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  1. Oi mate! I, like many others, initially didn't check this one out. It's the harsh, continuous reality of getting information overflow in our brains - we filter out so much, and I was already so close on missing a diamond. I want to congratulate you for a really well done album! The fact alone that these tracks were done in 10 years span tells me you're a dedicated person. You're the best post-y2k artist to emulate that famous Pleiadians sound. Kinda curious you'd remix such an underground artist as Mantis but glad you did as that track turned out to be my favourite if one needs to be pic
  2. Some of the compositional elements sound a bit off on the 145bpm version. I'll vote for the original.
  3. It was really fun... my pleasure.
  4. We recently had our annual Aikahattu party here in Finland, I spun some darker old school - kinda similarly to the last year. The mix contains tracks by Hux Flux, Logic Bomb, Noma and the likes.
  5. Thanks Mentaloscope. Keep an eye out for the next album it's right now being mastered.
  6. Only took about 400-500 hours (probably more) and 6 months but I think the last track is ready now. Time for mastering... I got a great cover art ready as well!
  7. Sure! 1) Hallucinogen sound of the 90s. Does that need further explanation? 2) Yahel-esque stuff he did in the beginning of his career around 2000. Clubby goa with borderline cheesy melodies, he carried such class in his melody work one is hard to reach that. 3) Tech-trance that came out around y2k. Tracks such as 'Atmos - The Only Process', 'X-Dream - Thorazin' or 'Etnica - Andromeda'. Oh boy, would it be nice to hear more bangers like that, it's just not the fashion anymore!
  8. Thanks for kind words mate, it's appreciated.
  9. Hey AP, I do music under the alias Sab Kuch Milegator.
  10. I'm missing colorful, story-telling 10+ min tracks... rest assured, they're rare to hear because they're difficult to make. There needs to be coherence within the change and it's actually difficult to achieve without some level of conceptual thinking. It's exactly these sort of threads on Psynews that initially sparked the flame to start composing. My personal vision can only be materialized by me. In fact, I'm gonna open my FL and try to come up with final melody to the last track of forthcoming 4th album.
  11. I immediately thought of this one... pure brilliance.
  12. One factor is, that many people have lost connection to themselves and people around them. All our great values, like love and honesty for example, have already long time ago been utilized and thoroughly raided by the capitalistic system. Nothing seems to be sacred. Life feels shallow and we seem to have incredible haste as a civilization to go forward. I do enjoy the very concept of progress yet the question remains, at what cost? One of the very goals of our lives should be happiness and most of us do seem to favor a bit more relaxed pace to achieve that. If the society at large needs a
  13. Lots of social factors come at play when you try to figure out how "the scene" came to its current standards. 90s was a period without internet, or at least the social media was non-existing. You'd just do your thing, with no need for constant attention seeking or self-promotion. You'd sit in whatever psyhole you had there, compose, play at a party and the feedback would occur the natural way, via real human contact. These days you need following, likes and what not - it's all virtual though. And hey! You can also buy the likes, psyscene is under capitalistic law like it or not. All that
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