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  1. i know Tool but to be hones i never heared this one! yeah thats exactly what i am talking about. the intro of the first one gave me chillis. i felt like a mexican serial killer when i heard it
  2. sorry for my words...really. i have no controll over myselfe sometimes
  3. i am not care if you are the owner of bandcamp or just a regulair faggot who likes good boys or a Psynews mod. Stop fashism i bet you....stot this "I am longer here so i am better" stuff. i am new and better than everyone of you....my first wish is to make psynews to a base where beautifull people ca meet!. no fight and no old faggots who think there are special and important
  4. btw what do you think about this one i think i turn slowly insane...we all do. life is not about me...we all are an organism. its basicaly a goa project what i turned into dark ambient track. easy but effective. In this slow version it reflects perfect what i felt at the moment when i did it. I just wanted to cry
  5. My present to Psynews for the 20 day of birthday....yeah now you can drink alcohol in europe and buy weed in Amsterdam. Good Luck. You will be a strong and healthy warrior. give pls some likes i need that. Even if you dont like give a like....i needed one month to make this track and 3 min to do this video.
  6. maybe its just me but i think we all should work together instead of working against each other. Music is art its not a Job to get money with...art is free. Ofcourse i understan that people want to get something back for their everyday work. I did one track too and it was one month of everyday work. I think Goa would be much better if the people do it just for themselfe and share it as a gift with others. I found a dude who is interested in making some tracks with me. We are planing already....maybe you will hear from us.
  7. Big thumbs up for that. when i heared it i could not belife it(like it came out of nowhere!)....there are some artists who release on Ovnimoon Rec. like Clementz....the problem is that my mixes with Ovnimoon rec tracs get blocked on youtube. i have even written to ovnimoon in facebook but got no answer. its funny because other people can upload them. Youtube has special rules for me like it seems...EQUALITY. Thank you i own it already on mp3 and i think i will buy it on physical if there is a physical version. I still dont get the point why people are hiding music...the modern young human is a youtuber not a bandcamper. there are very intelligent and talented young people outthere....lets inspire them and hope that they will do a great job to hold it alive. Goa is a good way of life...its more than music. I stoped my Channel anyways...i am tired of that. have another small where i can upload the darkness of my heart. Its more like the toilet of my brain. It helps me a lot!
  8. it would be very cool if people could send files here like in discord....some audio stuff, projects. To work together! and there is an absolutely awesome VA out....called GOAGLIDE. i have to say its maybe the best compilation i have ever heared. guys pls uploade it to youtube. or i can do it
  9. i have a lot to say.....yeas i said goa is dead but its not. its quite funny because very good music cames out the last days
  10. hmm...i for myselfe associated Goa Trance with Tradition and Culture. Willpower and fertility....never with homosexuality and liberalism. Its music for workout and fighting. Not for using drugs and have group sex or practicing sodomy. I cant understand modern people
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