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  1. i like both very much but the remaster is better i think (second one)
  2. one government one race one society one god....no love no life no freedom no diversity NO INDIVIDUALISM" one" backwards is "No" think about it "angels of ivory girl room"
  3. Ever being Coronized?...feeeeeling that we are hypnotised
  4. that Omnivox Track is actually sweet as Ass...sometimes music tracks slip through my Apex Predator Sensors like sahara dust through the hands of a Camel. Thanks! I am sure that Omnivox knows more than we think...he prepared us with his music for this magical times,
  5. check out 4:30 in the first track...i was drunken dancing in the dark in the flat of my parents when i was 7 years old, sweeeet energizzer!
  6. WAIT WHAT? Artifact303 made an Album...my Panties very very excited!
  7. random crap from like 15 years ago
  8. My Female Ex Girlfriend...did it in 10 min or less attemt to be a Mangaka when i was 14 or so I was 12 or something and a big DB fan...and GOLDEN BOY xD
  9. i love the focus on Beer and Workout tools...when i was 14 i worked out while drinking beer instead of water
  10. seems that me and all people i know are "suprime Ultra Aryans" with immunity to that horrific Virus... Blood from the Goa Gods! also called Psykovsky Genes
  11. so how do you feel after the Vaccation? Do you got in your Arm or Butt cheek? Does it hurt more then injecting heroine?
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