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  1. Here's a new track - the first one in ages and quite different from the ones before: Comments are welcome, of course! Also, please spread the word if you enjoy it. My own resources in promoting it are quite limited.
  2. Never heard of S-Range... Seems worth checking out! Where should I start?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, and sorry for not replying sooner... My spare time for posting on forums is somewhat limited these days, and I need to be in the right mindset to be able to respond properly to the more 'serious' topics. Currently I'm in the same dilemma again, which reminded me of this thread. There's an annual event on Saturday which I attended last year, and back then I swore to myself not to go there on my own again. But the only alternative is not to go there at all. It's hard enough to even find the motivation to go on my own, I mean, most people probably know that problem from experience - it's easier to get your shit together when you're in good company. Besides, I find it increasingly difficult to even keep myself awake until the event begins; guess I've passed the age of staying up all night, and this, too, is easier when you're in good company and can make some conversation. The main problem is really that I don't have the social skills and abilities to be able to socialise with new people even on the most basic level once I'm there, and trust me when I say it's not a matter of experience. That's why I'd necessarily need some way to get to know people outside of, and prior to, the events in a calm and less chaotic environment. It occasionally happened to me that someone said something to me at the party and tried to make conversation, but thsi simply doesn't work out of the blue. For one thing, I usually don't even understand what they're saying with all the background noise going on (due to impaired sensory filtering), and for someone who doesn't know you yet, it can be very irritating if you have to ask them several times to repeat what they said. For another thing, there's the matter of smalltalk as such: even if I understand what they say, I usually don't have much of an idea how to respond, and the chaotic surroundings don't allow for the necessary concentration to maintain a conversation, so it soon fizzles out. Talking in the chill-out area would work better indeed, but most events around here don't even have one, and then, again, I wouldn't know how to start or maintain a conversation if I don't know the person at all. The fact that I don't drink certainly doesn't help, either (since several of you suggested clinking bottles/glasses). But I guess that, as always in life, there simply is no silver bullet to solve the problem. It's as they say: 'wrong-planet-syndrome'; I simply don't belong here... My way of thinking, living and communicating is too fundamentally different from that of most other people.
  4. I've made the same experience, even though - unfortunately - I wasn't there back in the day to witness the golden years of either Goa or Psy, so I guess I missed it all. Still, on rare occasions, there may be a DJ who plays some of the more atmospheric and melodic Progressive tunes (usually, those DJs play early in the evening when nobody's there except myself ) - it still has little to do with Goa or Psy, but at least it's Trance and I can dance to it for a while. Actually I started a similar thread last year: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/66474-present-day-psygoa-parties-puzzle-me/
  5. Haha, yes, that's a good idea. And let's not forget that insufferable 'Hi-Tech'/Psycore stuff which is even worse...
  6. I'm loving this - thanks for sharing! It's really energetic, creative and full of great melodies and atmospheres throughout. Does any of this stuff exist on CD? It's interesting that you've posted this in the "Other Electronica" forum, which would suggest you don't find it to be within the Psytrance spectrum. I'd say it is, though...
  7. Hey, I never said I liked that track, I only posted it because of the sample. It's featured on a rather patchy Darkpsy/Forest compilation available on Ektoplazm, and this isn't exactly its best moment.
  8. Very un-Trance, but still: Tina Dickow's new album "Whispers" arrived today. I finished listening to it about an hour ago and really don't know what to think. The production is pristine, but musically, it all seemed pretty half-baked to me, sometimes even cheesy... Maybe it'll take a couple of spins, but right now I doubt it'll end up in my best-of list for this year. Shame - I loved almost all of her previous work.
  9. Thanks. Well yes, it's good that there are such events here at all, although the music they play actually has little to do with either Goa or Psy, in all honesty... But it's as good as it gets. What I forgot to mention in my initial post: I'd like even more to attend an open air festival with a really interesting line-up someday, but to do that, I'd definitely need someone to accompany me. That's the sort of situation I really wouldn't be able to tackle on my own, not to mention getting there in the first place... :/
  10. As I said above, that sort of thing (i.e. socialising on the spot) doesn't work for me. A few times someone even came up to me and said something, but it already starts with not being able to filter out all the background noise properly and hence having significant trouble understanding what it is they're saying. This makes for a difficult start. Then there's making conversation on a pontaneous 'smalltalk' basis as such, which doesn't come easily for me. Both these problems come with being autistic, unfortunately, and that sort of impairment lasts a lifetime. It'd be much easier for me if I already knew someone a bit closer. To be perfectly honest, being talked to once I'm there even makes it all the more difficult for me. Some people are really persistent and, if you don't have the necessary social skills, can become intrusive. I believe that you're less 'vulnerable' when you're there in a group of at least two people. I'll never forget that Trance festival I went to last October. At some point, a girl tried to involve me in some strange (though perfectly normal and maybe even enjoyable for most people, I guess) dancing-mating-whatnot-ritual. I was completely at a loss. A few minutes later I left... That's the first and only time this sort of thing ever happened to me, though. 'Regular' people usually have the social intuition needed to react to such situations in a spontaneous and natural way, but I don't - it means a lot of stress, and also frustration for being confronted with my fairly narrow limitations and not being able to connect in the way I'd like to. Don't get me wrong, though, it's not like I can't (or don't want to) socialise at all - on the contrary, it's just that it doesn't work in the usual way of going somewhere and getting to know people.
  11. Activa - To the Point. Trying to decide whether or not to order the CD.
  12. Great thread! Thanks to everyone who contributed to it so far - most of what has been posted is very much to my liking. There are a number of artists and releases I'll have to check out more closely when I get a minute. Here's an absolutely gorgeous mixture of D'n'B and non-psychedelic Trance with wonderful vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw (of Opus III fame); I can't get enough of that track: For those who mentioned Rawthang it might be interesting to know that the vocals in those tracks haven't been recorded specifically for Rawthang (thus the 'feat.' isn't correct, strictly speaking): rather, Rawthang sampled those vocals from Kari Ruesl├ątten's album "Pilot". She's a great artist, and apart from "Mesmerized", all of her albums are highly recommended. If you like intelligent singer-songwriter music with electronic flourishes, be sure to check her out. I was positively surprised by this year's comeback album, "Time to Tell", too: she has dropped the electronic influences completely, instead focusing on a highly aesthetic, fragile acoustic sound. Her work with The 3rd and the Mortal back in the nineties is timeless, too.
  13. It seems like there's some cool stuff out there after all, only most of it is probably long OOP. I'd like to have a shirt or two from Trance acts I like, particularly classics like Astral Projection, Cosmosis etc... Do such shirts exist at all and if so, are there any sources to order them from these days? Is there any webshop that sells 'band shirts' in this field? Those TIP shirts look great, too, but I suspect they're not available anymore unless you pay a tremendous amount of money... That Suntrip shirt doesn't look too bad, either - perhaps an option if I can't find anything else.
  14. Hello again, I hope this is the correct subforum, but since the party-related subforums seem to be intended solely to discuss specific events, I guess it is after all. Ive been wondering whether theres any secret to finding likeminded people to attend Trance events with. Last year, after getting into Goa and Psy (as well as rediscovering my affinity to non-psychedelic Trance), I attended a number of smaller indoor parties in the town I currently live in, and it always looked like I was the only one going there alone. Most people seemed to know each other, almost as though it was a closed community, and I couldnt help feeling out of place somewhat. Also, its definitely not much fun to stand around on my own all the time, especially if the current DJ set isnt really that interesting a problem that occurs quite often around here since they play quite sterile, nondescript Progressive almost exclusively. Still, these events are the best (almost the only!) way for me to go out and dance, at least for two hours or so. As a result of these experiences, I havent attended any parties this year. It just ends up being more frustrating than anything else for me, seeing everybody else well integrated and having fun while I always have to keep to myself. Of the few people I know, nobody is interested in this type of music (or electronic music in general), and all my attempts at convincing someone to join me have failed. Are there any online platforms or other possibilities Im not aware of to find likeminded people? Have any of you made similar experiences? Im not someone who socialises easily, so its not possible for me to get to know anyone once Im there. Recently, Ive often felt the urge to attend some party and dance, but I simply cant motivate myself as long as I have to do it alone. It seems that whatever new interests I develop, I never find anyone to share them with, and my interests are quite broad This tendency has been bothering me for a long time, but I can do whatever I want, it wont change. It can be okay every once in a while to go to the cinema or attend a concert or theatre play on your own, but not all the time, especially when you dont even have the choice. Its the same with a DnB party thatll take place next week. There must be some way to deal with this, but right now Im out of options and would be happy if anyone could share some experiences.
  15. Haha, so it was a funny coincidence after all.
  16. Did you read my post above regarding samples from that film? It seems that it's even worse than I imagined.
  17. Has anyone beside me ever noticed that the opening monologue from "Dark City" ("First, there was darkness. Then came the strangers. They were a race as old as time itself. [...]") has been sampled countless times? I've come across at least four or five tracks so far that feature it... At first I really liked that sample, but it's starting to get annoying. Here are the three tracks I can think of right away (the rest would require significantly more research): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76lbhfn2xG0 (starting shortly after the 3:00 mark) (starting shortly after the 1:00 mark) (not Psy, but still; starting right away in the intro) Anyway, yes, recognising samples can be great fun. I had to smile when I read about "Planet of the Apes" above. I had seen it a long time ago in the German version; quite recently, I finally watched the original version in English, something I had been planning for years. I really had goosebumps when that 'sacred' text "Beware the beast man, for he is the devil's pawn [...]" was being recited - I immediately had this track playing in my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqiG2FpWy1k
  18. Wow, those two are excellent, thanks for sharing! I'll have to investigate further. This type of D'n'B is definitely among my favourite genres of electronic music. Some essentials have already been mentioned, most notably the "Logical Progression" compilation, Photek and Swedish producer Seba. The latter is surprisingly prolific, and there's hardly any weak material from him. Both his albums are great, but totally unavailable on CD, it seems - if anybody could tell me where to hunt down a copy, I'd be more than grateful! I believe, however, that "Identity" wasn't even released on CD to begin with. His collaboration album with Paradox, "Beats Me", is also good and surprisingly dark. Then, there's the compilation "Producer 06" - the only Seba release I actually own. And of course, he has released countless singles... Here's another of my favourite tracks of his and a textbook of example just how beautiful and atmospheric D'n'B can be: Another project worth checking out is Source Direct, especially this track: Some of Goldie's old material can be stunningly atmospheric, too:
  19. Thanks a lot for those recommendations - the two tracks sound promising, I'll try to hunt down the full releases asap! A funny coincidence: checking their discography on Discogs, I noticed that Elegy have remixed a Via Axis track on their "Imaginarium" album - a band I had discovered just recently. "Expressions of One" by Via Axis is a rather pleasant slab of melodic Psytrance, although a bit samey perhaps. I'm glad you enjoyed the Metronome track. Unfortunately, the project doesn't seem to have too much material out, but here are two more recommendable tracks ("Dystopia" is clearly the best, though):
  20. Just wanted to say that to me, this is clearly the best Cybernetika album so far and one of my favourite albums of the year across all genres. Absolutely brilliant work! The album never drags; instead, it delivers one great idea after the other with captivating atmospheres and melodies all over the place. I'm really in awe. One thing I've always liked about Cybernetika's D'n'B material is that it approaches the genre from a somewhat different ('outside') perspective compared to 'pure' D'n'B artists: the Psychedelic Trance background is put to great use here and elevates the modern D'n'B sound to another level. I'm not really up to date with the D'n'B scene, but I haven't heard any releases from a contemporary D'n'B background that manage to hold my attention for so long and have so much to offer on various levels. Finally, I have to agree with all those who have been asking about a CD release: qualitatively, Cybernetika's music easily beats a lot of stuff that's been released on CD, and I'd love to add a fantastic album like this one to my proper collection.
  21. Hello everyone, I haven't visited for a while, but a renewed interest in all things Trance inspired me to return here and look for some more guidance, especially in the field of Progressive Trance. There are some incredibly deep, atmospheric tracks in the genre, but they seem to be fairly sparse. It's also possible that I've been looking in the wrong places so far. At any rate, I don't have the time and energy to filter through endless torrents of tracks on YouTube or elsewhere, so I thought that maybe some of you have deeper knowledge of Progressive Trance and could recommend me some more material. It's a great plus if I can buy it on CD, be it in the form of a solo album or a very good sampler, but I'm also happy about any isolated track that touches me. I don't mind psychedelic influences or occasional vocals, but what I do mind somewhat is if there's too much of a House influence (which seems to be the case with some Progressive Trance artists, especially those that sit on the fence and share some trademarks with "Psygressive" or whatever you want to call it). The most important thing is really for it to be as atmospheric as possible, and a melancholic or even dark touch is a plus, too. Here are some examples of what I enjoy: (This must be the most addictive Trance track I've discovered this year! I can't get enough of this sort of sound right now. The melodies are simply sublime.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peDk47HJ8hg (with vocals, but absolutely gorgeous) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erR71_lATac
  22. Seems like it's a common 'problem' with Sansa players. I have a Sansa Clip+. Here's what a friend from another forum wrote; don't know about his sources yet, but he seems well-informed... I'm not even familiar with the term 'MTP mode', to be frank, but I deleted the file through the player's navigation now and will check for any other unwelcome guests as time permits. It gave me a good scare, though!
  23. I'd still go for the latter - after all, there should be some trace of the song in the internal memory... I can't think of anything more spooky than having this kind of Indie Rock on my player.
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