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  1. The best two albums I have heard in a long time are tunes pulled up from the 90s (The remixes of Let's Turn On-Doof and Playing the Presets by Praktika). Quite frankly I hardly ever hear anything that isn't too commercial these days.
  2. This is the best album I have heard in a long, long, long time! Brilliant.
  3. Spanish Gypsy- Cosmosis Listen from 5.00 onwards...
  4. ...plus allo the Tinrib stuff... Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvKfJ2Jh0W8 I thank you Elvis- Fierce Bass
  5. T.I.P., Transient and Intastellar (Dimension & Cybernaut) Have some pretty unusual Nephilim stuff on vinyl too
  6. Mahadeva is a great track. My other favourite AP tracks are: We are Controlling Transmission (as SFX) Kabalah Ionized Zero Dancing Galaxy Flying into a Star Liquid Sun Trance Dance Searching for U.F.O.s
  7. From the epic mid-nineties days of Helter Skelter and Slammin' Vinyl!!! These are epic!!! Billy Bunter. Jon Doe. Sharkey. MZone. Mark EG. Wooooooooooooo!!! Couldn't help but to give you 15!!! DJ Choci- V.C.F. Lochi- London Acid City http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1u0hHBYg-4 Scraper- Alien Factory X2 (Time is Now!)- DJ Scot Project Evolution 4-Ward- Moonrise Real Nightmare- Ozaka Oz Jacob's Ladder- The Dentist D.A.F.Y.K.- Xavi Escolano Pressure- Signum What Ya Got 4 Me- Signum
  8. There are alot of candidates, but if you were looking for the BEST example, I'd have to go for one of the oldies really: Dimension 5 Astral Projection Cosmosis Doof Hallucinogen Infinity Project Koxbox Trilithon ( ) Slinky Wizard Total Eclipse The Overlords etc etc
  9. Good to see M.O.S. on that list. 'Anti-Gravity' is really good.
  10. That's fair enough tbh. Remember by the way, I did say 'I find virtually all Pleiadians stuff unspiring', not all however. I.F.O. is a very good album. That said, I think 'Transdimensional by D5 is better!!! Pleiadians/Etnica have doen ALOT of stuff don't forget.
  11. Sorry guys. I've been listening to this stuff since around 1992, and honestly, it is definitely about taste and not about 'understanding'. The problem with Pleiadians for me is a lack of 'interesting' sounds and sampling. There is a hell of alot going on, but sometimes far too much, without enough clear emphasis. Now- that is only my opinion, but I believe that we all get a buzz from different things. You see, if I want the sounds of a space mission I'd far rather plump for Dimension 5- but I saw on another thread here thata few people thought they are the most over-rated act- I just coul
  12. Rie Kurihara (Ree.K)- 'Agaru to Sagaru' is epic!
  13. Very controversial first post I know, but I find virtually all Pleiadians stuff very, very uninspiring. I also don't particularly like Etnica stuff, apart from 'The Beast Man'.
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