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  1. Together with an Oberheim MC3000d I just bought a Korg MicroKontrol for 50 bucks! It's on its way but it seems fairly pleasent and will actually work the way I want it to in conjunction with the MC3000d [it's the most feature rich MIDI device ever released onto the market, it's a shame nobody's duped it in another keyboard/desktop controller; see the Oberheim MC 3000 for the keyboard version of this] So, I don't know yet, but I kind of like the layout of the MicroKontrol, but we'll see when it arrives [and it's cheap]! -d
  2. Hahaha! I am a sick twisted individual when it comes to synthesizers and their innards! In fact, I just received a casio cz-101 today that's broke, but...I think I have a super complicated problem on my hands with it and I got it to repair but...bah, I'm not 140% sure of what the issue is in this piece and it's making me frustrated. I actually think a chip may have received a case of ESD [electrostatic discharge] or some other type of electrical surge. So it may be as good as worthless aside from displaying it on my wall or something And it's funny that I Colin mentioned that case. That's super cool and I hope more people put them in those sort of cases. They definitely deserve to have a very lasting design to them... Hell, you could make half of the money back by selling the old case on ebay when you got the new case -d
  3. Aha, I am familiar with the devilfish mod. Somebody in my state has one, never met him. There's like a 303 clan here, seriously. Well, there's a lot of acid music made here in Minnesota, soooo.. TR's and TBs are quite common. The guy I bought the Super Jupiter from had a 303, it was my first time seeing one, although, I did not touch it. I am sold though, I think I want a x0xb0x now. And who knows, maybe the guy who bought this will forget about it later on :-D and forget to contact me and tell me where to ship it heehee. My abilities suck though. I had a nice acid line going before bed time last night in which I tried to do something on the prophet, and well, it just didn't work for me...That is of course to blame on my skills. I tried though and it was funnier than shit and everybody would had laughed at me! but shit, I see how music can be made from a 303 almost by itself [note the almost] when I had that line going, it was simple playing with the cut/res/env/dec/acc knobs aha! I feel so gay! What the hell? Only because I've never touched one of these before. Colin, I'd buy you one, but only if my profit was exceedingly high. I had to bid on a mini moog the other day. It had a buy it now price of 1395, yes, a model d! It required IMMEDIATE payment! I did not have the money yet because I was selling that gay PAiA modular. It sold the next day, and the mini moog went up to 2700 dollars after my bid! DAMNIT! I bid out of spite. I never let any body get those awesome deals if I can't because I rarely run across them. Just think, I could had acquired two 303's for that one mini moog...but would that second 303 go to you? Ah well, I'm sick with a head cold today. I have 800 dollars to spend on something cool. It won't be a 303. And I have to return to working a regular job soon unless another mini moog like such pops up :-D -d
  4. I have one sitting before me. As you know I pass a lot of gear and this is a piece of gear I will be passing . I picked the box up at the Post Office and I thought there wasn't anything inside. Seriously! Although the 303 arrived in a hard case, I expected the box to have a little weight. So much for being in the know. My take on it is aside from getting the hang of programming it, it sounds good, and rocks and I love the oh so sweet analog sound it produces. Now, if you take the insides and put them in the same case but make that case out of a metal, aluminum or something, how fuckin tits. This one has been noodled quite extensively as apparent with the color/setting mark rubbage. It's not mine. I just accepted shipment for somebody else on ebay to pass it on to them [i deal with mostly people in Europe because Americans suck balls when it comes to making them happy, Europeans really are the golden folks when it comes to dealing on ebay and I have a name made to where people ask me to receive goods for them and to pass it on to them for a small fee heehee]. So here I sit with a 1200 dollar 303? Would i pay 1200 dollars for one? No! Do I want one, you bet I wouldn't mind one, but only if it could be had for about 400 dollars tops. I paid just a few hundred more for the Prophet 5 and while I don't intend on doing so, I'm sure a few drops of the Prophet would still outlast one drop of the 303 bwahaha. I am a total quality whore and while it does boil down to the "sound of the 303," you would never see me on the road with one because of the quality sturdiness issue. Also, having the original 303 manual..going through it, and looking at it at first trying to figure out programming was a bitch. I had to resort to the Internet which made more sense in the 3 minutes of reading a website how to than the 40 minutes i spent trying to translate that Roland manual..So much for the Japanese wanting English folks on the crew. I see where their marketing failed for the 303 Ah well! On the bright side. The unit is fully functional and everything's a go after the buyer got scared about the legitimacy of the seller. So, goodbye 303, and by golly I hope you don't split in two on that plane to Germany or Ireland [wherever the buyer ends up, waiting to hear from him, until then, I have a 303 to play with for freeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haha! Anybody want to throw me their 909 now? ] Love, -d
  5. It's not so much psychedelic, but...you can see the simplicity in some supah chill music a friend and myself are working on, this was totally drunkard live playing last night with the prophet and a cheap ass telecaster guitar [his portable guitar he bikes over with! heehee!] http://www.twango.com/media/heliospace.pub...eliospace.10002 a few beers, an idea to make something that seemed kind of floaty. a random patch programmed with a the perfect release, and some fuck ups here and there :-D cause you know, I've only been doing this for a little bit now. i kind of want to do something like deepsky at parties! a band that can play at a rave kind of deal that'll keep people moving their behinds and floating away!
  6. I have a question... Okay, using renoise..... So the Prophet 5 is on midi channel 5 duh! Well, when say I have it play back the sequence [the software], it seems to play fine but it seems the output from the prophet becomes cut off on some notes at random, mostly noticable in unison. when not in unison, same thing, but it sounds more like somebody is playing a drum along to it, random, but...sounds pretty cool. i know it's not the prophet as it works fine using a hardware sequencer...and was wondering if there's something i'm just not understanding about computers and midi or is it my usb -> midi adapter perhaps? i think i have a stupid uno or something....it's a usb cable on one side, a midi in/midi out cord on the other [one of each].. anybody....help! hah! this is starting to hypnotize me with the bassline i created and that apparently unusual druming snizapple in the background, =]]]]]]]]] wickedly fat! weee -d
  7. So, I made my first demo! I did this for a user on VSE and the patch may not be particularly precise, he wanted to hear a preset, so I inputted it [i have a dead battery which makes it more fun when playing with the synth]. Anyways, I think this should work? http://www.twango.com/channel/heliospace.public It's just some random stuff, don't think I'm like proficient in playing a keyboard or something. I'm not. But hey it sounded cool to me at the time :-D -d
  8. Well, it was worth a shot to help him out heehee. :-D -d
  9. damon has a copy of it and a copy of the even more rare mahadeva - http://www.discogs.com/release/177145 only cause i sold them to him a few months back! so make me an offer and i'll pass it on to him. i'm sure he'd sell it for the right price or hell, he'll probably read this himself [albeit, i hardly notice his presence any more here, he's here...but...hiding!] -d
  10. Yeah, all sequentials for the most part are rockin. I realized my Prophet 5 isn't having problems but takes an unbelievable 15 minutes to warm up and retune. I always thought I'd get away with it after 5 minutes or so. Wrong! I kept hearing these subtle noises and I'm like wtf a voice isn't going out and then I realized duh let's press retune after this length of time and it corrected the issue. Anyways, I picked up some very needed patch cables today. I guess although this is called music making I will share some patches I have created soon! I got some pretty cool arcade game sounds ha ha. no effects boxes.. Straight through to an analog akai mpx820 mixer to my shitty sound card I'll post them in this thread soon as well as some of my lo-fi paia modular :-D Learning synthesis is harder than I thought especially when you *AIM* for a particular sound versus *oh randomly golly gee it sounds good* although, I've come up with many random golly gee it sounds good sounds :-D 120 user banks to store patches is a lot of space :-/ I'll probably only fill the other 20 remaining of the first forty! Colin, and everyone, this gives me constant wood :-D -d
  11. well, if i see psychedelic in reference to anything, the first thing that pops into my mind would be either timothy leary, dennis/terrence mckenna, mushrooms, lsd, amt, dmt, or doc, or some other alternative drug/referenced/individual. if we're going to see a turn around, it's best to just drop "psychedelic" and get back to calling it "trance" as once was the case. then again, we'll see a huge rise in mdma usage then :-D -d
  12. mars, you mentioned drugs, but....oh my, at least here in the states thats what fuels our psy trance culture, or so it appears. The only sober people at parties seems to be the vendors and even half of them are somewhere else heehee. Can't really knock the d-r-u-g-s because they have been and always will be a part of the psy scene, no ifs ands or buts really. but the rest, it all makes sense. Onward with 2008 and hopefully all those unpaid artists will be paid back with bigger and better gigs this year. I know I wouldn't perform if I could...until I was paid up front. That's like giving a kid a bag of weed and expecting him to return later to pay you for it, uh huh haha -d
  13. Did you not read my reply? Yes, it is standard from the factory [was standard from the factory]. Different boards had different pictures, they were not all done up the same. Meaning they may have shared the same pictures but they were in different parts on the voice/main and daughter [pot] boards. Do you think there's somebody we pay to have them do this to our synths? It doesn't increase resale value, it's a very knowingly done thing in the synth community that most of sequential circuits synthesizers has these designs/drawings silkscreened on their circuit board. So yes, it can be standard, yes way.. Read again about my response about Chet Wood too and his coding of buddhist mantras into one of the chips on the board so everytime the user powers up a prophet 5, the user becomes "enlightened" -d
  14. I vote OOOD only because I had every release of theirs and their background was a big one. I vote for what helped Jikkenteki realize psy is good music. But I do vote Jikkenteki as being bad ass just because we're from the same local turf. I vote Colin as being funny serious most of the time to the point most people cant tell he's being a total jackass, er sarcastic one :-D =]]]] *hugs* And I vote psynews for being the biggest time wasting place ever I've spent online, well, second to EFNet IRC and the ten years of my life [1992 -> 2002] 24/7, it took from me. But without that I would not be able to type 130WPM and wish I could stop every keystroke. And I vote this new year that in 2008 there's going to be an underground revolution. Those folks who are *aware* are going to live underground, amassing, taking arms, and upholding the laws of HUMANITY...and all that other hippie weird shit, yeah! And finally I vote to shut myself up. </end> -d
  15. Holy CRAP DP!@# What a WINNING!!! thread! Wish I could particpate. I had a ton of random stuff back in the day that wasn't complete -d
  16. Wow, gives me a reason to back to Linux. I started using it in 1995 at slackware 2.0.12 or something as for the kernel. I moved to FreeBSD in 1998 when I was running my own computer consulting business, but have since, for many years now, been just using regular XP and have not been up to par with computer technology since I stepped away from them. For the sake of Renoise and Linux...I may have to convert back. Oh the reliability. A Linux laptop with renoise! How perfect that combo would be. Thanks for the information about registering it. I'll see how much I get into it, but it looks like at this point I'm addicted to it like crack and I don't see myself breaking my habit any time soon! Software seems a bit easier to go through no thanks to demos, unlike buying hardware and being less than impress with it and having to sell it off again to buy another piece hoping for something "impressive" Ehehe. Anyways, thanks again for that info. You Arturs know how to keep Aaron informed [refering to Damon too] hehe! -d
  17. Hi Antic, I think it was your post talking about you using renoise that made me try it out and I liked the interface. It actually felt more like "home" using it than any other software based sequencer. I guess it kind of reminded me of some hardware sequencers I've toyed with that I liked. Thanks for the tips too. I haven't read yet, but what's a license purchase good for, just that current version? I hate software you buy and it's like 1.3 1.4 1.5 and when they release 1.6 you have to pay again for it before they get to 2.0!@ I'm using the demo and will keep using it for the time being. As I become more and more familiar with what in the world I'm doing completely, I'll consider a license later on down the road. wOot! I have to go, I want to write more, I'm just sick like every other week with a ticking bug-bomb in my body -d
  18. And well, I was really taken by these sound clips a forum friend had posted! Check them out: http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_SawLead.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_PolyModPad.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_PolyMod-FilterFM.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_Sync1.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_ommadawn_pad.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_strings_n_sweeps.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_liquid_selfoscilation.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_1974.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_1974B.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_TrianglePad.mp3 http://www.babic.com/SYN/P5/P5Rev2_classicpad.mp3 These are from a revision 2 Prophet which are actually designed differently than the revision 3's. They're not something you want to haul out of the studio and perform live with. The SSM chips act like theremins, quite literally. Placing your finger over a VCO in a REV2 will actually adjust the pitch, seriously. As with a REV3, they used CEM chips which were used in many of Roland's analogs too [but used them before Roland mind you ] and are more sturdy, but less organically WET just by a slight bit, but enough for people to prefer a 2 to a 3. I however, like stability because I desire to want to play live someday when I am decent enuff! So yes, I have a wall mounted with a huge projection screen and while I'm playing I have an audience cheering me on. Sometimes I play the booing audience to really get me fired up and start tearin shit up hahaha! -d edit: AND YES I love the Prophet. I'll probably have my entire first down tempo track done up with the Prophet and a very thin modular. But that modular may not last long, I have an offer on it and with the profit, I really want a straight up serious monophonic like a korg ms20.
  19. Old thread resurrected, no that Juno 106 was from some poor ol sap, not Trent's. Trent does not have a studio full of modulars...Not even close, he has a doepfer modular, and he has a few others, but to see somebody who has modular synths galore, you have to see: http://www.parallel-worlds-music.com/paral...rlds_studio.htm =] Also, a guy in Germany who has Moog Modular and some other cool crazy shit... http://www.aliens-project.de/studio.html I can't believe he smokes in there, but he's a real awesome guy to talk to! And regarding the pro-one silkscreen on the circuit board, it is true. Not only do Pro One's have it [never knew they did] but Prophet 5's do have them and in fact, Prophet 5's actually have a buddhist chant programmed into a microchip that is "spoken" when user powers up and the user in metaphysical theory becomes "enlightened." Chet Wood was the programmer for this responsible. I have not removed the main Potentiometer/Pot board yet from my P5 but the voice board has a buddha printed on it and the mainboard has a dragon on it. I took pictures, but they are horrible and since then my camera broke [and I have to open up the Prophet to fix two j-wires now, I bent them during my keyboard bushing upgrade ].. But here is a picture of buddha at least and be it known this is a revision 3.2 [upgraded to a 3.3]: That is the voice board with the buddha face on it. The pot board is directly underneath there and I have to remove it to do one of the last 4 things to the P5 before it's as good as new and that is to DEOXYIT! [the pots, it just cleans them up and then I'll relube them] yez, you now have devious' prophet 5 innard porn! And with reverb helping out, wow, this thing can fill some serious *SPACE!* Looks like a bomb, is not. The dust on the bottom has since been washed, waxed and buffed as has the entire P5. It has a mirror finish now. Did not want to start a new thread but added to this when I saw the pictures on the board of that pro-one. Thought I'd say that Sequential Circuits employees were actually pretty well known to have done a lot of strange things as well as smoking pot during the assembly of these beasts, ha ha ha. Chet Wood is my hero. But I never get that "enlightened" effect I usually feel really stupid after powering on, especially because it looks so easy, but when you get down to it, it takes some SERIOUS time to come out with a satisfied patch Love, -d
  20. The Linn was great, but I found out what I could get for the second one. I sold the first one for 150 dollars, and the second one I had reconditioned from parts from the first one [and the 2nd one] to bring it to a state of excellency and I sold it to somebody in England for 350 dollars plus shipping roughly! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=220178494130 I've been doing a lot of this as of late, and I've been doing really well. Hence my statement about naming every synthesizer in Filteria's studio in the pics thread! Strangely, I can name just about every piece all the way back to the 60's on up :-D and what they have, except huge modulars! I don't know single panels yet ha ha. @Everybody: Thanks for the replies. They're fun to read. Colin, I have a 540ST and was intending on using it as my main interface, but I realized after doing the search here and finding somebody talking about Renoise...that using Renoise on a 22" monitor will provide far greater results than using cubase on my tiny atari st monitors or other regular tv-style monitors, he he. There's still a lot to figure out, every time I input a note from say my Prophet 5, it notes it in the sequencing programming part of the program but simultaneously sends something back to the Prophet 5 and it's not exactly the C, F, G, etcetera I hit, instead it sounds like the A-440 button is being hit momentarily [something with MIDI, an option I'm not figuring out no doubt]. I think having a keyboard midi controller will solve this the easy way for myself [and save my keyboard, just replaced all the bushings ha ha], but for the time being...it's annoying. Anybody know a setting to turn that off? -d edit: This isn't me, I wish I had bought it! but, here's like 600 dollar profit right here http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-ACCESS-TI-SYNTH_W0...1QQcmdZViewItem Aha, what a good deal!
  21. Well, after going back into some psynews threads about sequencing software and such [i've sold off all my hardware sequencers now to people in England, they were meant for collectors, not me].....I figured that renoise is right for me. I installed the demo and have to say I am absolutely blown away by its' simplicity at doing what I want it to do without having to spend hours upon hours RTFM! It's totally intuitive and is feature-rich to the point of satisfaction for myself. Then I can save it and pop it into my asq-10 and play back, like others too, but I am just voting win for this software. I remember when I was just getting started and I tried out Ableton and I was unable to get anywhere within the first five minutes. That was a disappointment. First time I installed Linux back in 94, I was about 13 years old, and it was easier to navigate the entire system than it was for me to figure out how to even begin sequencing in Ableton, haha! So I gave it up! I have used logic 5.x on the PC a long time ago when I was messing around with being a reason whore and stuff. It was pretty simple. Don't know how it is nowdays with its development and shit, but it was quite fun years ago to play with on the PC. On any note, I just wanted to start this thread for fun because as I get more into it, the composition part that is, the more I want to know what other people are using. I've really been sitting around here repairing my gear and programming every sound bank with all my own stuff and reading a lot about synths. So there hasn't been anything musical coming out yet! Renoise though, I *LOVE*! I think it has a place in my heart now for @home work weeeeee ;-D Psynews search command r0x0rz my s0x0rz! hehe happy new years. -d
  22. Yes, and what's worse is when you can name every piece of gear in somebody's studio pic after 4 months of gear whoring, holy crap! It never ceases to amaze me how big without a keyboard those Xpander's are. It's like the size of 25 tb-303's, it's crazy. And it has no keyboard which is even more crazy. I just lost another camera, I finally have a "studio" to speak of but not nearly as awesome as Filteria's and others I know. I think it looks more like a museum in my area :-/ Any dinosaur eggs hiding underneath that? Heehee. Soon enough I'll have a picture or four. -d
  23. I concur Nemo's statement. It's just music in general that's attractive. Right now I am actually listening to some Reiki music. Beautiful overtones, lush pads, unfariffic meditation stuff. Psy keeps my brain far too awake to meditate, but it is a top dance-style of music, but so is hard banging techno I really like psy though for the organic effects. I like hearing synthesized alienated dripping of unnatural fluids, strange blippity bleep bleep alien voices...and well, I just love synthesized music in general. It is fact that I saw Hallucinogen live this year! It is fact I went out and bought a ton of synthesizers because of this. It is fact that I am now working on making my own music, although, not your typical psy, try psychedelic on the off beat. no four to the floor beat. I can't do it, my brain works in a strange psychedelic way But yeah, while I said before everybody should be entitled to their opinion in that off topic thread, you are your's and I do love the oldskool psy...and some new stuff but I haven't heard a ton of NEW shit, just what damon says hey d listen to this!! and I'm like WOW, THAT SOUNDS RAD!!! Heehee. Just keep listening and keep being happy for yourself, not any one else. Love in light, Brotha D
  24. You make it sound impossible. In fact, my best finds when I was collecting came from American record stores [and a few German ones]. A Mint UNPLAYED Dimension 5 - Transdimensional CD, from a record store on the east coast, 9.50 shipped! Sold later to Senobyte [everybody knows him by now or should ] On any note, it's not impossible, but yeah, your corporate stores, carry it? Not yet, soon though with the way psy is consuming, but there again, it does use psychedelic and american culture today is anti-psychedelic, at least mainstream. Last thing I think Best Buy wants is the DEA sitting outside waiting for somebody to buy a psychedelic trance CD ha ha. -d
  25. I'd have to say the k701's sound better, but the 271's with all my background noise would be more suited at this point. I am realizing that isolation factor is big especially when you're using a computer for sequencing, holy shit. bzzz boom boom boom bzzz background bzzz resonance bzzzz fuck boom boom boom IS THAT MY KICK DRUM? jhaheahsdh I guess I learned the hard way -d
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