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  1. Why would you not buy it.?? Just because of the "Crude Mastering" .?? What the hell! :o Dont bother about that. Its more than worth 10 Euro's. Dont hesitate go for it :) Good luck.


    Buy directly from the label:


    Oh I thought you meant that the release in general was bad (the 3 cd one).

    I bought the digital album which actually suits me better since Im not much of a CD collecter. I uhm... actually dont have a cd rom cause I broke it. *cough cough* :D

  2. Lost In Time is definitely a classic. I don't think any of his later stuff is nearly as good.


    You can preview the entire album here:




    This is a lot of music, so it may be a little hard to appreciate everything the first time you listen.

    Nice! A digital album means that I can buy and download it from there? Are the tracks in better quality than on the preview? (Sorry for being a newb. I have zero experience with this)


    Im Listening to a few of the tracks and I think Im in love. Ive got to own this album!


    Edit:Never mind. Ive bought the digital album and downloaded it in FLAC format. Wonderful quality. :D

  3. I have listened to some of the tracks on the "Promo Mix 2014" and absolutely LOVED THEM. So I'm asking you guys who own the album for your opinion and if its worth the buy since Im considering on buying it?


    P.S.: I havent found much people talking about this album so thats the reason why I decided to ask.

  4. I couldn't do a top 3 but this one is a very good pick I must say. :)

    You can name more if you wish. :D

    I guess it was a bad idea to ask for a top 3. It was easy for me cause I have been listening to goa for just over a year, so when I ask myself for top 3 trippy psychedelic albums, the 3 I listed immediately come to mind since I didnt listen to a lot of albums like you guys.

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  5. This statement is true, I think. Respect does not necessarily mean 'agree with'. Opinions can be powerful motivating forces behind the most heinous of crimes and bad behaviour and thus demand respect in the sense that they deserve particular attention and consideration - "this opinion has the power to cause harm so be bloody careful" - but an opinion itself does not necessarily deserve any respect in the sense of 'esteem'. For similar reasons, deliberately ridiculing a ridiculous idea or belief does not necessarily mean ridiculing the person who holds it, although if they strongly identify with or have invested themselves in that idea they may disagree :) More fool them, I say.

    I highly agree with everything you said here. :D

    I guess I messed up in the wordplay somewhere.

  6. no, this is the topic, and if it isnt, its close enough.


    im saying i respect people for having a different opinion than mine.

    doesnt in any way, shape or form - impede on my rights to have my opinion.

    With that I completely agree. Ok Ill try it your way.

    I did respect his religion (opinion), I can respect his overreaction but I would still strongly disagree with it which isnt equal to disrespect.

    Ok well, I may have misused the word disrespect at the beginning.

  7. ah i see the confusion here.

    you think that respecting someones opinion = respecting the opinion itself?

    no. thats not how it works.

    but i understand you now.

    "while i completely agree with what you just said, i will fight and die for your right to say it any day of the week"

    to paraphrase the old saying regaring freedom of speech.

    Btw, I think we uhm... derailed from the thread. :)

    You are saying that you can respect someones opinion without respecting the opinion itself?

  8. well, what book it was is pretty irrelevant dont you think?

    well then if you understand him, how come you cant intelligently accept his views? again, what makes the fact, that you respecting him - do in any way shape or form - to infringe on your rights?

    i just dont get it.

    isnt it just easier to respect he feels that way and forget it? doesnt it cost more energy to NOT respect it, and get mad by it?


    i mean, haters gonna hate, right?

    and it sounds to me that guy was just a hater?


    He is my friend, of course I wasnt gonna just chill and forget. If it was a random person doing the same I wouldnt waste energy of course, but I still wouldnt be fine with it or admire and respect the way that person thinks. I dont see that as disrespect. Its somewhere in between or in absence of both respect and disrespect. I dont like, admire or respect the way he reacted but I didnt insult nor was I rude to him back for it.

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  9. Meh. comon dude..

    What right did he infringe, when cussing at you for reading that book? What did he do or say - that had you feeling this way?


    And what makes you NOT respect his views? You are intelligent enough - how come its so hard for you to respect why someone might feel any type of way; by you reading about satanism?

    Wouldnt you want people respecting your views , whatever they might be, on satanism?

    Then by accepting that - you also have a responsibility. It goes both ways.

    You cant have it just one way.

    Well first of all, the book isnt about christian(theological) satanism, its about LaVeyan satanism which uses the old hebrew word "satan" meaning adversary or to oppose.

    Second, respect doesnt have anything to do with intelligence. Understanding does and I do understand him.

    Third, I do respect Christianity. But he didnt respect me. In that moment he didnt know that the book wasnt connected to christianity at all so I'll throw that out of the picture. Even then (me reading a devils book), he disrespected me in the first place. It already wasnt going in two ways.

  10. well. you might have understood it but you said you flat out disrespected it.

    the rest is pretty much semantics.


    and the fact you dont care proves my initial point. now, why didnt you just agree with me, instead of starting a discussion? while im happy you did, cause it really proved my point - i dont really understand it - since you allready knew that i was right. you ARE in fact, a disrespectful person, and you knew it.

    and i respect you for it.

    I am disrespectful towards people who disrespect other peoples rights. And no I didnt disrespect him in the first place by merely reading a book. If that makes me disrespectful and ignorant in your book, then fine, sir. I still completely disagree with you. :)
  11. Actually it's a sign of empathy - of being able to put yourself in another person's place and understand why they feel the way they do when you take their cultural symbols and completely ignore them.


    Empathy is good. Having it stops us being exploitative psychopaths. I can understand why some Rastafarians might look down on me because I have dreads. In fact, that's never happened to me because my dreadlocks are longer than those of most Rastafarians, which indicates that I have a commitment to them similar to their own, for all that the actual reasons I have them might be different. This shared degree of commitment is something that, in my limited experience, most Rastafarians can respect.

    Im not saying I dont understand why he reacted the way he did, Im saying that I highly disagree with the way he reacted. That doesnt make me incapable of being empathetic. I think that they have no reason to get upset with you having dreads.

    Im sorry guys but I just dont care enough about culture and religion to allow them to create negative feeling towards people I dont even know. Fuck that seriously!

  12. But now you are talking about something else.

    I never said you reading a book would infringe on his rights. Please do not put words in my mouth.

    I said that I think you should respect his opinion.


    I also said I can completely understand a person getting upset if seing another read about satanism.

    Heck - I would also ask about it.


    But that doesnt mean you should disrespect him.

    You can dislike him all you want, but you should still respect his opinion.


    Did he voilate your rights reading the book - when he stated his opinion? Did he forcefully remove the book from your possession?


    edit: white guys with rastas/dreads - are you saying thats perfectly fine and do not disrespect anyone? if so, then i am correct when i stated you are an ignorant and disrespectful person.

    OF COURSE white guys with dreads CAN CAUSE a myriad of feelings in people.

    and youre saying you dont respect that? Why not?

    Im talking about freedom of chosing how you want to look no matter the race or cultural background. The fact that you are fine with the negative attitude towards a white person with dreads(and the rest) shows that YOU are disrespectful and limited. Its a stereotype to say only a person of certain culture can have dreads (or anything else).

    And no, Im not ignorant (not about this atleast). I just dismiss that limited way of thinking.

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  13. Yes. I think you should respect him for that opinion.

    And i dont think you should be angry with him.

    That doesnt in any way - infringe on your rights.

    Same goes for me merely reading a book! It doesnt infringe on his rights now does it?

    Just like the white dudes with dreads, bangos and bindis dont disrespect other cultures and religions. Thats why I think the author of that article is just plain wrong.

  14. from what i read, he didnt disrespect you - he disrespected you for reading about satanism?

    and you frowned upon him doing so.

    which is your right.

    but you didnt respect him for doing so which was a mistake on your end, imo.

    Its like saying to a guy who is about to kill you "Hey you are disrespecting my right to live, but its ok I respect that." Practically its the same just this example is more...severe.
  15. i dont think thats a bad logic from that person at all.

    its fully understandable to me. it seems to me you are an incredibly intolerant and disrespectful person if you feel that way.

    but i respect that, too.

    Wait what?! First of all, I dont have hatred or intolerance towards anyone on the basis of religion, ethnicity or fascism in general. Second, HE (my roommate)is the intolerant one just as much as he was ignorant. He got angry because of a book I was reading and the book ended up not being about the satanism he thought it was? Excuse me man?!

    Explain how was I the intolerant one. When I said "I dont respect that logic" I meannt that I dont respect that people get unprovokingly offended and then bash on onto the source! And the people who do that are the intolerant ones!

  16. Religion can be touchy for some people and we should respect that.

    For an example of such touchy people:

    In highschool I had a roomate who is a touchy religious person and once I was reading "The Satanic Bible" by Anton Szandor LaVey. Even though the book doesnt have anything to do with worshipping the devil, he got offended. Even IF the book did talk about the theological satanism, why should he get offended by a book I was reading?! Take into the account i never openly disrepsected his religion.

    Same bad logic goes for this cultural appropriation and I dont respect that at all.

  17. I dont really understand why you all care so much about them. And why does the guy who wrote the article judge people based on their appearance and instruments they play?

    "There’s nothing that annoys me more than white middle class girls in bindhis. As if the complete disregard for the religious and cultural significance of the bindhi in Hindu culture isn’t enough."

    This attitude is just wrong. What if a guy has dreads because he simply likes them? What if a girl has a red dot on her forehead just because she likes it?

    And why do you associate symbols so strongly to religion and culture? Does a dot on forehead HAVE to be associated with hinduism? NOPE. It could be purely aesthetic.

    I dont see any of this as a disrespect to any culture.


    If you feel offended just by a white guy with dreads and a white girl with a bindhi, then that is your problem and you should keep it to yourself.

    If somebody is directly being a jerk, offending your ways, culture, religion or whatever... then that is another story.



    This is my opinion.


    Edit: As for the drug part, I agree with what Paul Eye is trying to say. The scene has become highly dependant on them and you get looked down on if you say that you are sober.

    I agree that this is a problem.

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