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  1. what do you want for Flying Rhino Air Born?
  2. hi here is my new Fullon PsyTrance mix...please check it out Its a set of melodic and emotional "classic" PsyTrance Tracks. It took a while to collect them all, so have fun and enjoy it! "When you dream there are no rules People can fly Anything can happen. Sometimes there is a moment as you are awakening When you become aware of the real world around you But you are still dreaming." - Astral Projection 1. John 00 Fleming - Altered Senses(Deedrah Remix) 0:00 2. Eskimo - My Blue Goa 4:14 3. Dino Psaras - Hoover 5:28 4. U-Recken - Powerfull 10:15 5. Hunab Ku - Children of the Stones 15:27 6. Vibe Tribe - Ananda 21:38 7. U-Recken - Barbination 28:46 8. Wizzy Noise - Sputnik 35:59 9. Electric Universe - Freedom 40:44 10. Sesto Sento - Frozen Dreams 46:08 11. U-Recken - Let it Rain 50:52 12. Smuhg - Transparance 57:56 13. Jirah - New Dawn 1:03:54 14. Whizzy Noise - Renaissance 1:07:59 15. Electric Universe - Quasar 1:13:30
  3. haha i know your channel...good work man! It is not really smart to upload Goa mixes or compilations nowadays because they just disapear somewhere in the deep youtube Ocean... I invested so much time and effort in my Goa sets and got like 300-500 clicks in almost a half year. As a small youtuber i have almost no chance against the big ones. Youtube gets shitty...we are not in 2009 anymore :-/
  4. in our village we call him sharkboy the rapist
  5. i was drunk and too nice when i made my last post to IMBA...so first you balkan guys have to stop to coop with NATO then we can talk...
  6. deadmau5- Arguru? i love serbia my friend...i was born in seberia(Russia) i have serbian friends here in germany! Russ people love serbs but not all serbs love Russ xD now i live in germany, but slav is slav or not ;)))))?
  7. 1.Dark Souls 3 2.Dark Souls 3.Dark Souls 2 4.Divinity Original Sin 2 5.Pillars of Eternity 6.Lost Odyssey 7.Chrono Trigger
  8. Psybient/Downtempo for a very deep Meditation while sitting on a vibrating Dildo Suomi for having sex with Clowns, Midgets and Donkeys in a Circus Tent
  9. Goa is for Kamasutra Forest psy for a "Treesome" HA! Darkpsy for S&M in a dark Dungeon(Celler) Twilight for a Vampire Cosplay sexytime while Girl has her period Hi Tech for Virtual Reality hentai sex Progressive Psytrance is for a Gangbang in a LGBTQ Club Fullon is for mastrubation to 90s Anime Girls while crying...(because of loneliness) Progressive Trance for playing the game Twister naked(so called Gaytwister) Psybreaks for running through the city on MDMA with a boner
  10. Yes all psytrance is about SEX and made during SEX. one of the endless examples of meaningless sex psy:
  11. do you know glowing flame records? if not check out the compilations if yu have the time...i have uploaded themall on youtube. Very ineresting mixture of psytrance and forest elements....Forestdelic rec is by the same people like glowing flame rec. The Trold album is quite interesting too. Maybe you can include one of glowing flame releases in your project too. Would be amazing! Love the effort and work this macedonian guys did back in the 2000s Tracks like this one are priceless...and i think that there will never be music like this again :/
  12. forest is atmospheric and mystical music with a nice groove. you can dance to it but also you can have a deep and magical meditation to it. thats my definition of forest. A sort of fairytale Darkpsy. early Forest...maybe more Darkpsy/Psychedelic trance to compare with thats industrial Goa.
  13. ok ka sol and BOTFB are nordic people but it does not mean that they did automatically forest. Curble back your pride Ormion. Batte buddha is cheesy music...i hear them too but it is bad produced industrial goa with ugly melodies. This Guys did not even know what musical harmony is! some tracks are unbeleaveble bad. Kas sol started to do "forest" with the 2 albums released on suntrip. And it is """""FOREST"""""....on """"""""SUNTRIP""""""". I am DJ an one track of Ka Sol before a forest set os ok but if we are honest...the real forest dont fit with the GoaTech KaSol did. IT is not the same! Should i post tracks to compare Kasol and your ugly BOTFB with good Forest?
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