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  1. Well Ive noticed that women tend to get less obssessivly interested in things, and you have to be pretty obsessed with something to get really good at it. Also because of the way men act it can be hard for a womans professional identity to be separated from her sexual identity. Especially if she looks good some people will like her because of how she looks and have lower standards, and also dilute it for women who happen to both look really good and and be really good djs/producers. As a reaction to that, there are other people who wont give her a fair listen because they assume she just got where she is by her looks. Kind of a damned if you do damned if you dont sort of thing. I'm waiting for someone to do a Mary Shelly. I guess Psynina was a Reverse Shelly, and look at the buzz that happened over that. I think it proves what I am saying.
  2. I wouldn't mind hearing something new from Son of the Light.
  3. Not many tracks pull it off well, I dont really know any psytrance that gets over 160 (I dunno how fast Highcosmos gets but I like them). I really like some gabber/hardcore though, like the kinds of tracks that Omar Santana makes and plays. I never really got big into harcore because I think most of it is overclocked crap, but the tracks that manage to be interesting and sound good and be that fast I love! For people who like it really fast I recommend Harcore for the Headstrong volumes 1 and 2 and Planet of the Breaks, all mix cds by Omar Santana. They sure aren't psytrance but they are very good, and pretty darn psychedelic.
  4. http://www.resonantearth.com http://label.psygarden.org/ also check the links in my myspace for links to individual live sets or artist websites with music http://www.myspace.com/psycosmo
  5. This album is a gem! I just discovered it a few months ago but wow! Every track is excellent but the last three are unbelievable. Everyone Ive played this for has loved it. I love this style of Goa Trance.
  6. Goa isnt dead it's just taking a nap Goa is my favorite music. Still, I think the expansion into different styles has been a great thing, even though there has been a lot of changes I dont care for. I would be bored if the same old goa sounds were getting continually rehashed without innovation. Progressive, dark, fullon, minimal, tech trance, they all took different aspects of Goa Trance and expanded on them until they had emerged as distinct genres. In spite of all that, there is really nothing else that makes me feel the way good goa trance does. As played out and overused as the whole goa-spirituality thing was, the fact remains that Goa-trance reliably gives me a feeling I can only describe as mystical. I am waiting for a Goa-renissance where the evolutions of style that have happened post-Goa are integrated into something that is at its core Goa-trance.
  7. Of course it's both but I voted for melody because I love the way melodies catch in my mind, and because voting for both seemed like kindof a cop-out. People with any intelligence realize that both are important but Ive noticed that most people seem to connect more with one or the other more deeply. Food for thought ain't it?
  8. I think Slug and Hydraglyph are great reccomendations. With Hydraglyph in particular I think it is important to listen to many tracks because many of them sound very different from one another. I would explore South African labels in general, Nexus Media, MMD, Timecode all put out fine releases. Nexus Media v/a-Edge is a very nice relatively recent release. If you havent heard the new Audialize, checking that one out is a MUST. Also, although none of them have released anything new recently, I love Lemurians, Cosmo Chaos, and Phaze Four.
  9. Spies- Notinism perhaps? Some parts are fast, but most of it is chilled, although chilled with a dark, industrial feel to it.
  10. I wonder if the 1989 date could be a misprint? Is there anyone who actually remembers this from back then? Anyone old enough?
  11. The Muses Rapt- Afternoon Trip
  12. Thankyou so much AlieNed! Very interesting listen.. I guess I would describe it as undifferentiated proto-goatrance/happy hardcore. I definatly agree with the Scooter comparison, but there are also some proto-Goa-like elements present. Most of the tracks are pretty bad, but a couple are actually pretty good (especially considering that this release appears to be from 1989). I think the best tracks are "Mine Devotion" and "Even in G with You". I wonder how influential this record was on the development of Goa. I also wonder what the people that made this kept making music and if so what kind of music they ended up doing. Interesting listen into electronic dance music history, thanks again Ned! However I will not adding this one to my wantlist, I'm afraid. Glad I heard it though. Maybe I'll post a review if I get around to writing a decent one.
  13. Is Psytrance not big because of bush or is bush the President because psytrance isnt big?
  14. http://www.discogs.com/release/932738 I became aware of this while browsing files on slsk. It was part of a Goa-trancers collection. It was labeled OiG (a tag for oldskool Goa). Unfortunatly the bastard banned me so I never got a chance to hear it. Has anyone ever heard this/heard of it? Is it really Goa-like from 1989? My curiousity is peaked.
  15. My point exactly.. I dont use dc++ for lack of decent mac version, but from what Ive seen the selection of oldies isnt so hot. slsk seems to have an ok selection of the older stuff but one has to wait hours and hours to get on queue for it most of theme... but still most everything is oriented towards the newest releases. Also, a lot of people who dont know the older stuff probably dont know what to search for. This might be able to be remedied by people sharing files with a special label at the end of the file name to denote that its a favorite pre-2000 release. Some people seem to use the tag OiG to denote this. (unfortunately not many people) Or maybe someone who has bandwitdth could set up a KDX server or something? Make Mp3 cds of out of print stuff and give them out at parties? I definatly favor some method of more people getting to hear what the pre 2000 sound was like. Sometimes Im really shocked by what artists/albums people who know their shit in terms of the new stuff, have never heard of.
  16. I still say there needs to be a trading network devouted specifically to Mp3s/4/wavs of out of print golden oldies. Most of us are not going to spend that kind of money.
  17. IMO MP3 copying is appropriate for stuff that is out of print. It's not like the artist is getting a cut of those inflated prices! If you want that collectors item to hold in your hand, you'll just have to pay for it!
  18. most Vibrasphere, esp albums 2 & 3 most of Cosma's stuff S-Range-2001 Ishq- Orchid Ooze- Where the fields never end Oszilla- Die Hexen MWNN- Cosmic Echoes I find that most "watery" sounding music is progressive or chillout. When Goa, Fullon, or Dark has a liquid sound to me it reminds me more of Mercury than of water.
  19. Fantastic album, too bad it never got the recognition it deserved. Die Hexen in particular is pure gold.
  20. Twisted was the first psytrance I ever heard, and that is exactly what I felt when I heard it. I knew I had come home. It was this really crazy feeling of nostalgia/deja vu or something, as if I were already familar with it in some peculiar way. Same feeling the first time I walked into a trance party (with Solstice playing as I entered the club). I knew I had found home.
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