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  1. If there's "just" trance music these days without any sub-genre, I'd say this is it. One of the best albums of 2004.
  2. Interesting/boring, good/bad, that my friend is entirely a matter of opinion. In your opening post you said "All goa tracks has the same goal: to bring on an euphoric feeling to those stupid acid-heads and people like that. All the same, to build up a party hype stronger and stronger." The Delta is only one example of how wrong your previous statement is, obviously there's tons of music that does not fit into the description above at all. Simply calling all examples that prove you wrong bad or boring doesn't cut it. You're wrong, plain and simple.
  3. To me The Delta album delivers the above mentioned emotions very effectively, which is the reason I brought it up. You can't possibly call it uplifting feel-good music, which is what you originally said all goa is about. Thus your initial argument is incorrect.
  4. Listen to 'The Delta - Send in... Send Back' (the album) and say that again with a straight face.
  5. Filteria of course. Then there's only two good albums in the poll after that: Juno and Son Kite. The poll is missing 12 Moons - Solid State.
  6. Here's some google results for "euro trance" http://www.thedisc.net/selection.php?stock...&genre=27&new=0 etc...
  7. Both, actually. Particularly I felt it's worth pointing out because it's such a good example of your way of thinking. You have a problem with humorous way of expression? I take it you don't read psyreviews.com either then... In my opinion Ishkur does excellent job on such a difficult topic in showing some light into the genres in electronica. By all means, let's see the almighty Cinos' version of the subject.
  8. That is very well put and very much the way I see it. Sure some artists may have more the eurodance/europop flavour in their music than others, but that doesn't make it entirely different genre just even more commercial and cheesy version of it. I never claimed otherwise! Of course goa *trance* is trance also. But I'm not the one who calls people morons just because they have a different view on some small detail like what some genre should be called.
  9. You're entitled to your opinion, although you seem to be a bit confused and contradicting with your previous comments.
  10. Oh, that's what you're doing. Ok then. Hmmmm... Because it isn't? Ok, ebough arguing with the kids, I let you to enjoy your Tiestos now.
  11. What attitude? You mean disagreeing with you? ...nor does a difference in music mean that they must be in different genres. Well, call it what you will, it's all the same commercial clubtrance/eurotrance to me.
  12. Well, I don't know lasgo so I can't comment, but seriously it can't get much more commercial than Tiesto. Look, trance is what I listened in the EARLY nineties (not '99 ffs), like: http://www.discogs.com/release/54719 http://www.discogs.com/release/98630 and it died back then (Tiesto & Co killed it). So for the rest of the nineties I moved on to Goa, but then that died too and I was left with nothing. Well, almost.
  13. Sure, it's not dead serious, but I certainly rather trust it than for example... you. There hasn't been normal trance in ten years. So what if there's a difference. There's a clear difference between The Delta and Green Nuns of the Revolution, but they're both psy aren't they?
  14. This is probably posted before, but it's a good guide to the genres http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.html In my opinion it's all eurotrance what you're talking about, just different sub-genres in it.
  15. That would be just my personal opinion.
  16. Antix, FREq etc are ok for background while coding or something, but I can't imagine trying to party to this stuff. I'd fall asleep on the dance floor.
  17. If it's not a matter of opinion, then I take it you can prove it somehow?
  18. For me it's about the music. I don't want my mind altered, I like it the way it is.
  19. psy·che·del·ic Audio pronunciation of "psychedelic" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sk-dlk) adj. Of, characterized by, or generating hallucinations, distortions of perception, altered states of awareness, and occasionally states resembling psychosis. Hmm, can't say any piece of music or anything for that matter would fit into that description for me.
  20. Great production but musically nothing special. Every time you would expect a melody to really start, it just stops and never leads to anything. A nice listen but not great.
  21. Pop Stream? Hmm, sounds exactly like the 999999 other unimaginative full on releases from the past year. Blah. The releases I will remember are those that have their own unique sound, 12 Moons, Juno Reactor, Filteria and some others.
  22. I was comparing the creator of a dictionary to the creator of music download system, neither of them created the individual items that their collection consists of and still charge for it. Copying is not stealing. steal Audio pronunciation of "steal" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (stl) v. stole, (stl) sto·len, (stln) steal·ing, steals v. tr. 1. To take (the property of another) without right or permission. But I do have right, it's written in our copyright law under the section copying for private use. Also if I steal an item that I couldn't buy from a store, the store loses it, when I copy no one loses anything. I'm certainly hoping for the day the industry falls and "musicians" whose only motivation is money stop producing. I think we would be looking at a much healthier selection of music from that point forward, instead of the massive pile of shit that we're looking at today.
  23. It also takes a lot of skill to create working online distribution system with it's own online encoding system and so on. Alone the items are not worth much, but when they gather them all under one, easy to use system it may be worth to pay for access. I claim that creating system like allofmp3.com takes a whole lot more work and skill than creating a mix or collection of tracks.
  24. Yep this is good, I hope I can make it.
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