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  1. any recommendation about vibrasphere? i got 'lime structure' and i think its quite good.. which albums are considered the best ones?
  2. thanks a lot, mates Im listening to the prog stuff u all recommended and i think im catching the idea, I already had 'colours' by son kite and didnt even know that was progressive (very nice album btw). It seems i was very confused cuz i thought the word 'progressive' maybe was used to refer to trance that changes a lot inside of the track, many variations u know, for example from 145bmp evolving to a downtempo soundscape and then getting faster again, with melodies and so on.. i was wrong! whats the name for the music of rinkadink's rabbit from the darkside then? thanks again and keep on going!
  3. im not sure what that word stands for.. i like oldschool goatrance albums and its morphing to psytrance in the present day, but i sometimes see somme ppl use the word 'progressive'. which are the main differences with goa and psy? id be very thankful if someone can explain it here, which are the main progressive trance artists and why do most ppl in this forum seem to dislike it? does progressive goa exist too? im very confused :s thanks very much!
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