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  1. zoltan_g


    That looks like an Arthur Rackham picture, his artwork was fantastic.
  2. I have had a portrait commissioned to keep in my attic, no getting old for me!
  3. For those in the UK that like wine, this is fantastic: http://www.spicetrailwines.co.uk/?title=wines
  4. Decent quality Cider is delicious, just don't buy the cheap stuff, as it's terrible. Wild Wood, Black Fox, Green Goblin organic ciders are fantastic. Locally brewed cider can be really good too.
  5. I don't go for the instant action/reaction definition of Karma but life is always smoother and easier if you generally treat people in the way that you would expect to be treated by them.
  6. I don't normally listen to a lot of Industrial stuff but Mind In a Box are pretty good. Along with VNV Nation.
  7. No way would I ever apply for this. Radi, you make it sound like a trip to the park, Mars is a pretty hostile environment for a human to live in. Large amounts of cosmic radiation, thin atmosphere offering little protection from space debris, no running water. The reduced gravity would play havoc with your body, no thanks!
  8. What kind of degrees do you hold? My company (Broadcom) have some open jobs at the moment, they are based near Cambridge though.
  9. 17 was pretty boring where I lived, mind you I was living in the North East of England, pretty scenery but sod all interesting to do.
  10. When you slip on a drink that some idiot has tipped out on the dancefloor, fall, hit your head on a wall and you lose your hearing for a few seconds. Don't just keep dancing, take the advice of others and go to the hospital as you probably have concussion
  11. Is that actually real?
  12. Wow, The Sleeper by Quietman, I haven't heard that track for years. I'm going to have to go and find my copy of the album.
  13. That's such a great story, well done on putting it all together! Thanks for the epic recording too!
  14. I fully agree! Having just finished a lovely Cappuccino style coffee from my lovely stove top coffee maker, one of my favourite kitchen devices.
  15. Simon Heath is a genius. The albums 2145 and 2146 are fantastic, sci-fi dark ambient! All the CryoChamber label releases are available to listen on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/cryochamberlabel
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