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    Well...<br /><br />I love electronic music - Ambient, Goa, Trance, Trip-Hop.... In the end, it's about the way the music makes you feel... or what it makes you think...<br /><br />In my former life I was a DJ, but that lost it's edge for me. I started music production in 2002. Never officially had anything released, more did it for my own pleasure. At some time I plan on doing a release.<br /><br />I make my living in the world of computers, and have been doing so for about 10 years.... <br /><br />Feel free to reach out to me, if there is anything you feel I can do for you.<br /><br />=)
  1. So, after re-reading Lost Buddha's @ Jul 30 2006 comment, I thought about something else... All of the Korg 'virtual' analog stuff has been great - the Prophecy, the EA-1, MS2000. You really can't go wrong there.
  2. Hey! Do you plan on having your releases go digital (ie - iTunes?)
  3. Sorry.... =) I guess the better way to put it is you'll have a hell of a lot more money, but as the money continues to grow, so does what you want. =)
  4. Dude, don't worry - I'm 28 and I still never have enough money! =)
  5. Yea, Labyrinth was - it essentially sounds like - a bunch of reject songs from the Matrix. The album has moments, but... falls flat for me.
  6. I totally agree.... I've been hardware for years, but what I have seen with soft as of late blows me away. Put both in the mix and I think there is a killer production studio - boy, I've been missing out.
  7. Very nice - I'm totally sold on what I have been reading / seeing / hearing, I really need to move to Software.... Thanks dude.
  8. Whoa! Talk about a rundown. =) I'm gonna check out some of these right now. Tx!
  9. So, you have a MK3... For a long time, I had a MK1 just sitting around, as well as an Octave Cat. Turned out I was using the Cat more than the MK1, so I sold off the MK1. Eventually the Cat went as well. The good ole days.
  10. Very nice on the Odyssey, 101 and the cs1x. =) What version of the Odyssey do you have?
  11. Hi, I'm not sure what one would call it..... it's electronic / along the line of older cosmic baby / but let me put some tracks up. Give me a few days. =) As for making goa/psy - I don't know why, I just never could get the sound right..... (but I keep tryin)
  12. Well, again, great work! I'll head over to KVRAudio to check around. Thanks for everything. Cheers!
  13. Gotta love the Ableton - Meat Beat Manifesto had a remix comp a few months back with them, but didn't get around to doing anything with it. Do you have the "desktop" version of the Virus? I remember hearing that the Virus had a emulated moog filter - what's that about? later!
  14. I wish we had more gatherings like this in IL.... do they do this every year?
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