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    Wizzy Noise.

    Its a 3/4 track and trust me you are going to love it
  2. DETOX

    Wizzy Noise.

    Ok as the person who is going to release their next double album and cd single i can inform you that Wizzy Noise are setting new standards in psy trance music. Their new style is a fussion of electro-punk-trance therefore the name of their upcoming cd single is Punkocity. If you enjoyed Opus Drive on Digital Performers and 10 O Clock on Butterfly Effect compilations then you are going to be amazed. Just to prepare you a little i can inform you that on the cd single there will be a track named Over Voltage that is 170bpm hehe The release date of the cd single is end of February-beggining of March.The release date of the first part of their album is end of April-beggining of May and the release date of the second chapter of their album is beggining of September. Just be patient my friends
  3. DETOX

    Wizzy Noise.

    Just wait for their next double album and cd single. Just wait and be patient
  4. Isratrance was,is and will be the best psy trance forum on the net and probably the biggest source of information for psy trance music. Now about young people and hard moderation well if you like seeing posts like Skazi Must Die and people insulting each other then ok i give up.... P.S I am no Israeli or American Jew LOLOLOL
  5. E.P when you meet up with Brian and start producing music together again just give me a call
  6. Never joking always working... Just keep an eye on our future releases
  7. Tracks like Bliss and Jamiroquai are just legendary,Oakenfold is no fool for choosing Bliss in his New York double compilation on Global Underground as the opening track. Also tunes like Ashes To Ashes,Orient Express and 5AM are just great. China has one of the best intros ever by the way. Too bad they dont make music anymore.
  8. Dont know whether you like his music or not but he called me today from Tokyo and he has a new label called Sigma Records with some serious psy trance stuff coming. The first compilation is made by him and Chicago (yeah the guy from 1200 Mics) and has a killer Wizzy Noise tune inside named Epocwave plus some other blaster tunes. More news soon
  9. The compilation is out and you can find it on all internet shops. Thanks for your support
  10. Thanks for the support Seraph. Gnome what seems to be the problem mate?
  11. Power Source-Mission Control (Full Unmixed Version) that was never released.This track was only released in a mixed version in a compilation by Hommega Productions named The Clubber Volume 1 and was included as a bonus track on the second mixed cd of the compilation.Probably the last tune ever produced by Power Source. Yahel-Intelligent Life (2002 Remix) that was also never released.The original tune was a great hit all over the world and Yahel did an even faster and more melodic remix to this great tune that unfortunately never appeared anywhere.A great loss to this world me thinks. Electric Universe-Morning Star (Original Version) One of the best tracks ever by Borris Blenn that unfortunately was never released in its original version.This track is included on Electric Universe's latest album but on a remixed version that is levels below the original version.This is a massive one. I could go on with this list for ever but as you can understand artists produce many tunes that never get released (and some of them are very good but for some strange reason are never signed anywhere) so there are plenty of very rare tracks out there mostly between the artists themselves and the labels that they work with. P.S Tracks that people downloaded from the internet,even unreleased ones,are not considered rare,at least for me.
  12. Hello there people! Here is the latest update on Exposure Productions second compilation named DIGITAL PERFORMERS that you all have been waiting for so patiently till now. The compilation features 10 EXCLUSIVE and PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tunes from the finest artists of the psychedelic trance scene.Here comes the mind blowing tracklist. Exposure Productions-Digital Performers 01.Altom - All Of That 140BPM Written & Produced by Alexis Cornet and Thomas Dubreuil @ Altom Studio,Paris,France.Copyright Control. 02.Orion - Speaker Speaker 145BPM Written & Produced by Jean Borelli @ Pots And Pans Studio,Kopenhagen,Denmark.Copyright Control. 03.Wizzy Noise - Opus Drive 142BPM Written & Produced by Micky Noise and Uriel @ Wizzy Sonic Zone,Thesaloniki,Greece.Copyright Control. 04.Logic Bomb - Deuchland 145BPM Written & Produced by Johan Krafft and Jonas Pettersson @ Twenty Studio,Orebro,Sweden.Copyright Control. 05.Dino Psaras Versus Deedrah - Hellraiser 145BPM Written & Produced by Dino and Dado @ Synthetic Studio,Ibiza,Spain.Copyright Control. 06.Astrix - Oranda 142BPM Written & Produced by Avi Shmailov @ Astrix Studio,Tel Aviv,Israel.Copyright Control. 07.Silicon Sound - Passengers 145BPM Written & Produced by Johannes Regnier @ Silicon Sound Studio,Paris,France.Additional Production by Yannis Kamarinos also known as Jaia.Copyright Control. 08.Alien Project - Alien Technology 145BPM Written & Produced by Ari Linker @ The Alien Project Studio,Tel Aviv,Israel.Copyright Control. 09.Space Cat - H2O 145BPM Written & Produced by Avi Algranati @ Space Cat Studio,Tel Aviv,Israel.Copyright Control. 10.Synthetic - Mind Splinter 140BPM Written & Produced by Dado @ Synthetic Studio,Ibiza,Spain.Copyright Control. Compiled by DETOX Mastering by Avi Algranati at Space Cat Studio. Artwork by Micky from Wizzy Noise. Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP,for more info please mail sales@zmarecords.com The site of Exposure Productions www.exposure-productions.net will be ready by the end of the month and the next release of the label is scheudled for February 2005 so if any artists would like to send us demos of their work and collaborate with us then they are more than welcome to do so. Ready to get Exposed?
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