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  1. What is your favorite Filteria album, why and what tracks do you like the most on it?


    My favorite is Sky Input. Simply because I like the melodies and I think that it is well constructed. Favorite tracks are "Ultimator" and "Domestic Modulator".

  2. I can say that Howling At The Moon is my favorite, but if its the best, I guess Im not qualified to say. I love Cosmosis very much. Aside from HATM I would also nominate Moonshine, Spores From Space, Gift of The Gods and Higher Access. GAWD DAMN IT every track is the best :P

    Btw Klunk is my fave track on the album so you are not alone :)

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  3. @ap, I came into listening Nova Fractals albums with high hopes since you are praising him so much and you proved that you have good taste in goa, and simply what Im hearing is LOOOUUUUD melodies and they go on and on and on so no, I dont hear what you hear but thats fine. To each his own right? Reminds me of times when I used to listen to uplifting trance back in the day (Im 19, is it legit for me to use this sentance? :P ) and if I was to rate the psychedelic factor of his music Id rate it with 3.5/10.

  4. Is it possible that goa trance exhausted all its resources (so to speak) and has reached it's limits? I mean you guys are mentioning formulaic sounds. There is not a track in neogoa that has a sound I havent heard before. Same goes for most old school releases. Not sure what novelty you guys are expecting after 20+ years.

  5. We haven't met but I was dancing right in front of your set the whole time. Maybe you remember a guy dancing very goaish like he's trowing magic spells? (dont expect you to remember) :P

    Anyhow, it was the first time I've seen you and didn't know you play goa and I was like "Hell YEAH!". Really enjoyed your set. Hope we meet on some occasion. :)


    Hahahah yeah... Gotta love the organization in this country. :D

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  6. So I listened to a few albums and here is my impression:

    • V/A - The World Beyond: An absolute essential! This thing gave me chills and I cried a little which means this thing gets the EPIC SEAL OF APPROVAL! "The Journey" and "The Sphere" are the strongest IMO 5.5/5
    • Portamento - The Portal: Yeah! Hell friggin yeah! Really like the complexity and it sounds crystal clear. 4.5/5
    • Goasia - From Other Spaces: I heard the "Dance With The Blue Spirit" a few months ago and didnt like it (not sure why that was), so I was skeptical about this album. And to my surprise I was very impressed. Taboo is my favorite track here. 4/5
    • Nova Fractal -Fractal Landscape: Dunno if it's just me, but this doesn't sound psychedelic. Couldn't make it to the end of the album. Loud and eurotrance sounding melodies. Not saying its bad, it's just that I cant get into this. 2/5
    • Ephedra - Journey Through My Head: Time flew by me while listening to this album. Dont know what to say... Favorite tracks are "Souls In Trance", "The Walk Of The Little Green Man" and "Experiments". EPIC SEAL OF APPROVAL 5/5
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    i think it sounds like a crossover between classic trance or eurotrance and goa trance
    it sounds a bit flat and unfinished for me - a bit simple and on the cheesy side

    Agreed. I too feel that this sounds a lot like classic trance and eurotrance. Not my cup of tea.

  8. Words are escaping me... What a great journey! The way this thing picks up the tempo is amazing. I like "The Journey" the most and the release as a whole gets a 5/5. Its so good that it made me weep from the epicness overload.

    I recommend listening to the whole thing in one sitting in a completely darkened room with maxed out volume. Wonderful!

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