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  1. So is anyone coming to the 2009 eclipse festival? I think I'm going! I plan to stay the entire summer 09 in Japan! I'm thinking I'll try to fool my uni to pay this all some way.. :posford:
  2. Hehee I got a ticket for my lil sis as well
  3. And that's why the url of this forum is goanews.org Nothing to do with psychedelic trance, no sir this is only about goa trance..
  4. Yes, it did work with electron.. :posford: Shpongle live.. it's going to be sofuckingamazing!!111
  5. Trip tonite (Pleiadians rmx) Etnica is playing live this month.. wish I could go
  6. Son Kite's Colours album (it's been a long time since the last play..)
  7. Apparently I just got mine.. maybe. I paid with VISA Electron.. I did get confirmation thou
  8. +1 I'm thinking I'll come here too.. Should get my ticket soon
  9. traveller

    Ticon - 2AM

    I'm listening to it right now and so far it sounds amazing! edit. it is turning out to be rubbish Okay so it wasn't so bad. The first track was great. Also some other good ones there, but in the middle it was boring zzz..
  10. Listening to Extrawelt's Dasding Plattenleger live thing.. is pretty cool visual for it
  11. Take a look here. Also with the search maybe you can find the previous polls
  12. I just did? eh maybe I will, lots of time to spare next week
  13. This is one of my very favorite chill records from the last few years. It seems that we haven't even got a review here.. a shame. Anyways.. iz good
  14. Simon & Benji dissed pop trance quite much in that YB review (sort of hypocritical since their best friend Ronald owns one of the worst pop trance labels of the last years) so don't think anyone has to be afraid of this being generic crap..
  15. Sure is good, sounds like it was released just yesterday. Ahead of its time this one was for sure. Doesn't sound too much like FREq's later stuff, if at all.. Wish I could get my hands on a real copy somehow :posford:
  16. You people should watch the latest episode of Fairy Tales called Billy Goat. Lubu is the troll. The boy band is the mods and some of you other guys are the other people in it. Really.. watch it :drama:
  17. That all changed with Koxbox - U-turn Twisted can release horrible boring shit too..
  18. Not that I came multiple times when I played this for the first time, but how can (some of) you guys not like this? I think it's very different to Blumenkraft and that is good
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