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  1. Honestly I never believed the theory that drugs can influence the music. For example a popular theory is that today's psytrance sounds so fast and fernetic because artists are on coke. If that was the case every rock star would make darkpsy.

    Why not? It is a plausible theory IMO. Btw pretty much every rock star does use drugs. :) If not coke, then atleast alcohol and it is influencing their feelings and the way that they express them.


    Im not saying that the drugs are the sole reason, but they are a big contributor to the evolution of sound.

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  2. One of my theories is that the change in mass drug consumption led to diffrent, repetitive, minimalistic, technolike music. On goa trance parties I see more people who are high on psychedelics, and on psy-trance (you know what I mean) parties I literally get begged to buy ecstasy or amphetamines. The connection between psy trance scene and drugs is another story, but it makes sense to me.

    The DJs may not consume, but they are making music that a mostly high audience likes.

    A friend got me into Talamasca and from there I got into goa trance and my friend got into hyper psy trance like Alienn or Stereopanic so its obvious that its also up to personal taste. Altho I dont really see why would one prefer psy trance over goatrance, but thats just me.

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  3. Solid Electronics was the first track of theirs I heard. My favorite AP album is Another World and one of the fave tracks is Let There Be Light. But ever since I've introduced myself deeper into this music I have found that Astral Projection is very mediocre. Plus I will never forgive them for a shitty live preformance in august. They were so unmotivated and it was a waste of money. :bash:

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  4. Started Life Is Strange yesterday, playing 1 episode per day. So far I like it, the gimmick with rewinding time to change and influence events is nice, even if (as the ending I got in episode 2 proved) everything doesn't always go according to plan, and as choices do seem to matter (and probably will even more in the upcoming episodes) it has replay value as you can make different choices on your next playthrough, and see if it was that seemingly insignificant choice you made that turned out to be fatal.

    Not overly complicated to get the hang of, and the watercoloury art style is mostly nice, if a bit plastic but I hardly ever complain about graphics in games anyway.

    Great choice. I've finished the game. The story becomes even better through episodes. Enjoy :)

  5. I refreshed the page 3 times and every time you added a paragraph :D

    I should definitely sit on my post more. I always think of something else that I could've written. :P

    While were on the topic of Filteria, do you guys prefer the original or the Filteria's higher remix of Lunar Civilization? I prefer the original obviously.

  6. I really don't like Ra's uptempo albums. However I really really like Unearthly :)


    About Filteria , yes that can happen. I understand what you mean by - can't listen to his whole album in one sitting.

    What I've started doing with Filteria's music is -- I deprive myself from his music for the whole year and then one fine day I listen to his 3 albums one after the other, Sky Input, daze of our lives and Lost in the wild. And man!! I cannot describe what I feel for those 180 odd minutes, one of the days I look forward to every year ;)

    Sounds like a good idea. Gonna try it out!


    @ap man I love how youre always politicaly correct :D

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  7. In the beginning i liked Filteria, but not anymore. Ok maybe a few of his tracks I like Domestic Modulator and Ultimator I think the name is. His loud melodies start annoying me really quickly. I just cant listen to his whole album in one sitting.

    As for Artha, I really like him. Dna track is amazing!

    As for Ra, dont think they are overrated. Altho i preffer To Sirius over the 9th. I just like the style.

  8. I am definitely open to discovering the new sound. I am just glad that goa trance is still alive and kicking. I think that amazing things will happen.

    Btw, I just remembered... The first few tracks I heard were all neogoa! Literally the first album I stumbeled upon was the the 9th from Ra and after that I heard Alienapia - Dharmakaya which is a beast of a track. :D

  9. Ive heard Xcom2 is not as good as Xcom 1, which was pretty decent i think too.

    Even though it has nothing absolutely nothing on the original two games :)

    Try hots if you havent already, its extremely similar gameplay as LoL but with lesser depth and not so much to think about.

    3-5 buttons, thats basically it.


    Its basically Diablo 3 PVP - but with added heroes from the entire Blizzard universe - with a HOTA/LOL approach.


    But I dont need to go into any detail, im sure youve must have tried it or at least checked it out on tube.

    XCOM 1 is better I think. I get terrible fps in XCOM 2 (dont blame the game entirely) and I didnt get anything new. Its basically the same game.

    As for HOTS, yeah ive checked it out. But Ive invested 4 years in LoL to learn everything I know about it now that I just cant stand to play another moba. The game look awesome nonetheless. :)

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