because this is really something totally new for the leading israeli label. On this bright new compilation Ace Ventura an ex member of the Psysex project and part of the Hommega familly almost since its beggining presents us a delicate choice of progressive/club trance featuring some of the hottest names of both the progressive and full on scene such as Vibrasphere,D Nox and Beckers,Freq,Astrix and Wrecked Machines. Astrix opens this compilation with a nice tune although i expected something more groovy and melodic from Avi like his very early works when entering the psy trance scene.This is a nice opener but nothing more than that. Freq follows next with a great track with memorable melodies destined to be a great hit especially in the morning hours.Very good track by Aran Gallagher. Earsugar also featured in this compilation with a more deep and atmospheric tune,i enjoy this kind of music a lot because its very danceable without being really fast or cheesy.Great work here guys. Then follows the Digital Structures heavy artillery with Vibrasphere and Ticon providing us with two memorable tunes.Thermal Twist by Vibrasphere is another classic track by the Swedish boys following their usual pattern of music production while the remix on X Noize by Ticon is an electro clubby tune much resembling to some of the latest Dino Psaras works for those who know what i am talking about,i very much enjoyed the second half of this track and is for sure one of my favorites on the disc. Track number 6 is a collaboration between Ace Ventura and Intelabeam and i got to admit that for me this is the weakest tune on the compilation,actually the only track that i didnt like from the whole compilation.I dont know how to say it but this one sounds too israeli to me and it seems to weak next to the rest tracks featured on this cd. Not much to say about the next two tracks,Emok and NDSA did a great job with Harbour Candy although the vocal sample is a little cheesy on couple of parts of the track,D Nox and Beckers who have to be one of the most famous and successfull collaboration projects ever in our small scene (and not only) deliver us another stomping hit,i really love the sounds in the backround,well crafted track although little repetitive in the end. Last but not least an interesting track by Wrecked Machines and V.O.R,a fine choice for closing this compilation nice and smoothly.Preety danceable track with some very good backround melodies especially in the outro of the track. Overall this is a great and most of all innovative move for Hommega Productions who finally decided to explore some new sounds and artists beside the usual israeli full on formula,better late than never i say. I also enjoy the cover of this compilation which is obviously a sarcastic one so please keep your feminist comments aside.By the way anyone knows where i can find such a lady for my house too?Eyal any ideas mate? Like i said in my review i enjoyed every tune featured here apart the Ace Ventura And Intelabeam one and i suggest this compilation to everyone who enjoys some progressive and club trance sounds in his soundsystem. My rating 8/10 and congratulations again to Hommega Productions for this new effort,keep up the good work and come up again with some new projects in the near future Eyal,how about a chill out/downtempo compilation for next year?
  12. If we are talking only about online shops that sell cds meaning that digital shops are out of the question then i can say that Psyshop and Saikosounds together must own more than 70% of the market. I mean when Saikosounds and Psyshop purchase 100 cds from one title the other stores get something like 4-5 copies maximum. By the way isnt tranceshop/psysale closed yet?
  13. This is the best news i have heard in the last two years. All the best of luck to both Nano and Tristan.
  14. Well he knows that but he really wants to release more albums and become rich and famous and noone else apart Spliff was willing to release his music. And we wonder why the serious labels and shops close and why the sales are falling down every day...
  15. DETOX


    From what i believe and know you represent (unfortunately or not) the minority of todays psy trance listeners. When i said that there is no good psy trance released today i obviously meant that the percentage of good cds released in our days is not only much lower than that of previous years but also too small if you take into consideration the fact that every month we got more than 70 releases but just 4-5 of them can be considered as good music.The pioneers of this music style lost their magic touch and interest into psy trance and the newcomers are more concerned about bookings,money and fame than making good music. Oh by the way there are no money to be made through psy trance by just operating a trance label.Like i have said in the past the fastest way to become a millionaire is to be a billionaire and then open a trance label Thank God that Bjork,Jamiroquai and Depeche Mode are still into the music industry hehe.
  16. DETOX


    You would be suprised to know that 90% of people dealing with psy trance as listeners,artists,dj's or whatever rarely listen to psy trance in their everyday life and in their house. Psy trance is a style of music designed for partying mostly so people listen to other kinds of music when they are on their own. There is no good psy trance being released in our days anyway.
  17. Thanks for the kind words. Here is the cover and promotional text. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/exp/exp1cd006.html
  18. Yeah and as a manager i own them all LOL Guys this is a very very serious album thats all i can say,for me this is one of the most mature releases in the last 2-3 years.
  19. Label : Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records Artist : Wizzy Noise Title : Sabotage Part 2 Type : Album Format : Digipack CD Catalog : EXPOHARM03 Release: September 2006 After another year of great success with live perfomances all around the world,releases on the best labels of the scene and countless hours of hard work in their studio,Wizzy Noise,the audio wizards from Greece,make their dynamic comeback with their bright new album Sabotage Part II that finds them more mature and innovative than ever before. Sabotage Part II includes ten bright new and exclusive tracks featuring a massive tune produced along with the trance master John 00 Fleming,a unique album remix to the legendary Africa track by Synthetic and an amazing collaboration with the famous vocalist Michelle Adamson from UK. Each tune featured on the album is characterised by the unique and addictive Wizzy Noise sound which could be described as a blend of full on and tech trance music filled with playful morning melodies and electro elements in the backround that will wake up all of your senses, twist your brain and overflow your heart and soul with a flaming passion.All tracks are produced by Micky Noise and Uriel in the Wizzy Sonic Zone studio ensuring top notch production quality and have been tested on the biggest dancefloors of the globe with huge success meaning that like their last album Sabotage Part II is also destined to become a worldwide hit upon its release time in September. Are you ready for a Harmonic Exposure? Album Tracklist 01. Unsynced 02. Endelehia (featuring John 00 Fleming) 03. Sisters Of Darkness 04. Ultra Magnetic 05. Oceanica 06. Origami 07. Sabotage II (featuring Michele Adamson) 08. Detuned Swarm 09. Monofonik Bonus Track : Africa (Wizzy Noise remix on Synthetic) All tracks written and produced by Micky Noise and Uriel @ Wizzy Sonic Zone Studio, Greece. Mastering by L.Henry Sarmiento II @ Sonic Vista Studios , Ibiza. Cover design by Micky Noise. Model on cover Rossana. Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP, for more information please visit www.zma-distribution.com or mail sales@zmarecords.com For further info visit www.exposure-productions.net and www.harmonia-records.com or the official Wizzy Noise website www.wizzy-noise.gr
  20. All i know is that Cyberia said something,i asked him something on what he said and although he promised an answer he and his friends dissapeared from this site. I dont see any superiority from my side,i see though people trying to avoid some questions (for which they claimed the had the answers) and willing for this topic to dissapear,but ofcourse you just brought this matter back to life,unfortunately for them... So your guess dear Agneton is not right,better luck next time mate.
  21. I dont have any idea on music production but i will tell you what artists like Wizzy Noise,Deedrah,Astral Projection,Total Eclipse and many more have told me about it when i asked them. So according to all these guys Logic is the best music software program in the market so they all use a Mac when producing music and they all suggest it to everyone who seriously wants to get involved with music production. From what they showed me it seems to me that they are absolutely right. I guess though that the most important is to have some music knowledge,talent and patience,if you got all these then the computer shouldnt matter a lot.
  22. Well if you want it darker and more evil i suggest to stop listening to psy trance and experimenting in other kinds of music such as Death and Thrash Metal or something like that.
  23. Cyberia where are you mate? Still waiting some answers from you.
  24. Yeah and if you also blame illegal cd copying then you are the Antichrist. Whatever you say Marx....oh sorry i meant Deepdrone.
  25. Rez many people lie about small things concerning music,concerning having this album,this track,being there,done that,you know just small harmless lies.
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