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  1. guys i had a channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVlezCDIye-H81oqyGzdvQ but i am not the one guy bvack then please trust me.
  2. yes yes yes...but no. oldschool goa is immortal and if you werfen x-dream und dark soho in einen topf then you are not informiert. ich habe einen zweiten kanal weil ich mich manchmal im inneren wie ein 16 jähriges emo mädchen fühle. check out the dark ambient stuff i uploaded. some nice stuff will fellow bro ;)) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKXv9IgSLskxoGzKvqQARJg
  3. are here talented human beings? please someone should do 130bpm goa with dark ambiente soundscape and dark metallic agressive synths. not the synthetic plastic sound but more the neurofunk/techstep tone? i will buy and honor it.
  4. sorry i am kind of controlling but i know that i am right. right? one of my mixes. please show me darkpsy in the same or better quality... Edit: i sometimes post my stuff here...its not because i want something for that back. everything i did and have written here was for myselfe. if some people get bliss from that its ok
  5. i dont understand the confused smiley on my post. WHY? My comment shows the missing part in modern psytrance. to be honest it is shit...i stopped mixing goa and doing sets because there are no tracks.
  6. do you guys ever had the feeling that producers not just did made music in the musical way but created witchcraft? I am not uploading anymore on my channel but i do mixes and sets for myselfe for "Workout/meditation/ritual". i hear one mix again and again to proof each track on its stability and power and think there are there are track thad were made in a different way. I mean...please dont be distrackted by the name and the intention of the artist. i am also not a stupid superbeast to say thing like this. Sandman did magic and this tracks arent getting boring for me even after the hundrets listenings. he truly transformed mind energy into a sonic being...this tracks are alive! i live this track so much...cant even describe it in words. was the first track in my workout mix...it enlightened me, gave me power. the words in the beginning are my guide. maybe the most underrated musical pice in all genres. cant understand why but maybe its better like it is.... Edit: sandman isnt doing goa anymore but even histodays psytrance sets are the best i ever heared. he knows what he is doing for sure. a modern wizard. Edit 2: Goa is emotion. emotion creates manifestation. a Goa track/psytrance track must massage your soul and take you by the hand while flying through an ocean of emotions. playfulll ones, deep ones dark ones beautiful ones. Good Goa is a living being in form of sound. Astral Projection and other masters of Wizardry created children. Edit 3: i think i am Goasexual
  7. The 90s Goa Trance Magic wont come back again...very sad. In Terms of Darkpsy/Good Psytrance i wish that the newer generation should learn from Guys like: Parasense, Atriohm, Penta, Fungus Funk, Psykovsky...the Russian style Darkpsy is by far the best Psytrance out there (Quality, creativity wise) Zolod was a Master of creative ideas. I like Darkpsy but the new stuff is nothing compared to the 2000 - 2010s stuff. Progressive Psy is nowadays melting together with techno or something...some modern techno sets have prog psy in it and vise versa. I dont think that this is a good idea but i dont care since i dont like both of them. But for prog psy i would wish some coherence and identity for the tracks. A memorable melody...a banging Lead. There are too many tracks that sound like a Salad out of 20 different synths and effects pounded by an annoying Rubber bass. I cant hear that "simple one line Bass" anymore. Makes me aggressive....like everithing else too. Peace.
  8. People that scream: We are all the same! are equally stupid like people that try to find big differences between Humans. All in all: Black People are Stronger and have digger Bick Asians are Smarter and faster, also they can draw comics...Mangos or something like that Whites are the prettiest homosexuals and are producing awesome music for taking drugs and turning even more gay White Women have the ability to shapeshift into Dogs, Snakes and Bunnies. All three forms are Toxic, hairy and have claws. Slavs have just all the positive and strong abilities of all humanity multiplied by the slavic population + Age of Lord Putin They also can shapeshift into Space Whales and travel through Time when "Artifact303 - Feelings" is playing in the background. Everyone has his power sides and we are all together humans! Just forget everything what i have written Peace
  9. Same here....Zerro Barrier is one of the most unique Goa tracks of all time. I love the Atmosphere and the Synths. It reminds me of the game dead Space somehow....while other tracks of Chi AD sounds a little bit repetetive in the end section Zerro Barrier hasnt this problem. A darkish and futuristic trip with an awesome end pard energizer. I also love Moonart by ch ad...totally ignored track with an intense spacey atmosphere.
  10. i am kind of sad. Had a break from Goa/Psytrance for some time and heared IDM/Dark Ambient/90s Drum n Bass...Goa sounds not the same anymore for me. I never imagined that it some day could happen.. Because i want to get rid of maybe 60-70% of my collection i heard all the stuff a have and there are just a few CDs that gave me that Goa energy like years ago. I really cant hear newschool anymore besides a few artists. And progressive/modern Psy never bothered me that much. It even annoys me sometimes. And btw if someone is interested in music CDs write me...maybe guys from germany?
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