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  1. <nitpick>

    How is that 100% if you're excluding a certain time period or a certain portion of their output? :)


    I could have made "100% love for goa trance artists" which would be true for me, but that wouldnt be fair to people who arent limited to just goa trance. I just dont listen to psy-trance in general (I dont mean the mother genre). I do love every track of his that he created in his goa trance era. For me thats 100% in this case. :)
  2. Every single track of his/hers speaks to you. Every single track entrances and makes you jump around the room. His/hers music brings tears to your eyes and no matter how many thousands of times you heard his/hers tracks, they are fresh!

    Which artist is it for you?


    For me it's Transwave, Cosmosis (pre 2002), Hallucinogen and Zirrex.

  3. And Roman Polanski, who had to lose his family once to the Nazis and again to Manson.

    Not to Manson, but Tex Watson and the others. There is literally no proof that he ordered those murders or that he led a cult. "Innocent until proven guilty." law obviously doesn't apply here.

    Another convinient thing here is the fall of the hippie movement to which this story contributed. What better way to warp the image of hippies to the common folk than to present them as cultists and murderers?

    Some of them were obviously but that is a huge minority and I dont think Manson had anything to do with it.

    To me its kind off obvious that it was a set up.


    I actually understand everything he is trying to say so I wouldn't call him a lunatic.


    Murder is an awful thing. Of course I'm not gonna talk like I'm 100% sure about this but it simply is my speculation and opinion.

  4. I think that he is very interesting to say the least. I found out about him about a year ago and since then I've taken interest in him. Watched and read his interviews... Personally, think he is innocent. I dont see him as a leader of any cult nor was there any. He was just a charismatic hobo who played the guitar at a ranch and people flocked to him and girls loved him and then some guys did the crime by their own decision. I dont think he propageted this "Helter Skelter" bullshit at all. He didnt have a defense attorney and was declared guilty by Nixon on then news. I mean come on! Even if he did commit the crime of instructing a murder, maximum penalty is 16 years. He is obviously a political prisoner since he is still in jail. Aside from my speculation about his innocence, I think that he is very smart and intelligent. He has a lot of interesting things to say and I enjoyed watching him talk.


    "Prison is in your mind. Can't you see I'm free?"

  5. many reasons:


    1. the love of psytrance

    2. surprisingly alot of intelligent people here

    3. people here have mostly very good taste

    4. many people here are very knowledgable on the subject, whatever the subject might be

    5. its fun to share favorite tracks with others and equally fun to take part in the sharing of others favorite tracks

    6. its a "nerdy" thing to discuss the many subtetlies of goatrance, why one track is better than another and so forth - and that is just very entertaining.

    7. the mods are great

    8. i feel at home

    9. i feel comfortable sharing my opinion on things even if the opinion might be strange or against the norm. i.e people will not "attack" others for having different opinions. So basically, a friendly environment. Its even better over the past years.

    10. its just a special place for me in general, but thats personal and has little to do with psynews as such, but still a very strong reason as to why I, choose to be active here.


    Regarding the very few haters and "trolls" - its such a small percentage and its rarely even seen. And when it do happen - its always handled in a proper way.

    Might have been different in the past but its only the now that matters.

    Everything he said! +

    Plus everything I know about psy-trance (goa trance in particular) came from this site. Great reviews, people who are happy to ,when asked, recommend a bunch of awesome albums and help you in any way. I have been a member for just 2 months but I have never encountered such hate-trains and flame wars.

    There was one thread "Why psy-trance has become shit" but its all based on fact, not hatred.


    I accidentally opened this forums again after a long break and started reading some of the new posts.

    One question came to my mind while reading through it, which I would really like to understand:

    What keeps you posting on this forums?

    There has nothing really changed since I visited to page the last time, but is why I wonder about that there are still the (same?) ppl around, still posting the same stuff.

    Complains about shitty new release, complains about fucked up psytrance scene, complains about (sub-)genre xy, some flame-war seasoned with personal insults.

    A lot of users in here seem to not like psytrance/goa/whatever (electronic 4/4-on-the-floor BOOM BOOM with 1/16 bass and psychedelic synth in it).

    Also they seem to not like the psytrance scene, nor other users in here. Informative threads are very rare, funny threads not existent, serious discussions turn to flame-war asap. ect.

    I mean.. it doesn't look like fun, or is it?

    So what keeps you posting in here?


    (no wind-up, really want to know it)


    I disagree with everything you said. Most people that I've been in contact with here are lovers of psy-trance; This forum is all about informative threads (reviews for EVERY friggin' album); This never was a place I come to have a laugh, but I have nonetheless and I havent seen a single flame war. Arguments do get fiesty but they are always fair and never become personally offensive.
  6. I checked out Folktronica and didnt like it very much.

    Ok only psybient? Why!!?? There's so much of downtempo goodness outside of it!

    Well I'm experimenting with sounds. Ive done my share of downtempo research recently and I found a lot of amazing stuff of course. The psybient is different. Sometimes I listen to it while studying and it works :)
  7. I have gotten myself into this ambient stuff lately. Playing such albums in the morning or late in the night is really magical. Anyhow I was wondering as to what are your favorite psy ambient albums?

    Mine are:


    Are You Shpongled?

    The Mystery of The Yeti part 1 & 2


    Personally cant get into any of the other Shpongle albums. I just love the tribal sound of Are You Shpongled. Please recommend me some similar music if there is any. :)

  8. Huh! One more supporter of Russian "Drugs and Mafia" killing/controlling the scene ;) looks like I'm right :P

    Well I kinda am. I mean Im totally fine with drugs and even though I wasnt there to witness it back then, I reckon they were always present in the scene. Just dont like the direction the scene took and Im pretty sure the repetitivness of sound was the product of the needs of an intoxicated mass. :)
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