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  1. Given your age, I'm surprised by the amount of time you spend here!!! I remember when I was your age :) books babes and Buddha's (as AP says ) By 19, the order was completely reversed :lol: :lol:

    Its somewhat the same for me but goa has become a hobby in some sense. And gotta admit, it feels very weird knowing that you are the only one in almost whole generation of people around me that even knows what goa trance is.

    When people ask me "what music do you listen to?" and I answer, they are all like "What the hell is that?!" and that is why I spend a lot of time here. Love this forum cause people here actually know the music Im talking about! :lol:


    Slinky Nuns - Shitty Stick is a very psychedelic track for me for an example. I love good acid. Melodies too, but they are not such a psy factor in goa IMO

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  2. Thanks guys!


    I'm still stuck at that argument. I don't know how to make people understand that cruelty is different.


    I can't seem to convince myself too.


    I can categorise few animals as food and be completely oblivious to their pain and death.

    And not tolerate even a small stone being thrown at others.


    But that's not fair! How can I differentiate! Even the legendary line of "it's ok to eat fish cause they don't have feelings" is not right. If you have an aquarium at home you would know. How ferociously a mum defends her newborns against other fishes. If that's not a feeling then what is.


    But we have to kill to survive. but doesn't mean that I can go chop a tree in half just for the heck of it. Is it the same as killing puppies?


    When I think of this whole thing in the sense of life of every being. I should NOT own any wooden furniture, I shouldn't eat anything other than fruits and grains(?) in short I should stop any/ever activity that puts another life at risk.


    I would really appreciate if you guys can share more of your views or point me to some place. I need to calm myself down.

    I understand what you're saying and I too dont want to make a being suffer. But we have to, as you said it, "Kill to survive". Imagine yourself in woods, surviving. Would you kill an animal or a plant and eat it because you value your own life above all else (like I do), or are you going to starve for melancholic reasons. I completely understand both but, personally, I think that we are entitled to that amount of selfishness, where you put your own existance above all else (like animals do and we are animals).

    As for possesions, wooden chairs, closets, leather jackets and boots and so on... Well, my ideal idea of living is in nature in anarchy. You take as much as you need from the nature and thats it. No need for greed, unnecessary violance etc... But even though I have this idea of anarchy and complete freedom, I simply am not ready to fulfill it. I am too scared and lazy and I would have to give up so much. And that is the question "Would you give up luxury of modern life for complete freedom?".


    I understand your anger because I too am angry! All we have to do is figure out if we are going to change ourselves to fit our feelings, or are we going to stand idle like the rest of this lazy and ignorant civilization?

    Like Nietzsche said "What do you know of life you comfortable people?"


    As for the violence in meat industries, like Padmapani said, we cant do much except stop indulging in their products...

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  3. Well chickens do exist thanks to us. It is one of the earliest forms of genetic modification in some sense. There are no wild chicken or cows. And I simply love meat as a luxury but also as a great source of nutrients. I would never hurt or hunt an animal as sport but only for food and that is fine by me. Its the food chain. Its cruel but that is nature. Animals also kill other animals.

    If I had to choose from eating plants or eating meat, I would choose meat without thinking. Also why is it cruel to butcher a chicken but its ok to kill plants for the same purpose. The fact that plants dont suffer (feel pain) is not an excuse! A plant is just as much alive as animals are, in existential sense, and you kill them as much as you kill an animal.

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  4. visual snow is perfectly normal. it's only that the less observant (=most people) never notice. but being tired or taking certain "pharmaceuticals" can certainly impair your brain's ability to filter out the snow before it reaches your conscious perception for a while. it can be the same with astigmatism and tinnitus ime.


    I have astigmatism and i take certain "pharmaceuticals". I also see "halos" around peoples head when they are infront of a white wall for an example and street lamps or even the moon has glare around it. :) I reckon that if I stop it with die down after some prolonged period of time to the point I stop noticing it. I definitely saw halos around objects when I was in elementary school but cant remember any visual snow. Wonder if its HPPD...

  5. I get into conspiracy theories. Got a personal theory how Charles Manson was framed for murder to help bring down the hippie movement. 9/11 too. Kinda obvious that they did it to themselves, blamed it on the middle east just to have a cause for war.

    And I dont think its a waste of time. It does burn energy but it is very useful to be aware of the shit that is going on around us and to realize how cowardly and foolish we are to keep up with it. But yeah, lets sedate ourselves, forget and move on. :)

  6. Your task is to compile the ultimate comp with your favorite 8-12 downtempo goa tracks, old or newschool, in an order of tracks you like the best and give it a name. If you wish you can add a story to your compilation. :)


    My compilation would be something like this:

    1. Total Eclipse - The Pendulum
    2. RA - Sirius
    3. Total Eclipse - Time Drops
    4. Chronos - Mandala
    5. Makyo - Behind the Veil
    6. Liquid Flow - Event Horizon

    7. Paradise Connection - Longbaceglider On Solstice
    8. Transwave - Ulysse (Voyage 3)
    9. MWNN - Azymuth
    10. Transwave - Ulysse (Voyage 2)
    11. Tandu - New Aura

    12. Ra - Ascend


    and I would call it "V/A - The Conquest of Self"


    edit: The story of this compilation of mine is mostly embedded into my emotions. Its about the year of 2015, one of the most important years in my life. It's about my discovery of Nietzche's philosophy and my epiphany about this hypocritical bullshit society ( "The walls of reality come crashing down" Ra - Sirius) and my struggle to contain my melancholic anger. I would go to an psychiatrist thinking that I was losing my mind who told me that well... I wasn't losing it. Most tracks are very intense so they portray that struggle. In that time I also started to recreationally do LSD so that had thrown me even deeper into the this trip. Not in a bad way, far from it. I am very glad it did but Im not gonna bore you with the "drugs improved my life" sentiment. Tracks 9-12 are very emotional for me (I would also add Khetzal - Lost wind but its too uptempo, it would be perfect to portay the end) and its where I started to calm down, bearing the new knowledge and strong opinions. "Everything you see around you is what you create. And all you can do is experience this essential process as it unfolds. Live in the now!" (Ra - Ascend, what a perfect name for the closing track) I realise that there is no true and objective reality. Choose your own good and your own evil, and hang your will above you as a law! Be the best version of yourself, the overman.

    At the beginning of 2015 I also discovered goa trance which is a HUGE thing for me. :D

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  7. Are flac digital downloads quality-wise as good as cds? I think that digital is the way to go for me. A bit cheaper and I still get to support the artists :)


    Yeah I follow Anoebis on facebook. His collection makes me drool!

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  8. Cd collectors on this forum I ask you why do you collect CD's?

    Im a student and well, I live in Serbia so my financial state isnt so great and I was wondering if it would be worth it for me to start a collection? There are a few albums that I love and would like to own. Or should I just stick to promo videos on youtube? :P


    Also I am asking because I am afraid these CDs wont be for sale by the time I start earning my own money (which wont be anytime soon).

  9. Uptempo:


    1: The World Beyond (Neogoa Records)

    2: Proxeeus - At the Mountains of Madness (Neogoa Records)

    3: Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics (Suntrip Records)

    4: V/A - Aurora Sidera (Suntrip Records)

    5: Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat (Neo Goa Records)

    6: The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds (Global Sect Music)

    7: 01-N - Acid Experiments (Timewarp Records)

  10. You must know that most of producers dont have musical backround or piano classes. They/we are just the guys who love music and one day open DAW and just make music. Producers making music they like and they can, not to impress some grumpy forum or facebook user. If doesnt match someones taste doesnt mean is bad on this or other way.


    Last 10 years everyone is crying about new school how is not like old school, but i can say i am happy it isnt! It passed 20 years of golden old school era and its supposed to go this way. Times are different so its the music.


    You see new school is exausted, i see it changing, blending with other genres and colleting stuff from them. As much as i love old school even most of old school was crappy, bad mixes, bad masterings, etc... it was analog now its digital and cleaner and louder.


    Compare fullon from 2003 and from 2016, or psychedelic or forest, same story.



    People complaining why there are no dark tracks? Personaly i dont like dark goa, i love acidish, floating and euphoric, sometimes psychedelic but not dark. Have you considered that artists are not interested making dark goa?


    As scene is small its hard to get international gigs, and yes if artist want to be heard and want to play he must respect some 'standards' of today.


    If you haven't noticed some new school Goa artists getting booked for major psytrance festivals worldwide... Boom, SUN, Lost Theory, Psy-Fi... and on them to get booked is almost impossible... but you see its possible because quality. And people want new music, not something they yeard 105120124 times :)



    Time changed, music changed, everything changed. Like it should be.



    Crowd changed what is most important! Here some are veterans some are new but worldwide there is much younger crowd now and they are interested in new music. For them Agneton or Filteria are Astral Projection of today etc. They see and hear music much different than you :)



    And yes, now just like in 90s there is loads of crappy music. But what is crappy or not can be based on taste too. For you something is crappy, for me it could be new Teleport or Mahadeva.

    We are not crying because neogoa is not like old school. We're, I am, butthurt because it's not AS GOOD as old school.

    So we should give them best grades because they are making music they like? No. We are on the receiving end and we judge. If the process of making music satisfies those producers, then great and they should not care about what someone says on this "grumpy" forum. The difference between this forum and others is that most people here were old enough to hear what existed before neogoa while the crowd nowadays is not.


    "As scene is small its hard to get international gigs, and yes if artist want to be heard and want to play he must respect some 'standards' of today." and this is how this music takes it's turn for the worse. You let needs of the mass dictate how you should make your music so that you get to play on international festivals? So be it, but lets make it clear that that is called commercialization. You change music so that a bigger crowd likes it instead of letting it get attention as it is. Proof enough.


    These are facts IMO and Im not trying to be toxic. Dont get me wrong though. I have been listening and exploring neogoa releases for past 2 weeks. Not a single old school one. Some releases are A M A Z I N G, while most are not.

    I am not against change, but lets look at what ends up with musical change around the globe... Yup it changes for the worse because producers are trying so hard to satisfy needs of a bigger crowd, and the need of this high crowd is next to nothing.


    And what is interesting about neogoa is that one of the best music I hear is FREE on ektoplasm. See my point? :)

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  11. 1: The World Beyond
    2: V/A - Aurora Sidera
    3: Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat
    4: Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics
    5: Ephedra - Journey Through My Head
    6: The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds
    7: M-RUn - Some RUn Just For Fun
    8: Proxeeus - At The Mountain of Madness
    9: Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone
    10: Portamento - The Portal



    Only the most acidic of the newschool could keep me interested to the end.

    As for compilations, I've listened just to:

    V/A - The World Beyond
    Aurora Sidera

    And they are a must.

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