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  1. Yeah there is a bunch of Tim Schuldt I haven't heard and dont know where to get. I like Score a lot but I like Catcher best.
  2. I hadn't even heard of Urban Awakening, Ill have to check it out, thanks! I really like the Menis and Semsis stuff that I have on some comps, but I havent been able to find their albums I really like Holeg & Spies, but its not really psytrance anymore. I am looking for stuff that still has the psytrance thing going on, but has a similar vibe to Holeg and Spies (and Spies... I think I liked Spies-Notinism better than the Holeg and Spies album). Spies did a few really nice trance tracks for Catcher CD. Spies-Wide Shot (faithealers mix) is also a very nice track.
  3. I love everything I have heard from Aurinko, especially the Catcher CD. The faithealers track CD1 Track1 is a particular gem. It's too bad they dont seem to be active anymore Catcher music was very dark and creepy, but in a different way than most "dark" music of today. Four Carry Nuts released a very good album with sort of industrial-psy sound, but for the most part it seems to have fallen by the wayside. I am making this topic to encourage appreciation of the Catcher style, and get any reccomendations of newer stuff that I might not know about in the Aurinko/4CN industrial psy-trance style.
  4. Timecode records is great! I wonder which tracks they will choose for their retrospective. I hope Triskell-Here Knows When is on there. I always thought that was a wonderful and under-recognzed track.
  5. Nice one, and a double CD to boot! The ambient cd is very nice too.
  6. Sandman-Witchcraft Pleiadaians- IFO and Family of Light Etnica- Alien Protein and Equator Chi-AD (nice one Oopie!) Technossmoy- Synthetic Flesh (nice one Abasio!) Cydonia- In Fear of A Red Planet Ubar Tmar (!!!) Aurinko Records- Catcher Green Nuns of the Revolution- Rock Bitch Mafia The TIP color compilations (TIP Yellow, TIP Phosphorescent etc) Fullon Vol. 2- Israeli DAT Mafia (not what we mean today when we say "fullon") Psygone-Optimystique
  7. Psycosmo

    S-Range - 2001

    For me this album was always one to listen to in daytime during warm spring rains when there isnt much fog. I don't know why either.. In any case its a beautiful album!!
  8. Not its own thing or not more related to industrial than to metal?
  9. Yeah it definately isnt very Punk. Darkpsy doesnt have much of a political edge (sorry samples of GWB cant compete with extended diatribes about the state of the world) and in general I dont see much of the punk mentality in darkpsy. I dont think it has that much in common with metal either, except for the occasional cover, like this one that goes for the metal feel. I think it has the most in common with industrial, but really it is its own thing.
  10. For Pavel: http://kataragama.org/docs/wirz_yantra.htm What's that? It sure looks like a hexagram with an Ohm in the middle! Still waiting for your answer on my last post Pavel.. I still, however, fail to see any legimate reason for putting that symbol on the same page as the words "cannibal holocaust". If you wanna make people think of the movie and not the Holocaust by the Nazis, you should have some artwork that shows a bunch of Yanomammo running around with severed heads or something. In which case I would rag on it for disrespecting South American natives, who deserve the same respect as Jews, and who are themselves victims of a Colonial/Industrial Holocaust.
  11. I'm about 3/4ths of the way listening to it, and I am enjoying it enough to look up the thread for it on psynews! I like the feeling you create here, it shows that trance can be dark and haunting, without being hard and thrashing. The mix definately has a distinct vibe to it, if the harmonic mixing thing had anything to do with that then I like where this concept is going.
  12. Try: Filteria Misted Muppet-From the Legend v/a- Mystery of the 13 Crystal skulls Tranan- Restarter Audialize: Starship Earth and maybe: Talpa Nystagmus Slug- Elemental Alternative Control- Alt + Ctrl
  13. Are you denying that the 6 pointed star is also an Indian symbol? Google the word "Shatkona" if you are skeptical that people that aren't Jewish have long used the two interlocking triange six pointed star. As to it being a newer Jewish symbol, or at least only recently an important symbol for Jewish identity here is where I got my info: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsourc...daism/star.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_of_David If you know of better resources, please do share them with me. I am genuinly fascinated by this symbol No need to get testy about it either PS Id be happy to continue this discussion in PM if you dont wanna go off topic.
  14. Off Topic: Actually you are wrong about this one. I have looked into the 6-pointed star, and as far as I can find out, it only became an important symbol of Judaism later on. If you look at ancient Hindu art, the 6-pointed is used very frequently.
  15. I noticed that there wasnt any general shareware/freeware thread so I decided to start one. What are your favorite donationware/freeware programs, and what are the best archives? I've found http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/mac/ it seems to have a rather large collection of free software. Not being a musician I dont know how useful most of it is, but It looks cool. I did however have some fun with this programs SPEAR: http://www.klingbeil.com/spear/ Post your reccomendations for free/donation based programs/enviroments/plugins!
  16. I'll wait to hear their music to pass judgment, but that cover blows goats. I dont really like their name either, I think it is way meolodramatic, and it is offensive because there is only one Holocaust that people think of when the word comes up. Its like if someone had the word "Klan" with a K in their artist name. Just not cool. I like Psy with dark/scary/horror themes because vampires and ghouls and ghosts are fantasy and they are fun. Only superstitious hippies and religious wingnuts will be frightned by them. Genocide and racism are very real and they arent fun at all. But if they do something creative with samples from that wierdo movie or something like that it will make a little more sense, because it will be clear that they are referring to a crazy fucked up movie and not Hitlers Holocaust. If you want a good name in that vein, try "Graveyard Slut". Too bad it wasnt a darkpsy producer that came up with this name.
  17. Igor Stravinsky-Rite of Spring It is Kiiilllllllaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!!!
  18. Yup, I remember this site. It was autumn of 1997 and I was a sophmore in high school. I had just tried tried acid a few weeks weeks ago when one night I was going around looking for warez on Hotline (who here remembers Hotline Client?). I came across an MP3 simply entitled "LSD" and decided to downloaded because something with that title seemed appropriate at that point in my life. So I listend and was totally blown away. I looked all over hotline for tracks named "LSD" trying to find one that said the artist. Finally, I found a file called "Hallucinogen-LSD" and downloaded it and found it was the very same track I had been looking for. I now knew the artitst, so I searched AltaVista for "hallucinogen-LSD" to find out what this crazy style of Rave music was. I found TRiP. I found out what Goa was. I found out about many more artists, in particular I remember finding out about Planet B.E.N, Slinky Wizard, the T.I.P. Color compilations.. I spent many hours in the school library during lunchtime reading reviews on TRiP, and also Hyperreal. By cross-referencing with Hyperreal I found out about the stores where I could by the music (House of Trance, Throb etc) and eventually my first Goa party. This website is associated with many memories of days gone by... being a craCy highschooler on too many drugs reeling through the hallways of my highschool, Hallucinogen blasting on my headphones and way to many drugs inside my brain. Hahahahahahha I just found one of my old posts (it's referring to Hallucinogen-Twisted): Oh, the memories...
  19. 1. Filteria-Heliopolis 2. Koxbox- U-Turn 3. Vibrasphere-Archipeligo 4. Twisted System- Core 5. Electrypnose-Subliminal Meloncholies Honorable mentions go to Nexus Media (for several artist releases and compilations esp Abomination), Highcosmos, Audialize, Phatmatix, Naked Tourist, Peak Records and Triac.
  20. Those of us who live in NYC already know this... glad you got a chance to find out though! +1 Welcome to the Dark Side, Pavel, we have been expecting you.
  21. +1 and Flint Glass: Nyarlathotep (Although Flint Glass isnt really in the Psy genere) My recomendations: Spies-Notinism (also not really psytrance although they have a few psytrance tracks on an Aurinko comp) Four Carry Nuts Von Magnet Anything off of Aurinko records Twisted System Ghreg on Earth Cydonia Sandman Donut Junkie-Blue Pitch Hikers some Shift Pleiadians-Alcyone Tim Schuldt some MFG Passenger-The Race
  22. I have a couple nice Hyperion trax (ocean of light and Sunflower), and a bit of Psygone. Very good stuff, I miss all them. Corrupt in what sense?
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