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  1. http://www.discogs.com/sell/release/5289849?ev=rb
  2. https://www.goabase.net/amanita-muscaria-invites-suntrip-records/81448 https://www.facebook.com/events/992006117491668/?fref=ts
  3. I'll try to be more specific in my question If there is 1 track that explains true goatrance... which one would that be? for me its this one, this one got everything i look for in a goatrance track.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHV37Fp5-pY
  4. I was wondering... Sometimes i get the question of people who are interested, but don't know anything about goatrance... What is goatrance? So if you have to explain to people, what goatrance is, which track are you going to let them hear?
  5. Amanita Muscaria welcomes our newest member Di'Ji!!!! Di'Ji will surprise us all with a beautiful chill out mix at this party! Welcome to the family Di'ji :)
  6. Amanita Muscaria invites Suntrip Records! 22-11-2014
  7. Anoebis played some great tribal chill tunes in Bruges 2 weeks ago... Anoebis??
  8. 01. Lunar Asylum - Lunar Asylum 02. Cosmosis - Cosmology 03. Hunab Ku - Magik Universe 04. MFG - Project Genesis 05. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia 01. Lunar Asylum - Van Halen 02. Cosmosis - Cabannoid 03. Cosmosis - Alien Disco 04. Hunab Ku - Matrix 05. Hunab Ku - Magik Mirror 06. MFG - Why? 07. Astral Projection - Power Gen 08. Pharagonescia - Pharatropic 09. Yahel - Last man of the universe 10. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Atomic Armadillo Little bit of Acid, little bit of Melody, ALL all time classics
  9. So true! And fx? naaah, nothing needed (except maybe sometimes the filter colour effect on djm800 could be nice...)
  10. Long live Belgium No sadly it's true,i went to some festivals this summer and it really started to bother me...always the same repetitive very predictable full on music.. the exact same loop, the exact same breaks, some 'climax' ...next song...and you know what? it's like the same song as before!! I'am so glad i live in Belgium were most of the people seems to be over the hype of full on music...(Not that there is no good full on music!) But it really evolved in some clubby atmosphere (read: smoke machines, laser efx, ...) That breaks sooooo hard the atmosphere of blacklight and beautiful deco as before... Thank you Belgium for your oldskool mind :)
  11. The thing about the film industry is that it evolves (3d, hd, ...) Also i presume the budget of big hollywoodproducers is a little bit bigger So the market crashes less...but they do crash also Music gets more and more digital, cds are fading... sadly (were's the fun in mixing with mp3s on a controller and most of them even use sync button!!)
  12. I'am afraid this is still the biggest downside of the internet... It's too easy to download HQ audio...As i look for 'Suntrip' in tor**nt sites, i can easily download everything on the label... While 10-12€ for a CD remains still very cheap..especially when you got an insight in how many hours of work it takes to create an album, for an artist. It's also very sad to see, that when i go play at parties, how many djs work with illegal mp3s on their controllers.. Is there a solution?? Well, i like it the most when labels start repressing the music that is so overpriced at sites as discogs, it's a huge commerce if you see how people exploit the music you can't buy new anymore... I don't know how difficult it is to repress artists older work, but i really appriciate the efforts that labels as suntrip, dat, amakusa, ... are doing..
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