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  1. Something tells me none of these "new school" artists will be remembered in 10 years, let alone considered classics, while the original goa masters will still survive. Reason: Because their music really sux. You gotta be doing drugs++ to like it.
  2. I listen to whatever music I find to be good, and that hasn't been any new Goa Trance in over a decade with one or two exceptions (for the most part I've stopped seeking new Goa music altogether). I don't understand the craze of the Goa scene, a group of people focusing on this dead old style of music and talking about how they're "keeping it alive" or "bringing it back" by supporting imitative crap. Sad people.... I think maybe they did too many drugs are have nothing else to turn to in the world. But hey, I think the same of most genres of music and they all have "scenes", so maybe I'm the one that has the problem. Maybe the Goa scene is thriving and has never been better... who am I to say otherwise, that's just not my personal impression. Regarding unreleased tracks... you're right that most of them don't deserve to be released, but we can't stop that. As long as the craze exists around Goa Trance, artists and labels will to try to exploit it for their own profit. Almost of the artists from the 90s have moved on. They're very different people nowadays. The magical period of Goa Trance is long dead, and none of the new artists have been able to add anything to its canon. But don't despair. It's still in our memories, we can still listen to the old greats, and we can still search for and form new magical periods in other ways. However, it will takes a lot of creativity and ability to think outside of our boxes and change the world around us. Goa Trance happened to fit into a social niche two decades ago, but it no longer has that, and that's a large reason why it's lacking soul, authenticity, and not fulfilling. Perhaps we will always long for the old days when the world was more free and we didn't feel so much like lost slaves living among zombies without an identity.
  3. Almost all people are frauds and/or idiots. Seems like a fact of our world. :-)
  4. My post defending Felipe was deleted. Classy. Only hate allowed here...
  5. Oh great, someone who doesn't own the original is here to say that the "differences must be minimal" and "I can't hear nothing". How do you expect to hear any differences when you don't actually compare it to the original? Red herring. Nobody is criticizing the amount of work that went into this release, and a large amount of effort going into something does not make it immune to criticism. Ironically, it's the likes you who are making the emotional posts in this thread. Lots of exclamation marks, fallacious reasoning, ad hominem attacks, and absolutely nothing to add to the rational discussion that some of us are trying to have. Faith in humanity based on this thread would be pretty low.
  6. "Healthy" is a very arbitrary term. Once you define that, we can discuss to what degree music is healthy and when it's unhealthy.
  7. I think we all understand your comments loud and clear. You've buried your head in the sand and there are NO problems, NO criticisms, NO flaws, even if numerous people are saying otherwise. "Period." You also can't hear the distortions pointed out in the remastered version, which puts your hearing ability into question. Have you actually done a detailed side-by-side comparison? Did you normalize the loudness in that comparison? (It can be tempting to think that louder = sounds better, which is why the "loudness war" exists to begin with.) Yes, let's just ignore the critical feedback and instead focus on the positive feedback from others, most of whom probably haven't done a comparison with the original mastering. Ignorance is bliss.
  8. Look for a hostel to stay for cheap. Wander the beach, do some hikes or fishing, maybe ferry to Vancouver Island and check out the Butchart Gardens or something if you're into that.
  9. Here's one more fun piece of data for you guys, regarding the track "Let's Turn On". The numbers are one quantitative measurement of "dynamic range" and they're on a scale from 1 to 20 (higher is better). Tantrance 1 (1995) Yellow (1995) Let's Turn On (1996) Goa Trance (1997) Goa-Head Vol. 2 (1997) Let's Turn On - Remastered (2015) Based on these numbers alone, the least compressed version of the track available may be the original album on TIP records. The worst available is this remaster. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to compare the different versions of these tracks with your ears. Obviously that's the best, but it's not something I can do for you. I suggest using good headphones and something that will let you switch between the tracks in real time (something like the ABX comparator I used, but there's probably something better out there). I'm not sure whether the dynamic range was lowered so as to increase the loudness (this is my fear), or whether draeke personally likes flat music. Anyway, that doesn't really matter and there's no changing it now. My agenda here isn't to discourage anyone from purchasing the release, only to inform them and maybe to encourage draeke to get a new mastering engineer for future releases. I'm not an expert in this field, so others may have more to say on it. I see that draeke mentions his credentials a lot, but the things he says have not convinced me that he's an expert either. I'll be watching this thread. Cheers
  10. Unlike you, I don't care about any old idiot's poorly expressed opinion on the internet. The reason why is that most idiots' opinions are uninformed, unintelligible, full of fallacious reasoning, and so on. Yours is a great example. You've added absolutely nothing of value with your post. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean that you have to, too. Now if you had some charts, evidence, numbers, data, or something intelligent to add to the discussion, then I'd care a lot more about your "opinion". Actually, the entire last page of this thread is a sad demonstration of the state of our world. I posted some EVIDENCE. My post was followed by numerous objections. 0% of those objections contained any evidence. 100% of those objections contained personal attacks and logical fallacies.
  11. I was planning to ignore Balance (already reported his pointless spam above when I first saw it). Of course he's trolling again and trying to bait me with his vituperation and ad hominem attacks. Hopefully, when a moderator gets on, all of this spam will be deleted or moved to a separate thread and we can continue talking about Doof - Let's Turn On. Take his tough guy talk with a grain of salt since he was crying in the past about getting beat up at bars ("I used to always get punched when I went to raves, pubs, clubs or gigs."). I think he romanticizes just how tough bars are and likes to dream that he got beat up by the biggest, meanest, Hell's Angels bikers in the outback.
  12. I listen on HD800 headphones and used the foobar2000 ABX comparator to switch between the tracks from old/new mastering in real time. Differences in mastering are very obvious. Are the differences good or bad? That's a very subjective question. For me they are bad because they are louder, harsher, brighter, and noisier, which I don't like and which gives me listening fatigue, and because I already liked the originals as they were. But others may prefer this mastering. I only hope that those who like it don't speak out of ignorance but actually do a comparison so that they can have an informed and intelligent opinion. Unfortunately I know that most users on here would never say anything remotely negative about it because of their emotions towards draeke. Anyways, here's a waveform comparison of Star Above Parvati for anyone interested. (Similar story in other tracks as well, I'm sure.) Original: Remaster: Original (zoomed in on peak): Remaster (clipping?): Remaster (clipping?): But hey, at least it's now loud enough that draeke can hear it over top his screeching Italian grandma (without even having to touch the volume knob!)!
  13. I've done some A/B comparison flipping between the original TIP Records mastering and the DAT Records remastering of most of the tracks. What I've noticed is that the remaster is LOUDER and that it has less dynamics (all sounds are generally very LOUD). In most tracks the remaster is brighter as well, and some have extra reverb. Another track that was ruined IMO was Star Above Parvati. It's unfortunate, but I guess the loudness war is still ongoing in Italy. Personally, I will stick with the original. Although the remastering is probably not too bad or noticeable for users who aren't familiar with the original, it's the type of mastering that would give me listening fatigue. I'm not a huge fan of very harsh, loud, and noisy sounding goa trance music. I prefer softer, more organic, and more dynamics. But I've noticed on numerous releases that DAT Records seems to like loud, harsh, and compressed mastering. Just my honest $0.02, and I don't care how much love and care anyone put into it -- that doesn't change the facts. P.S. - I encourage the "naysayers" to do a comparison themselves if they care about the quality of the mastering. And if they don't, then I'm simply not interested in hearing what vile things they have to say.
  14. There we have it folks: the final proof that the remaster is good. I don't care what draeke says, what Nick says, or what anyone else on here says; if Balance's 3 year old child likes it, then we know it's a high quality remaster. Fuck yea!
  15. Most people are not consistent and do/say/believe hypocritical things. You've pointed some out in so-called hippies. But similar things exist in almost all people, maybe all people. However, in your case, I think many of the points you've brought up are not really hypocritical, you just haven't understood them clearly enough. For example, to love something is selfish and is often to use and destroy it. The change of the word "love" to something "selfless" is a recent development in our language, probably brought about by Christianity and its moral values. In a way, it's a reversal of the original meaning of "love", which is why the term can be so confusing/paradoxical to people nowadays. People turning the meaning of words on their head for their own malicious purposes. Hippies tend to trust each other and only really to distrust big corporations, governments, and people who might want to harm them.
  16. Normal is a term with a statistical/mathematical definition. It certainly exists.
  17. Since he was talking about the volume, it's not just a matter of opinion... it's simple to factually verify his statement that the volume of the tracks relative to one another was changed. It will also be simple to check whether the end result was the most loudness out of each track, or not. If so, that would suggest that the tracks individually had their volume increased. But maybe they just didn't like the original difference in volume between those tracks and it was valid to change that.... All of those statements are basically irrelevant. Better mastering is not decided by popularity, how long or much effort went into it, what one specific person thought of it, or how many revisions were made. Sorry to say. It is subjective, but antic gave very detailed criticism which should be addressed by actually listening to the parts he pointed out, rather than listing a bunch of irrelevant statements. I'll be comparing the original with the remaster myself, very soon, to see if I agree with antic's criticism or not.
  18. I don't think this is very good. The music changes continually and doesn't build up or go anywhere. Contrast that was great Goa Trance which tells a story as it builds up and continually adds to the track. Nothing really stands out as being great here. It sounds cartoonish.
  19. It's clearly deceptive. If you don't think so, then answer me: why is the term "limited" used for marketing this CD to begin with? Please give me an answer other than the one I described in my post above, if I'm wrong. Unless you can answer me this, then I will assume that the term "limited" is used for the same reason that it's used by the vast majority of other marketing campaigns, which would indeed make it deceptive and borderline fraudulent to plan to repress it.
  20. Because the "old masters" actually made good music (some of them). We don't worship them for being old, but for what they produced. Their music is the stuff we go back to time and time again. It's the same in all genres, and here's how it goes. In the beginning, the music is innovative, free, experimental, authentic. After some success and popularity, all sorts of crappy producers flock in to capitalize on it. The music becomes formulaic and most of it is worthless junk, yet a hardcore group of wannabe fans clings to the "scene" and pretends that it's still good and that they're "keeping it alive". Meanwhile, most of the talented producers have long moved on.
  21. It is fraudulent to market something as a "limited" release when it's not actually limited. Maybe legally you can get away with it, but it's definitely deception. Why bother calling it "limited" at all if it's not actually limited? Answer: because you want to get the attention of investors. But then you turn greedy and want to screw those investors over by re-printing it and pretending that they were bad people for falling for your original marketing tactic. Bad. If you truly want as many people as possible to have the CD, then print it in a large quantity to begin with (limited or not doesn't matter, but stick with your choice) and sell them for $3 each. You won't make much profit, but the max number of users will own it, and that's what you claim that it's all about, right?
  22. I'd have to interrupt other music with a higher probability of being good to listen to that. No thanks.
  23. Usually if their first 2-3 releases suck, they only get worse after that. So I haven't heard "Lost In The Wild" and I doubt I'm missing much. There is a chance that I'm missing out, just like I could be missing out on the newest Justin Bieber.
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