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  1. Rezwalker i can guarantee you that your friends are lying big time when they say that they have this album for more than a year now When Etnica were in Athens in December for a party of mine and when the album was signed back then from Harmonia Records just 3-4 tracks were ready and imagine that this was just 8 months ago. By the way the reason of delay is that one or two tracks are not yet fully ready (plus not mastered yet) and also the distribution of Harmonia Records asked them to delay the release a little bit because before the Pleiadians album the new Wizzy Noise album will be released on which Harmonia Records is also involved along with my label Exposure Productions.
  2. Rezwalker the reason why the sales are so low in our days is offtopic in this thread plus i have discussed them many times in the past in various others threads. More or less we all know anyway why people dont buy cds anymore,little bit of internet downloading,little bit of lack of money,little bit of bad music flooding the market,little bit of too many labels around and lack of demand...
  3. DETOX


    You obviously belong to the other half of the planet that got rejected.
  4. A)The new Transwave album is not out yet so hold your horses and lets wait for it to get released and then we can all judge it accordingly. B)Oldschool music is OLD as its name reveals so dont try to find it in new releases.Trying to discover a new Phototropic album in the upcoming Transwave release or trying to connect Panic In Paradise by X Dream with their latest album or comparing the latest MFG album with their Prophecy album WONT LEAD YOU ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE.People change and so does music,sometimes evolution is good and sometimes not,unfortunately with psy trance the evolution is not so good musicwise at least. C)Forget about cd sales,you cant even imagine on what a crisis the psy trance scene is at the moment,and everyday,and i mean EVERYDAY,the situation gets worst and worst. D)Dont pay much attention to internet polls,they rarely reflect the situation in the real world.Suntrip (with all the respect) was voted as the best label in this forum but this has to do more with the fact that its owners are also the people who run this site (so they got a lot of friends here) rather with any objective criteria.Chemical Crew almost received no votes in last years Isratrance poll but they are one of the top 5 selling labels out there and although the internet community snubs them there are people out there who worship the label and its artists as gods.I mean Skazi is the joke of the day in every forum out there but he is one of the best selling artists worldwide in the psy trance scene,same with many other artists. E)There is absolutely magnificent music out there for every person and for every taste,it just awaits to be discovered.Dont focus just on psy trance and its sub genres,try to experiment a little and trust me you will discover a whole new world of great music that will satisfy your need for good music.Use sites like Discogs and a simple search engine like Google,one link will lead you to another and in very short time you will have endless material for listening in your hands.
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    Actually half the planet "released" a track there LOL
  6. Well dear Cyberia you made a point actually and i am trying to show you that your way of thinking is wrong.I can name an apple as a tomatoe but this doesnt make it a vegetable you know,the same way some people decided to call this kind of music as uplifting trance but i doubt that if you tell this name to someone living in Usa or Japan or Brazil or England he will tell you that uplifting trance is the kind of music that you and your friends are listening,he will more probably think that you talking about trance made by the likes of Tiesto or Paul Van Dyk or Armin Van Buuren and he will be preety right actually. http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.html Check out this site by the way,do you see the music that you refer to as uplifting trance mentioned anywhere?I tried to find it but i couldnt.If you can provide any other site like this then i am willing to check it out and see what it has to say. Sorry mate but just like Nitzhonot was a bad copy of goa trance the same way what you call as uplifting trance is a bad copy combination of Nitzhonot,Goa,Psychedelic Trance and Dutch Trance featuring low production quality and non existent musical ideas.Take a kick,a bass and some happy melody and there you got it "uplifting trance". Anyway still waiting for your answers.
  7. Interesting point dear Cyberia,i will grab this opportunity that you give to me to ask you something though. Do you know from where this name comes from?I mean you know who named this kind of music as Uplifting Trance?Why this name was chosen?Do you even know who imported this kind of music to Athens? You claim that you were in this scene since the very beggining of it so like Socrates i will pretend that i dont know nothing and ask you in public to provide me some info about your beloved music. So lets see what you really know and lets see how true you statement 'Uplifting Trance is a genre of Trance as its name can reveal' really is. Refresh your memory,ask your friends and enlighten us
  8. Cyberia i went to the site you told me,i expected to see a videos list or something but all i found was one or two clips from some parties that took place in Athens more than a year ago.By the way how many uplifting parties take place even in Athens the last years?One,two even three a year?And how many people go to them?100?200?Sorry mate but i can make a bigger party in my home with my brother as a dj and my mother serving hot and cold sandwiches. By the way interesting to see how you call me (and Rezwalker) on that site,thanks for the 'kind words'.And i dont even mention that kid who speaks about this forum and its users (including me) with the worst words possible,his words and way of thinking (creating 30 different accounts to spam this forum? LOL) show clearly his very young age and immaturity so i wont even bother with him. I just hope that your level of music production (even without a single synth or even studio monitors as i noticed in another topic where you posted pictures of your 'home studios') is better than the level of the users and their language in that forum.
  9. This scene has more serious problems to deal with at the moment and i seriously doubt if many people out there care if the artists perform live or live,live or live,live,live.
  10. Label : Exposure Productions Artist : Prosper Title : When The City Sleeps Type : Album Format : CD (Jewell Case) Catalog : EXPOCD004 Release: End Of August 2006 Prosper is Nikola Vujnovic from Serbia. Born and raised in Belgrade he is one of the most well known producers and party organisers in his country with live perfomances in all major clubs and festivals of the nation including the worldwide famous Exit Festival. With his debut album released under ZMA Records and with various compilation tracks on labels such as Etnicanet,Turbo Trance Records,Yellow Sunshine Explosion,Starsound and Heart Of Trance he decided to change his style and move to the Greek based Exposure Productions for the release of his second personal album named When The City Sleeps that signifies a major step forward for his career. His new style is a mix of psychedelic and progressive trance with a lot of electro influences and with a top notch production quality ready to satisfy even the most demantive listener. We hope that you will enjoy this great album! Album Tracklist 01.When The City Sleeps 02.Neuroscience 03.Europe 04.Overstar (album edition) 05.Synthetic People 06.Stereolise 07.City Lights 08.Friend Of The Night 09.Massive 10.Wide Worlds All tracks written and produced by Nikola Vujnovic @ Skylab 5 Studio, Belgrade, Serbia. Vocals in Wide Worlds by Iva Kuzmanovic. Mastering by Odeon Studio @ Athens, Greece. Cover design by killeRRabbit. Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP, for more information please visit www.zma-distribution.com or mail sales@zmarecords.com More information soon on Exposure Productions official website www.exposure-productions.net that will be launched by the end of the month.
  11. Cyberia everybody stopped for his own reasons.Party promoters dealing with this kind of music stopped because they had problems with the police and the club owners also didnt want to host such events (same thing with todays psy trance),the producers stopped making this kind of music because apart fun it didnt offer them anything else for their future since this was a really underground scene with no money or fame or progress at all,the labels stopped releasing because the people wouldnt buy this kind of music anymore,the young people grew up and discovered new things and in general people and times changed,what happened with uplifting in Athens happened also with Hard Dance in UK,happened also in the Netherlands with Happy Hardcore and even happening today to many countries with psychedelic trance.Things change and you must accept that and move on,memories are a nice thing but they are past and you really should move on to something more constructive. And just to let you know the reason i personally moved away from this kind of music is not the lack of fame or money ofcourse,i didnt and still dont need the money from music and concerning fame well like i already said i was involved in a lot of tracks back then but not even once i asked anyone to put my name on any credits on any cd,i guess that if i wanted to be famous my name would be all over the place and i would also accept to dj on various parties at which i was asked to do so,i guess i am too shy for all this shit and prefer to stay and work in the backround with my friends.SO THE ONE AND ONLY REASON I MOVED AWAY FROM THIS MUSIC IS PROGRESS.I woke up one day and discovered that this music couldnt keep my interest high,uplifting hadnt anything new to offer me and i also didnt have anything new to offer to it,on the other side though i discovered new kinds of music like psy trance,progressive trance,ambient,lounge,chill out and even pop music that sounded amazing to my ears and created new feelings inside me,a whole new world was out there for me to discover with more quality,more variety and more things to do with it,just like someone who drives a Fiat is very happy when he can drive an Audi me i was very happy to move from one kind of music to another one which could offer me and to which i could also offer a lot more. I call it progress,some people call it evolution,some others maturity,no matter how you call it its a great situation/feeling and i advice you to pursue it too. Let the dead rest and spend more time with the living around you
  12. Electric Universe amazing album Unify is anything but full on.
  13. DETOX


    Now playing Sesto Sento-Cookie Stealer (GMS Remix) LOLOLOL
  14. Dear Cyberia you dont know me simply because you werent present when this kind of music was blooming even though you claim that you were into this kind of music when the first releases came out.Probably you were very very young back then when there were 2000 people at parties at Baterry,Lobby,U Matic and Amnesia,you were very very young when i was one of the persons importing this kind of music from Israel and exchanging minidiscs with the artists there,you were very young when i was signing young producers to Discobole,you were very young when me,Star Children,Qsys,Cyan,Space Odyssey,Lunacy,Dementia,Psydition and many more were gathering on a weekly basis on their home studios and they were asking me how to proceed with this track,how to name it and whether it was good for playing it to the people or not something that they do even today that they moved to other styles of music,you were very young when i was booking foreign artists to Athens,you were very young when i was the first person that Goldenfinger wanted to see when he was coming to Athens,you were very young when i was helping the radio programs that were playing this kind of music on air and everybody was thanking me about it,you were just very young mate,you and all the people that think that this music is still alive and they spend time with it.You will be really suprised to know that i was involved in many of the tunes that you have listened and danced in the past years and you will be even more suprised to know what a laugh we were having when we were making these tunes with the music itself. Do you know any of the artists that i mentioned in personally?If you do go and ask them who am i and whether i have helped this music or not.And by the way since when Star Children are still in the game?The guys are so busy with their everyday life that havent produced any kind of music for more than a year.Are you saying things out of your imagination mate?Not to mention that they havent produced an uplifting tune for 2-3 years now.And Darma are still making this kind of music?I am really suprised if they still do. All of the people who created this scene are away from it for many many years now,the only ones left are young people who discovered this kind of music when it was already dead musicwise and partywise.Do you see any parties happening in Athens or anywhere else?Do you see any releases apart one or two per year?I mean what exactly do you see that makes you think that this music is still alive? And you asked me why i stopped being involved with this kind of music?Well i grew up (even though i havent been to the army,funny you mentioned that to another user by the way,i didnt know that you grow up when you go to the army),so i grew up and got involved with more mature and serious kinds of music and then i grew up even more and moved to other kinds of music too and soon i will grow up again and move to something different that will satisfy my need for real music. Maybe its about time you grow up too my friend.
  15. Dear Cyberia i dont know who you are or your age or where you live or whatever but i can assure you that uplifting trance is tottally DEAD.And trust me these words come from a person who loved this kind of music,knew it and helped it like very few others when it was blooming in Athens from 1998 to 2001 mainly,i am not saying to you that this music is dead because i dont like it or i hate it or because i have a personal problem with you,i am saying to you that it is dead because i know very good of what i am talking about.Anyway if you were involved in the scene back in its early years you would know who i am and my role in the Athens scene and you wouldnt tell me such things as 'vgazeis poli holi' in public.Anyway your ignorance is forgiven since i guess you are very young in this kind of music. And by the way in another post you mentioned some releases that came after 2002,you probably know that from the only three labels worldwide that released such music during 2002-2006 (all of them Greek by the way and based in Athens) one of them Sunrain closed without even paying any of the artists featured in their compilations (i know that since my closest friend Psydition never received any money from that label for his tracks),the other label Unicorn Music run by Mendark is today releasing anything else apart from uplifting trance including ambient and chill out music,progressive and even psychedelic trance with the same artists that used to produce uplifting trance in the past i dont know if they might release something in the future but they seem really inactive on the uplifting thing to me,so in fact there is just one label all around the world still interested in this kind of music which is DR (a label held by an Athens record store named Discobole for those that cant understand what i am talking about) that is releasing no more than 2 cds a year of this kind of music with distribution just in Greece and mainly in Athens ofcourse.If a music with just one or two labels releasing it in just one country (not to say city) is considered as active then i guess that psychedelic trance that has 300 labels and hundreds of artists and thousands of fans in almost every country on the planet must be considered as the dominating music on this world right? And last but not least,you mentioned something for a scene (even a small one) in Thesaloniki dealing with uplifting music,can you tell me even one uplifting party that took place in Thesaloniki in the last 6 years?Or maybe you know any producers of this kind of music from the city of Thesaloniki?Or maybe any record shops that deal with this kind of music?Uplifting was only famous in Athens,it never ever developed in Thesaloniki or any other greek city. Going to enjoy my ice cream now...
  16. DETOX

    Tristan - Substance

    In this album Tristan tried to explore new music grounds without any success if you ask me and thats why we never heard anything like that from him again since the release of this album back in December 2002. Although the album starts really nicely with two good tracks like Let Go and Fantasy Eyeland the rest of the tracks,apart the last track Sapphire Eyes which is an excellent lounge tune,are below average club music tunes. The production quality is good but the music is meaningless to say the least. I hope in the future though that Tristan will experiment a little more with lounge music because Sapphire Eyes is a true gem indeed and would like to hear some more from that. So my favorite tunes are 9,1 and 3 in this order of preference but this is a below average album as i stated before. We are in 2006 now and Tristan is back to his psy trance roots so would be really interesting to listen an upcoming album soon,i mean its already 4 years since the Substance release.
  17. Nitzhonot is dead for more than 4 years now in both Israel and Greece where it used to be famous.Today just a bunch of kids (with the full meaning of the expression) is involved with it in Greece but we are not talking for more than 100-200 people. The israeli stuff was good and closer to goa trance i guess but when the Greeks got involved then the whole thing got ridiculus with all those cheesy melodies,funny samples and amateur production skills.We had couple of good greek producers like Cyan for example but the majority was kids who wanted to become famous in a night and show off to their friends. Early stuff from people like Holymen,Astrix,Luminus,Destination and Zotrax were great tracks indeed and became very famous in many countries around the world with Israel and Greece being the Nitzhonot capitals of the world. Anyway this style of music is long gone and i guess it will not be missed to many people,i had loads of fun with it around 1998-1999 but today listening to this music makes me laugh,i mean you really got to listen how they used the kick and bass back in those times heh.
  18. I think you are mistaking me with the user Planet Ben who also happens to be one of the distributors of this album heh.
  19. Rezwalker i didnt mention the term Full On anywhere in my posts in this topic and ofcourse i never mentioned that Full On is the evolution of Psychedelic Trance and ofcourse i didnt compared the amazing albums that you mentioned with the new works of the very same producers. What i am trying to say here is that Goa Trance is dead (either we like it or not) not that Goa Trance moved to another level either this is named Full On or Progressive or Dark Psy or whatever. So please dont put such words in my mouth because i never said such things. Goa Trance is dead like Happy Hardcore is also dead today,YES they were really famous and popular some years ago BUT today very very few people are still interested in them so they are really dead if you ask me. I miss Heliotrope by Transwave maybe even more than you but there is nothing i can do about it mate.
  20. Kasol as someone already mentioned earlier in this forum has some Goa elements in his new album but i doubt that his music can be characterised as such.I mean tracks like White Magic sound really oldschool but the majority of his album is a mix of many styles. Filteria is trying to do Goa indeed but his latest album is like remixing the same track all the time and the whole project sounds like a Pleiadians rip off.Nice try but not enough i guess. Trold's music i wouldnt like to comment but all i can say is that this music is not goa trance for sure not to mention that the guy hasnt even released an album yet if i am not mistaken not to mention that his released tracks can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Even if all the people that you mentioned were pure goa trance producers we got to admit that 10-15 people who produce this kind of music (or at least try which reflects more to reality) cannot bring back a dead music style.People dont listen to goa trance anymore (apart from the old releases in their home ofcourse),people dont produce goa trance,parties dont play goa trance and the whole thing is dead either you like it or not.Fortunately or unfortunately this kind of music isnt supported any more by enough people. People can pretend to produce or release goa trance music but i am in the sad position to inform you that Astral Projection,Transwave,Pleiadians,Chakra,Power Source,MFG,California Sunshine,Electric Universe,Man With No Name,Mystica and their friends have left the building long time ago. I miss goa trance too but times change and so do people and so does music.
  22. This Crown Music guy had done more than 35 sales if i remember correctly so he is doing fine if you ask me.
  23. This is really serious and trippy psychedelic trance music. The production quality is top notch. The style is original. The music is danceable and atmospheric ideal for both clubs and home listening. Orion is and will always be one of my favorite producers and artists out there.He is low profile and an amazing character,one of the true pioneers of this scene. On this album you wont find any hits or any classic tracks but you will find great music and you can listen to the whole cd nonstop without any skips. For me this is a great release and i like every single tune in here,one of my favorite releases from last year. 9/10 for this serious album. Keep it up mate.
  24. Dear Pavel its not a matter of stupidity we are dealing with here. The Beatport guys saw that people rarely buy whole albums from their website but just single tracks so thats why they raised their prices.Like i said still its cheaper to buy some wavs from Beatport for free than buying the whole album just for 2-3 tunes. Although many people including you find these new prices stupid for some others (and they are many trust me) although the prices are indeed expensive they still suit them better than buying the original thing. So Beatport will loose some customers but will cover up by those higher prices and even make a bigger profit now. Welcome to new millenium management P.S The whole world as we know it today is developed and constructed by smarter people who are taking advantage of the human stupidity of the masses out there so dont be suprised about anything.
  25. If Beatport changed its prices then sooner or later all the major shops will do the same,just a question of time i guess. And trust me these guys up there are not stupid at all for changing their prices higher. They are aware that most people download albums first for free into mp3 format and then buy just the tunes that they like from sites like Beatport so for someone who likes lets say 2 tracks from an album its still cheaper to get them from Beatport than buying the whole cd in original. YES they will loose a percentage of their customers BUT they will still make more profit under their new prices,all has been calculated and examined before going into effect my dear ones
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