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  1. While you're checking out Kruger and Coyle, also check out SBK (sebastains krugers individual project) and the Avalanche of Sound compilations put out Avalanche Records (seb krugers label). There are some great prog tracks on those comps. cheers
  2. For me psy is the shortening of psychedelic always... its just too long to say psychedelic trance so out of laziness it has been shortened to psytrance. Yet as a description of a picture etc we tend to use the longer version imo and experience. Maybe we use the word psychedelic to describe music that i most complimentary to hallucinatory states of being. Just a thought. I also agree with OD and Rain... how can one know that one is having a psychedelic experience sans drugs when one has never taken the drug that coined the term in the first place ?
  3. That happens to be smack bang in the middle of my favourite few years of music so....... yep i do want the farting a sink banging thank-you-very-much! I dont think I have much hope in getting complete discographies of my faves but am attempting.... (keeping in mind the journey is the fun part...).... Posford Infected Mushroom Juno Reactor Chi-A.D. ..... after a recent discovery of this fuckin great music! Atmos
  4. Lucky you.... for me- one CD = 1 hour work... still not bad i guess in the grand scheme of things. Still i do do need and want time to get to know the music i own.
  5. Hmmm... I have had momments of feeling like i am tripping when there is no reason too, but like with OD it's like a bonus.... weeeee wooooo fun!!! And its always been almost a sense of dejavu that lasts for a couple of minuters or so at the most. Mind you its not been very often, nor in any way a negative thing. Just a bit distracting. Off topic.... sometime listening to psy will trigger this kind of experience... but then its more of a habitual mind state experience i think... almost in the same way a smell will trigger a memory.
  6. What I love about this album is that Prometheus is not afraid to take his time in drawing you into the music... he really has a confidence that its not just big phat n furious beats that will get someone going. While it is quite haunting, the tracks are also uplifting for me... emotionally rich on various levels depending on my mood. Its one that definately grows on you I think. As for taking some time to let it grow on you, that happens to me all the time, especially when I come at some music with an expectation.
  7. OBSESSION I cant get enough time together to do this myself... but i can see how people do. I spent a good hour (over the course of the day) with one track just listening for the way the music is structured, progresses, feels and changes... he he i can get a bit obsessed with the smallest details sometimes!! If i had more time i think i could get the feel of a good number of albums in a short time alright. But i gotta work too much at the momment boooo
  8. WOW Pathfinder is fucking amazing... nevermind repetitive... this seems the perfect kind of track to trance out too... am listening to it now and am feeling transported. Weird that I have never heard it before Where have I been hiding? Just put the album on order! Well on my wishlist anyhows! Thanks!
  9. That is a nice track.... tikal- Breath rmx. Will keep checking back on peoples suggestions for similar as I like that style.
  10. Wish I lived closer than the colonies Eat Static were here late last year and they rocked! Have a great time!
  11. Thanks and right on! Thats why i'm buying it.... and yeah people do whine a bit about not enough music compilastions suiting their taste... ah well. Nah i dont mind i dont think... he didnt run, but took the time to appologise after cooling down. We all have a hissy fit every now and again! I for one think another chance is an great idea.
  12. LOL what a KERFUCKINFUFFLE!!! I, for one, am buying the tsunami cd... i love some of the artists, and not so much others... would also have liked some more prog, but am not adverse to some full on.. in fact i love it at the right times! And it serves as a reminder of this momentous occurance on ourplanet, and the strength of our community in banding together to do something...anything! Inthebigblue... dude... if you stick around you may be suprised by some of the people on this forum... i was. They grow on you. Some are older, some younger, some wiser and some more foolish than their years.... but at least we try to respect each others opinions. It really is sad that you feel the need to be so angry and judgemental. And really who cares how long you have been involved in the scene, or how many dj's you know, or if you dj yourself, or how many original/burnt cd's you have... is that meant to make us respect you more? Its not a pissing competition... its a forum for sharing a pssion for psy and the like! The poll seems to be saying that half of us will buy the cd.... out of those who have decided... if thats the case then thats still pretty damn fine... what other cd has half a population buying it dude!!! Anyhows I will be purchasing... quite happily at that! Peace. xo
  13. My first exposure was in 1994 when as friend of my mothers sent us a tape from India.... the music was of course unlike anything I had heard before and I loved it!!! Sporadically we would get music sent... i had absolutely NO idea how/where to get it from other than that. Went to my first forest party in 1995. I feel so damn lucky to have grown up in an area that was having forest parties 10 years ago... real small - 100 people or so, a few fluro hangings, a couple of lights - it was awsome! It felt so damn different to anything else that was happening at the time - really underground and hence incredibly friendly. ***nostalgia***
  14. All i wanna know is where and when? Keep us posted pleeeze!!!
  15. Love the champaigne bubbles... enhances everything nicely in the morning sun Hmmm... I think i meant beyond the random chatting to strangers while out of it. And beyond the "Ohhhh my goood I LOVE YOU!!!! random hugs... which frankly are incredibly irritating when you just know that person wont have any idea who you are in a few hours. To me friendly psytrancers refers to times when not on drugs, when meeting people in the food tents, at the market stalls, at the river, beside the dancer floor as well as while dancing. Too me friendliness is not so much drug induced, but an openess to those around you before, during and after a drug experience. In may clubs for example the same drugs may be taken but the vibe wont be as friendly, or even at some psyparties or festivals where an sttitude of having to be "cool" can exist. Thats what i was thinking when i voted anyhows
  16. ..... so where are all the canadians, americans and mexicans now? According to the all inclusive new poll there are none. Weird!
  17. Aside from music.....Friendly psytrancers are my number one fall back position... if the decor, drugs, scenery, soudsystem etc are shit but the people around you are there to have a great time, the party will rock. All i need is the music, the soundsystem, the people........scenery, drugs, decor etc pffff As for alcohol, nothing is better than a cold glass of champaigne or beer in the morning sun. Everything in its place and time. Lemmi, i dont want to come accross as patronising but really... one day you'll be at a party and not take drugs for whatever reason.... have an awsome time and a whole new era will happen.
  18. Phew thought you left Australia out for a second there Nemo.... good save at the end of the list!
  19. Just be patient... takes months from when you apply/sign up until you get accepted... big big backlog!!!!! Anyhows i forwarded you an e-mail with plenty of events. come to any of those and you're bound to meet people. Then once you've met a few you wont know anyone who doesnt like psy! Brown Alley saturday night... cnr king and lonsdale st, tsunami fundraiser put on by greenant..... will rock! See you there!
  20. Mebbe i not been here long enough but i found it far from what you say.... plenty of threads on what other music people like, maybe not much open gay talk but hey I'm a lesbian and havnt been offended as yet. Drug talk plenty balanced... see all the threads on this. Most of my crew are pretty damn open minded. Also seen plenty of talk re cultural appropriation etc..... maybe i've just had a couple of good months here Chill dude.
  21. Good lyrics... might try track it down. Not that i'm much into vocals in psy but if samples and subtle... could be good!
  22. Halee you make me smile.... that infectious enthusiasm has to be good! I live in melb but am a chick so not much use in your personals search. Will track you down at rainbow though for sure now!
  23. How DARE you like some things. Dont you know ALL things rock the known universe!!! In fact..... LOL ohhhh i can t do it. Hels you are the funniest!
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