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  1. Ill be there as well, flight booked from good ol Philadelphia USA !! The October party was crazy enough, I can not wait to see the Live stuff they have set up. So are we all in agreement, a repeat of last meet up at the Cedar Room? Id like to catch up with everyone again. Cheers!!
  2. Does anyone want to gather up beforehand at a local pub like the Holloween Party? I am flying over from the U.S. again and it would be nice to see forum members again... What do ya say ??
  3. I made it back to the states, i am quite groggy and have mixed feelings about the party. But i had a good time! It was great to meet people from the forum at the meetup... oh the stories... I am uploading my pics as we speak and will be posting a photogallery in a few... in the meantime start posting your pics!
  4. Im having trouble locating the names of the tracks that appear on the final 20 mins of this set. its really bugging me can anyone help? I do not have a webspace to host the mp3 clip, if anyone has a gmail account ill send it over that way.
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