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  1. Officially, I'm still a student. The prospects of employment after my studies aren't good; it's generally difficult for students of the humanities, all the more so if you don't possess any significant 'soft skills' and your vita is virtually bare of any valuable experiences, internships etc. Working abroad might be an option - in fact, nothing and no one really keeps me here. I've often thought about going to Norway, at least for an internship, but maybe even for an extended period of time.
  2. Hello, Before I begin, let me say that I sincerely hope this thread won't come across as some sort of unwanted self-promotion. Some of the forum rules gave me the impression that policies may be rather strict here as far as promotion is concerned. I am posting my material in hope of information and feedback only, one might even call it academic interest (see below). Early this year, I unearthed two of the electronic tracks from my teens, polished them a bit and recorded them properly because I felt they deserved it; it was a good way to bridge the ongoing hiatus of my regular musical project. I must confess that I don't know that much about electronic music - I've tried several genres over the last few years, listened to some stuff here and there and tried to grasp the connections and differences between the genres, but I feel that most of my knowledge is still quite sketchy and vague. I figured that many people on this board should be sufficiently familiar with various electronic styles (much more than myself at any rate), so my request would be on the one hand for someone to tell me what exact style these two tracks are (if any), and on the other hand if they're any good at all by 'regular' standards. The genre tags I've chosen are very tentative, though the first track certainly is somewhere in the Trance spectrum, I guess... I've had but few reactions so far, but they were surprisingly positive despite the extreme limitations under which the stuff was produced, otherwise I wouldn't have dared to post it here. But that feedback came from people who don't have much of a clue about electronic music themselves. Don't worry about negative comments - as I said, this material is really old and thus not that close to me. I'm just interested to hear what impression it makes on people who have the necessary background to assess its quality. To cut a long story short, here's (finally) the link: The Real Redeemer (Yes, stupid name, I know.) Oh, and by the way, I am a new user on this board - since I couldn't find a section for introductions as some other boards have it, I thought I'd just sneak in.
  3. This is (subjectively, of course) the best release I've discovered on Ektoplazm so far. I simply love it. Incredibly deep, atmospheric and touching. Every detail is in its place, the arrangements are well thought-out and seem heartfelt. Notice how I'm at a loss for words to describe this properly...
  4. In most people's view, I'd probably qualify as an atheist, but I would never describe myself as one since the term alone, the -ism suffix in 'atheism', suggests a belief, a conviction, a quasi-religious kind of dogmatism. Atheism is the belief that no god exists. To me, believing that no god exists already acknowledges the validity of the concept of 'belief', which is - essentially - a religious concept. I simply don't care about religion, it's a totally transparent cultural construction that, for some reason beyond my comprehension, has the better part of humankind fooled. So, strictly speaking I'm no atheist, in fact I'm no -ist at all: I neither believe in God or gods, nor do I believe that they do not exist. I simply reject believing altogether. To me, the idea of gods is a mere thought experiment, and even as a child I grew weary of it.
  5. Haha, same here. Maybe it was even with 14. Interesting topic, though: it's true that growing older can bring even more reasons to be depressed, or at least gravely concerned. Personally, I have two major concerns as I grow older: firstly, everyone around me seems to be making leaps towards a stable existence, achieving everything they need and/or want, while I feel stuck in the mire and, despite my best efforts, haven't achieved all that much over the last, say, ten years. Secondly, I have to face the fact that the question of children/family becomes more and more important for most people; so the older I get, the less likely I am to ever find a partner for a long-term relationship where children won't be an issue quite soon. Having children of my own is an absolute no-go for me. The more I hear people talk about children and family life, and the more young couples I encounter on the street, the more frustrated I get: the majority's vision of adult life is so fundamaentally different from mine that it'll be extremely difficult to find anyone who shares at least the most essential traits of my own vision. Yet, I cannot imagine spending my future alone - I'm only human after all. On the positive side, I've started exercising this year.
  6. d.leerium

    Sci-Fi Movies

    I voted for THX 1138, Brazil, Aliens, Terminator and Predator, though it hurts to leave Solaris out. Soderbergh's Solaris film (2002) is very good, too - I missed that one on the list. Carpenter's The Thing (1982) cannot be left out, either! I liked Event Horizon, but it cannot compete with either of the aforementioned classics.
  7. Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen. Quite promising so far. In fact, I can identify with most of the thoughts expressed by the protagonist.
  8. I clicked the like-button, too, but it's more of a gesture of support than anything else - I've hardly been using Facebook these last few months.
  9. Yes, certainly. I wouldn't argue against triplets as a matter of principle, of course they could also be used to make tracks more dynamic and rhythmically complex, but I haven't heard any such examples so far to be honest.
  10. Thanks! I'm not that familiar with "Trust in Trance" so far, in fact I've only heard it once since I don't have it on CD yet, but it seemed to be at least as good as "Another World". Haven't heard "Dancing Galaxy" yet. It seems that I've come a bit late to get such old classics on CD for a reasonable price. :/
  11. I really had to laugh a lot - all the more so since much of it seems true, from what I've gathered so far. In fact, most of the ten points had crossed my mind before at parties when the more mainstream kind of stuff was playing. The triplets in particular made me laugh: last time I was at a party (my second one of all time, actually), I couldn't help thinking how easily the majority of the audience could be 'tricked' into applauding the DJ and dancing more intensely as soon as such triplet bass lines set in. I found it to be a really cheap trick with little to no musical value, since there was nothing else to catch interest on the musical side.
  12. I'm relatively new to Goa and Psytrance and haven't heard that many albums so far, so my choices are likely to change over time. As for Goa. I'm having a hard time deciding between Astral Projection - Another World and Cosmosis - Cosmology, but tend to choose the latter right now. For Psy, the decision is easier: Deviant Species - The Quest for Balojax all the way. This album doesn't cease to impress me, it's incredibly deep, intricate and hypnotic. I haven't heard anything quite lke it.
  13. d.leerium = d.saffection on Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/user/d.saffection
  14. Well, I can imagine it's a matter of taste: to me, it's the exact opposite - most other D'n'B tends to bore me, but I find Desimal's work genuinely interesting and deeply atmospheric. "Wormhole" by Ed Rush & Optical is the only album I've found so far that can compete with Desimal, and rightly so, considering it's a milestone in the development of Neurofunk as far as I'm informed.
  15. I've never been much of a fan, but they've released at least one really good EP, "Monster". Unfortunately it's only available on vinyl as far as I'm informed, which is why I still don't own an original copy. It's in this atmospheric Neurofunk/Darkstep style which I love. Here's my favourite track: Those who like this particular sound should be sure to check out Desimal (Graham March), a brilliant and unique D'n'B producer who, unfortunately, committed suicide a few years back. He's my favourite in the entire D'n'B spectrum to this day - too bad his material isn't available on CD, either, it'd really deserve a proper complete works box or something along those lines. Some highlights of his work, starting with my all-time favourite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kifKnGj9-YM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJy-3JW_vsk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VHfXlj88rE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aTFvQM4aog
  16. I've only heard "Serenity" so far - a very good album, touching and deeply atmospheric throughout.
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