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  1. Comparing myself with diangostized people I meet, I have clearly Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, but when I was a child in my country this wasn't a thing so I was lucky I never had to took drugs to "treat it". With all due respects to people that feels it as a problem, for me this is just a part of me. It's a shit when it doesn't allow me to finish things or be as perseverant as I want to be with my goals, but in the other hand I'm a very creative person thanks to this part of me.
  2. I'm in the mood for classics. I'm right now working at the library. First I listened "Power Source - Cosmic Waves" and now I'm listening "MFG - New Kind Of World".
  3. I'm in the opposite situation. I have the ticket to Connection but I'm very tempted with the ZNA lineup. If my economic situation improves this following months probably I will buy it, or at least the weekend ticket.
  4. Perhaps it's because they consider in an oldschool focused festival the public is eager and it's more "human" to party on day. I don't know, just a theory.
  5. I think it's just a matter of tastes By the way, the opinion of the people who did it is not all that matters, because its very usual and understandable that the tastes of the artists evolve through time. We are all humans after all. Some time ago a group of friends and me made a research to find the name of some old tracks. They were from Shidapu, seems that Erez didn't denied it (that would be a little bit immature don't you think?) but of course that explains the fact that they are unreleased. The most important thing in music is the feeling and what can I say? Infected Mushroom
  6. People find difficult to pay for digital downloads, because you're paying for a non-tangible. And when it's technically possible to have the same "product" for free. Perhaps one person buy a digital album, but what about his/her friends? Why not just copying the album for free? This is not possible with a physical album. With this in mind, it's logical to sell at the same price digital and physical. I don't really want CDs; CDs are fragile and inefficient; but I bought them for obtaining the free FLAC/WAV downloads or at least rip it from the CD. So in the vast majority of cases I NEVER p
  7. Last year in Connection the most classic artists played during day. In fact, the first days at night sound a lot psy-trance (which I don't like). That was a very good thing, because it let me to party during day and sleep at night (from 10-11pm to 7-8am) almost every day. With the consideration I wasn't sober any day, I think this sleep time was healthier for my body (and mind!).
  8. What I can hear is Teleport (Man With No Name) mixed with Trancelestial Psychobabas (Sheyba). Some versions I don't know. Nice mix! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I tried it some years ago. There was an unacceptable lack of underground electronic music so it wasn't useful for me. Also, when I tried it the audio quality was mp3 128kbps. However, the most important fact for not using it is philosophical: I don't like the "cloud". I prefer to have my music in my own hard drives.
  10. Provably one of my favorites is Trance Experience 2 - The Second Coming. Please let me write here the tracklist. That's exactly why I love Goa Trance: Sheyba - Trance Africa Express Millenium - Skywalk Elysium - Trancelestial Psychobabas Psychonauts & Cosmosis - Cosmonaut Orion - Liquid State Of Trance - Alien Prophecy Dimension 5 - Purple Om Growling Mad Scientists - Commental
  11. It's not a very complex melody. I think this similitudes are usual in electronic music, and that's all. By the way, I didn't listen Ubar Tamar track before, a very good one.
  12. For listening music everyday I use Sennheiser HD451, which are light, relatively cheap (40€) and with a decently good sound quality. Perfect for enjoying the psychedelic experience The Sennheiser HD-25 II are very appreciated for DJ's. Provably one of the best.
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