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  1. bro i will hear them...ofcourse i know duende, ashley and andy...how can i forget andy moor. i am andy too
  2. i have read it in a greek accent...quite good. What do you think about slavic philosophie? Right, Sophie means WEISHEIT! in german...but is wisdom not the same like life? We suck....we exist. Some one else suck us...we die, we dont suck we get cancer. What do you thinkl about slavs? i think that Greek people aqre slavs too...the slavs that were more tolerated by the new world order. the Americans let you have an own culture...our lands were destroyed several times by Fashistic warlords from west europe and asia.. and that was happened over 4000 years. Thats because this Dominators let the greeks be kind bof free and develope inteligience....philosophs...dont be a slave. I give you a very important small hint...talk with people from the real former soviet union or with real jugoslaws! you will be blown away from their point of view/inteligence and inner power. Wish you alll the best my greek friend, may we meet on the bettlefield against infidels! SLAWA SLAWANOM!!!
  3. thats the art to communicate with other humans...let them never know what you really think about them. Greek people are philosophs or not? the REAL nerds of life...(Philosophie = Love the Life) The best way to handle "the mass" is to bring them to love and respect you at the same time...if you only can have one of both...then frighten them with your knowlege/ talents and strenght to live a free sorrowless human life. otherwise you will be eaten alive.
  4. Trunksan Winns FLAWLESS VICTORY... FATALITY! you are the Thread winner and the Throne is yours....haha xD No Seriously, you should call yourselfe "Spacelord of Multiverse" or something like this. Your life must feel like a Trip...wish i could move my ass like you through life! I hear this music for more than 10 years now and i never was on a psy party or festival. now i have to cure my depressions and midlife crisis made by Trunksan.... THANKS
  5. Wow i love your taste in EBM...i am new in this stuff...NEED MORE MOOOOORE! I realize slowly that some Goa dudes did actually EBM, Or a mix of Both like Cydonia...Thats because i loved them always! (Fear of a red Planet) is one of my absolute favorite albums together with stuff from Tim Schuld/Four Carry Nuts :)) By the legendary Thorsten Fenslau....if Modern Goa just had more Industrial & dark elements i would go crazy Thanks for your detailed story Staffen!!!
  6. Ghost on Acid...haha man Thank you!!! i realize now that i forgot so much music inbetween my stages Ofcoure i loved the track lambada too...it was maybe my favorite melody for years as a child! I learned it even on Keyboard... It was very well known in russia in the 90s (((i sang it all day alongside with Gasmanov...))) "Robert Miles - Children" remembered me on a short period in 2004-5 when i heard Classic Trance! At that time i had bought a CD called "The Best of Dreamdance" in our electronic market because i saw a short commercial in the german TV (RTL2 i belive) xD. I simply had tu buy it because of this track This stuff led me then to much deeper and better Trance like: (love them even today...goose bumps!)
  7. Monumental, thanosp81, recursion loop, astralprojection Wow so much similarities! Seems that 90s and 00s were not differently at all...and almost all of us stumbled over Goa Head Cds and had their revelation^^ Once i had a dream to collect all Goa Heads but when i heard the 10+ releases my wish turned to stinky air... Since i met Goa, it became like an eternal home for me! Time flies, but I know that I can go back if I want to and expect a warm and familiar home in Goa Trance. even if my taste is constantly changing and evolving...
  8. Wow, you are lucky! Straight to GOA Trance...and also quite good goa trance(Cosmosis, Dragonfly rec...) i had first to go through tonns of Fullon to finally find real Goa in the Ocean of Psytrance...but i love also the Fullon times! Yeah the parties xD i remember how i always met with my friends at friday to make a warm up with Psytrance. Then we went to the City Clubs to watch Girls and hear stupid Electro House or Techhouse xD After the Club we heard Psytrance again and talked about the Girls and how stupid they are nowadays....i want to be 16 again! haha
  9. I am just curious how and when other people started to hear Goa psy music... how was the way that led you all to this awesome music? How has your music taste changed over the course of your life? Is there even better and more mature music than Goa out there? Is there a next musical step upwards after Goa? Would be very nice if you would dive into your past and write down your approximate age + the music you loved at that time(Style, Bands, DJs...everything!) Youtube links woud be cool to. Maybe one track that describes the phase in your life the best! I will do it for myselfe first ( i am born 1990): START: 3-5 Years: My parents told me that i loved Russian chanson music and a guy called "Oleg Gasmanov" ...i was singing it all the day xD 6 Years: I had a magical experience with Trance music on the family birthday party of my 18 years old cousine...my parents have all the euphoric dance expressions of me on video Tape...yeah It was basically commercial stuff like Paul van dyke...But for a child pure Magic. Fantasy. Wonderland. Space. Insomnia. Madness. I remember this track very well...it sounded very "hard" to me at that time. 7-10 Years: Modern Talking, russian Synthpop, Eurodance. CDs from my parents... My favorite at that time. 10-13 Years: An Italian school Friend gave me a cassette with "Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory" from his older Sister and at this point i became a hardcore Linkin Park fan! I always liked the electronic elements in their music. After Linkin park i changed to the Emo side and my new flame was stuff like: Evanescens, Within Temptation, HIM, Nightwish and...I AM PROUD OF IT OK!!? 14-16 Years: I dont know how but i managed to download a Sven Väth Mix from the Internet. From this point on i Loved stuff like: Extrawelt, Pig&Dan, Boris Brejcha...but at the same time i was also into Progressive House and heard stuff like Deadmau5 or Glen Morrison. All in all this phase could be called Progressive Techno/House. 17-20 Years: Through Youtube i had the first Contact with Fullon and ProgPsy in 2006-07. Astrix, Astral Projection, Audiomatic, U-Recken, Vibe Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento and many more. Man that was a crazy time!!!!!!!!! At first i didnt even knew what goa is...until i bought Goa Head 2 on a flea market. I dont really know how old i was but Astral Projection - Kabbalah blew me away on this day. I remember the moment very well... Since GH2 i could finnaly distinguish between Goa, Psytrance and Progressive. 20-22 Years: Neurofunk, Dark Dubstep... 23-26 Years. GOA. 27-28 Years: Goa but more often the darker side of it...found Twilight Fullon for myselfe. Now: Darkpsy, Dark Ambient, Dark Wave/Synth, Ebm, Industrial, Psychedelic/Space/Doom Rock. so thats basically my musical "curriculum vitae" for now... You are welcome to write yours my friends!
  10. The Bass is froim the early 90s. But it can also be a 98-2002 track with this oldschool bass synth... I would say it is proto trance/goa from around 92 - 98. Check out the mixes of this guy called...COGOA maybe you will be lucky and find your track in this mixes or you find similar/better tracks
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