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  1. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    Artifact 303 - Feelings is an awesome track...i had a mix from an unknown Fullon psy DJ and "Feelings" was in the tracklist. Between U-Recken, Tropical Bleyage, Ovnimoon and Digicult. I searched this track for years and on some day suddenly i found it... My question is...What is Newschool/Neo Goa? Has suntrip started Neo Goa or is it the Goa made after 2000...or has it to do with production of music? For me Chi Ad is Neo Goa too...even if it is from the 90s and has nothing to do with suntrip. Even Some 90s tracks of Astral Projection sounds quite Newschool . I sometimes think about the definition and honestly i think only a few Newschool tracks can be called GOA...the rest is indeed Fullon Psytrance. Goa is more than just static psytrance ...it has groove, complex basslines , atmosphere, A Story, melodical coherence and quality... I think that the guys from Celestial Intelligence are nowadays the best producer of Goa with musical Quality. Thats maybe my favorite track:
  2. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Must Listen To Albums of Goa-/Psy-Trance and Psybient

    oooh yeah and check out Glowing Flame Records on discogs. AWESOME unique Psychedelic Trance...
  3. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Must Listen To Albums of Goa-/Psy-Trance and Psybient

    +1 on Sandman - Witchcraft nowadays i am interested in "well done/ good quality" Fullon and Eskimo is just awesome...a very talented guy! Found him yesterday in Discogs and i am in love.
  4. Psychedelic Superbeast

    What are you doing right now?

    i have psykovsky ksolntsu 2x one used and one sealed...i can send you the used one as gift free. the sealed one i can sell or trade
  5. Psychedelic Superbeast

    What are you doing right now?

    i am reading Aleister Crowley at the moment and hearing darker old school Goa...the true occult ceremonial music. And i noticed in this moment that there is NO perfect GOApsy album or compilation. We have to do our own Compilation for our selfes because we all are very different...me and you, we are more different than your or mine difference to the whole universe. We all should start doing own music in our free time to pay tribute. Then we will rise, love and connect...no hate, no fear no Gangster Rap. 2 weeks ago i made an audio CD compilation (from my physical collection) for my almost 60 years old father and he is thrilled xD
  6. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Must Listen To Albums of Goa-/Psy-Trance and Psybient

    If you like unique Psychedelic/ Goa Trance with some SPECIAL elements... This Albums followed their own Rules: -Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is Childs play ((DE is a very talented producer and his first album is one of the best Futuristc/cyberdelic sounding oldschool Goa Trance Albums!!)) -Kox Box - Dragon tales ((Complex and very trippy melodic Psychedelic Goa....with many suprises included!!)) -Infected Mushrooms - BP Empire ((A beautiful journey. A perfect mix of Sadness and Happieness...Unique Psychedelic Album with an unique Limbo Atmosphere)) -Alienated - FF ((Complex, Twisted and dark Goa Trance with insane story telling)) -Orichalcum & The Deviant - Live ((Complex, Twisted and highly playful Goa Trance)) -Cydonia - In fear of a red planet (Very industrial and metalic/tribalistic sounding Goa. Unique Post apocalyptic atmosphere and musically perfect done!)) -Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age ((Industrial+Goa+Steampunk Sounding Album...)) -Sandman - Witchcraft ((Sandman is like the band "Tool" but in The Psychedelic Trance genre. Very unique twisted Dreamy atmosphere and musically very well done)) -Menis - Temporary Insanity ((darkish griddy goa trance)) -Semsis - Letting Go ((Techno+Goa+Cyberpunk)) -Trold - Time of Illusion ((proto forest psytrance...very playfull and mean but in some points deep and beautiful forest music)) -Dark Soho - Sun Spot/Combustion ((Dark, Sad, DEPRESSIVE mixture of Industrial and Psytrance...i warn you, some tracks are Dangerous for mentally weak people)) -The Misted Muppet - From The legend ((high energy Fullon with Middle Age/Fantasy elements!!! ...The melodies are Awesome and musically on a Infected Mushroom level. But its less Twisted and playfull then IM))
  7. Psychedelic Superbeast


    i really try to like IFO but it does not work :/ Alcyone is the only very good track for me (of all Pleiadian work...) The remixes made by Morphic resonance are far better than the Original and MR even changed the build up to the BETTER side. So here is my small opinion: Fullon Psytrance: 1.Infected Mushroom - BP Empire 2.The Misted Muppet - From The Legend 3.Dark Soho - Combustion Goa Trance/Psychedelic: 1.Kox Box - Dragon Tales 2.Cydonia - In fear of a red Planet 3.Sandman - Witchcraft Newschool Goa: 1.Ethereal - Anima mundi 2.Celestial Intelligence - Perpetual Energy 3.Ra - 9th
  8. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Best Intro Tracks

  9. Psychedelic Superbeast

    the best of Progressive Trance.

    NOT IN ORDER ^^' Some of them have slight psychedelic or prog. House/Vocal features included Have Fun!
  10. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    thank you Tsotsi...there is a Hate on the Globe i can not understand. People are searching for problems instead of seaching for peace or Love. The type of people who will find a negativ part in everything...I am a lone one and i dont really need the feedback. My music is ok...and i want to be better! Also i will do more music and develope myselfe. Thank you realy but i have enough ouf this agressive comments. My name will stay Deadrah and i try to support the Goa scene. This people have such a high status here on the site but act like retardet children Fear = Hate Willpower= Love
  11. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    we russian people are agressive...specially against finnish;)
  12. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    OK "Proxy us" or "Deus ex" or "Pro Zeus" so yeah...i think you got me:) have fun with my mixes dude! You will not find such awesome tunes on youtube!
  13. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    so you name came from god? Such is life...we inspire our selfe and get better. Who is deedrah? i found a good remix of Shakta and nothing more. I called myselfe Deadrah because of the Demon creatures in TES and because the two words DEAD and RAH. a DEAD GOD. What is the Problem. I dont even like this name any more. I am DJ and i know goa very good but i am new is music making so i just asked polite fora feedback. Shame on you guys...really.
  14. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    Thank you Agneton...I will!
  15. Psychedelic Superbeast

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    You Know the Game "The Elder Scrolls" ? i think it was far before Transwave ma friend...i can easy change my name, no problem. Your Comment has no sense so its ok if you dont hear it you two are masters in finding a Problem, learn to read.