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  1. Exactly why he should just shut up and sign the petition and do himself a favor. :drama: -d
  2. Modulars are cool! :-D Except when they're PAIAs like the one I had acquired momentarily hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I didn't lose money on it, that was scary! Well, cool! I've taken your use of the nordmod seriously lately. So I'm down to either a nord modular or a regular nord lead. Probably the modular though so I can say I was influenced by an artist, or something! Haha, no really though. I thought it was "just a digital synth" but I realize, I really need one in my setup otherwise it's going to cost me way- too much money in the long run to get setup and way- too much space that I'm already running out of. The 303's sequencer is uberly lame. It's ancient chinese language the chinese can't even decipher. No, it's just really not as cool as it could had been, but for its time, it sufficed. -d
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...N:IT&ih=010 I did it, I bought a 303! NOT! Okay, I bought a poorman's 303! It has its own sound, but can be pretty acidic! I just needed a monophonic that works because I have a crumar ds-2 that's not working and am awaiting some power supply parts on! The DS2, I don't know if I'll like the sound, but the MS404, from the demo's I've heard, totally has me going yay yay! I just wish I'd get called up for the x0xb0x already! waiting waiting waiting........... So, anybody usea MS404 before? Colin? It'd be cool if there were some tracks that had used it so I could get an overall appearance of how it's been used and how it mixes with our lovely goa/psy sound........ oomph! -d
  4. Yeah, the 450's are rockin no doubt. I used them in a 16x25 studio space I had when I was trying to mix with my pile of records. I spent more time listening to my music on the system than even trying to learn to mix so I gave up and stopped paying my studio fees, removed everything, hung onto the gear for about 6 months and then parted it out locally. It was a pretty dope setup too, and I was planning on using it to start a group, but...nobody was digging psy in the midwest of the united states when i was ready to throw down. So, I had about 7k dollars in studio gear that I wish I had invested in synths instead :-D sooo much more fun IMO now that everything's getting worked out [the kinks] and shit! So, there you have it, two for the 450's OH ANOTHER NOTE I doubt Mackie more than ever now...only because they're outsourcing to China now if you are unaware. This came as a huge disappointment, but....you know, labor's cheap in China. I just bought a new studio rack from Stagg Music. It's a really awesome rack, 12u on top [can tilt/angle it], 9u on bottom [vertical] and it arrived....it said "Engineered in Europe, Made in China" which made me laugh because of the "Peoples Car" with my Volkswagen Jetta. I blew the motor but....It was "Engineered in Germany, made in Mexico" haha! Now, I drive a volkswagen cabrio which did come from Germany! But I still have to get underneath it and install a new 5th gear damnit! Really though, I think the engineered/made in shit is annoying. I mean, with things like Mackie being made where they come from, the United States, you have all those immigrants working REALLY HARD to do the best job they can to keep that job they can and they're determined to keep their quality up, but overseas, look at the Andromeda A6's, once outsourced to Taiwan, quality went BANG! Like, there's no quality control or something going on. This isn't to say the product is bad, but...in practice, I'd rather buy things that are engineered in europe, made in europe, and this falls true for some things USA too - I won't get into the bad sides of buying made in the USA [kids toys for example, JUNK!] ))))))) HAHA eof -d
  5. Oh my! I was about to ask WHYY? Didn't you receive this copy from Niobium back along while ago? What happened to him anyways? Any clue? I miss him. We were like...always competing to find the best deals and it kept the music digging fun haha!
  6. I used SRM450's in my studio when I had it along time back. A Pair can be had for about ~1k dollars used, and you can find them in awesome condition for that price. I sold mine locally in perfect cosmetic condition as well as functional to somebody for 1k dollars including the tripods And they're powered, so they're pretty simple to setup and can get super loud. Although they provide enough bass for room enclosures, for an outdoor party, they'll work but definitely would need an additive subwoofer to provide a hand in the bass frequencies since sound travels, yah! I know nothing about the v2's. -d
  7. eye yam the beeegeesst eedeeott of them all! I've had this setup in a midi loop all along. So it was causing many-o-errors with the Prophet! So when I triggered, it was going back to the prophet at the same time and causing all sorts of wacky issues. I need a real usb controller is all, and am awaiting for that korg microkontrol still! I *just* Realized this and it was soo- simple all along. Again, I *HATE* MIDI do they have a cv -> usb device yet? hah! -d
  8. Hah! I remember when I first bought my copy from you on the bay! It's such a winning piece too, I am surprised not more people went after them. I suppose you had way more pressed than were going to sell anyways huh? I mean, if it had been a CD single, I am sure it would had been a different story and you'd be in a huge mansion by now Hey, if it makes you feel better, next month I'll buy a box of 50? Only if you don't care if I pass them around for free at a party :-D -d
  9. Cubase for the atari you have to buy second hand, well, mostly. There was a new copy on ebay recently that went for 145 dollars, but otherwise. It was the Atari ST they had initially developed Cubase on I do believe and from there it migrated over to where it is now as the Atari systems became something of a backlash! But, the Atari ST's are still considered the best computer platform for sequencing because they hold their timing much better than regular PC's do. I am sure a linux based sequencer would hold timing really well too! I am not familiar with unix based sequencers though, but...it would definitely be my overall preference. Renoise in console, I could only hope -d
  10. Look at the photo you posted! Look at the Prophet 8 keyboard! The information is in abundance out there, afterall, NAMM is/was currently showing since January 17th in Anaheim California! Fear th Access Virus SNOW! I'd much rather have the P8 desktop/rack though for the same PRICE, actually, cheaper!!! Go davey go! -d
  11. Oh, and before I forget, noticed they addressed the knob issue? The keyboard version had a lot of knob issues, they were too wobbly, even from the factory, not just from sitting out on the floor for being demoed. There's more people who will by a desktop version than the keyboard version and the price is so much better! I for one am out of keyboard space because my living room is my studio and my bedroom while my son has the one bedroom in our place . Uhm, oh the knobs, EVOLVER style! Did you catch that? -d
  12. Haha, I know! I've been up to date on everything. Paying attention to NAMM this year, there's some pretty wicked stuff out there, but...I'm totally used gear buy-it-man! Still learning how to compose music hah, I can play a keyboard better than I can sit down and write music, but...that's because my shit is having shitfits with sequencing. I am going to try out fruityloops tonight and see if that resolves my infamous prophet 5 issue as well as my other minor issues with other gear. I am SERIOUSLY ready to hook up that atari st sitting on the patio and start using that, but I have to buy a copy of cubase somewhere, and they sell for a lot, and I've already invested in renoise.................drr drr drrrrrrrrrr! Really, in reality, I just want an Octopus sequencer, than I wouldn't need a computer, but I don't have 4800 USD to pay for a sequencer! It's tha shit though! -d
  13. Their programmers are annoying too, having been through the PG-300, the PG-800, and the 200, I don't see why they did not do it the same way they did the MPG-80 as it were to the MKS-80! The PG programmers, including the 10 and the 1000 too [i cannot forget I had those at one time too] all have wall warts, or well, could use the standard boss psa-120t adaptor which is cool because all you need is one adaptor for them all versus a different power rating for each individual one [yuck, that would had been annoying!]. But..........witht he MPG-80 -> MKS-80 connected, it used a special 5 pin 'programmer cable' and the MPG-80 received it's power from the MKS-80. It was icky because you had to go through a ritual of shutting the unit down. You couldn't just zap down the MKS-80, well, you could, but you'd risk damaging the MPG-80 [it could happen, unlikely, but the possibility was higher if you were to avoid the ritual] but instead you'd have to power off the mpg-80, and then power down the mks-80 unit, not very hard, but a ritual nonetheless. Roland's old gear is awesome though. But I went to owning all Roland to owning a little bit of everything and I'm totally content, well, almost. I pick up a Yamaha SK-50D today or tomorrow from a local guy. That thing is like a poorman's CS-80! It's basically Yamaha's version of the ARP Quadra from my understanding, it's a hefty beast at I think around 140 pounds so don't expect to see me move it once it's inside my living quarters! Here's a photo: And so it goes, bigger keyboards, less functionality! HAH! -d
  14. It is hardly rare in the sense of how many units were produced. There were a little over 10k units produced. They would had made many more but they gave up because it was initially unsuccessful because it was after all "TB-303 Computer Bass Line" and the fact it was too overly complicated for some drummer, guitar player, or whomever wanted a bass line...who played an organic instrument...to program. That and the fact that the 303 manual is written in japanese, well, not really, but...very non-literally, it's hard to follow. I figured it out in 1 easy step when I received dude's 303. I went online, read a how to program the 303, and in seconds I was making fun acid lines but she's gone now, left yesterday to Germany to be with her rightful owner. But I am on the x0xb0x waiting list I guess it's rare to find a good 303 unit really. Even the one that I had received, was horrible. It had a crack, lots of wear from noodling, and I was amazed the thing worked 100% and that's what really matters. I know dude can sell it for 800 dollars more than he paid for it when he gets it and decides he'd rather have a future retro 777 or something other. Personally, anybody who wants a 303 today, either wants to be a> cool or b> fill a niche they've never had the chance of filling before. I think for what they sell for, you're better off buying another acid box like the 777 which has so much more to it, or build yourself a x0xb0x, they're very simple to assemble and only cost 340 plus shipping and I've heard 4 different ones from locals and think it fills the 303 gap perfectly for those who are willing to solder or even pay somebody a few hundred dollars to have it done. AND it has USB! with USB updated FIRMWARE! Just what a 303 needed ha ha! Anyways, back to finding a LM326N Dual voltage regulator for a crumar ds-2 I Just received. A badass monophonic DCO based synth made in Italy, but I bought it not working and...I found the problem pretty quickly! Because I have electric flowing through my body and after being electrocuted yesterday with a nice high voltage zap :-D I realized where the problem was haaaaaaah! But the LM326N is more rare than a 303 these days unless you spend five-hundred dollars from these REQUEST FOR QUOTE fucktards! (((((((((((((((((((( So dig through your equipment, your electronics junk pile, find me a LM326N and I'll pay you 40 bucks or less for it -d
  15. My software is simple! Straight renoise sequencing. And I've adjusted everything. And you did bring up the Uno, YES, IT'S THAT GAY PIECE OF CRAP! I'm ready to take a shit on it and then put it thru the paper shredder than after that, I'm going to urinate all over it, and shortly thereafter, fry it in a pan, and then, go to my neighbors and use a microwave and put it on high for 10 minutes, then....after that, run over it with the car, then....after THAT, go to my local nuclear plant and drop it in the waste and let it adhere to waste before it gets shipped off to wherever that place is to be placed into the mountain for future generations to never find it and for them to all become nuclear radioactive humans with UNOs growing out of their asses all because of my bad midi luck. And yes, I asked for midi ninjas expecting the needle ninja to show, bwahaha It does work with other sequencers, but not so well. I really do think I'm just not having any sort of good luck with that uno. It was a cheap fix one day many moons ago when I needed my computer to play with my rack mount gear when it was all I had. Ah shit, I need to do some things. I just wanted to pop in...and complain some more about the horrible nightmare MIDI can be. I would enjoy to have people release some firewire upgrades to all vintage gear! and then have it become the standard and I'll be happy..or something similar. -d
  16. I mentioned it before...about renoise and my prophet 5, well, now, it seems renoise is buggin out completely with the P5, so I loaded up MIDI-OX and did some tests, and the same thing happened, my midi bugged out. Then, I went to test using midi virtual keyboard and everything was fine, no buggin out. I really don't know what it is, but I'm beginning to think I have a really GAY usb-midi interface and need something new. Anybody have any recommendations? I know I have the lamest piece of junk on the planet, the uno er something, I think that's what it is called. Hell, I just ordered a kenton pro-2000 so I can have my cv based synths midi'd up so I can start making some real songs ninjas! But...I need this midi problem solutionfied! Not a word, I know, but...please help, anybody who uses physical gear and extensive midi setups! I've tried straight out to the computer and not connected to the patch bay, it's just not helping! I've tampered with the buffer this and buffer that, and now I'm just going to plead STUPID! I'm stupid, so what? HELP! I need MIDI ninjas! -d
  17. I forget which kernel it's based off of, but I know macos stuff is based off a bsd kernel and I hail it as king although I am a PC guy. If software would turn away from the x86 platform, er the microsoft in general platform, it would be definite that I'd convert to apple products. Until then, I stay where I'm at and continue to wait until the day that software companies and developers turn their creations towards the mac. Otherwise, now as it stands, nothing beats a mac for media-based things and Internet browsing. -d
  18. Bwahaha, I didn't like it so much either. I was a beyond the infinite fan having been the first JR album I heard in 96 when I was introduced to this genre on irc. I would listen to it and for some reason, today, I grow tired of BTI, and now Transmissions is like...there, with me! I won't listen to anything for a week [busy dad remember? ] and suddenly, I sit down and I'm like what do I want to listen to? And then I get into it and then 10k miles is like, love! Like, my first love, really, it's strange. A bonding with a track....It totally makes me smile like I'm on drugs or something like none other really! It *hits* that special spot!!! And now I got some wicked analog sounds on the Prophet bwahaha....I was trying to copy some of the sounds for fun didn't turn out okay but these sounds remind me of Wonderground [the album by Healer] which is yummy chill. Anyways, I'm glad to see you're right there too :] Either we're fucked up, or Transmissions *IS* a golden album! I'd have to say the latter! So inspirational and motivating at the same time... -d EDIT: And I swear that instrumental part that comes in before the other instrumental variables towards the mid-end section....sounded like a synthesized flute fah reeeeeeeeeeeell-in-yo-fish!
  19. Oh, and that "flute line" bwahahah, it's so..funny but good! -d
  20. I really fucking LOVE 10,000 miles off of transmissions! It's so simple and fun! As I bob my head up and down here smiling hehehehe! Transmissions has to be one of my favorite albums by JR, even more so than Bible of Dreams. There's something about their sound then that was just dripping acid all over my boobies! hahaha! =]]] Okay, I know, maybe not much for discussion, but maybe so! WHO ELSE DIGS TRANSMISSIONS and particularly 10,000 MILES? -d
  21. PEKs are pretty wicked keys! I just hope that DSI releases the P08 in a rack mount, that'd make me happy I think. -d
  22. Hardcover edition is 60 dollars, softcover is 20 dollars, you can order it directly from the university of minnesota press or you can purchase it at amazon.com http://www.upress.umn.edu/Books/S/saldanha_psychedelic.html -d
  23. http://ias.umn.edu/fellowsprofile.php?UID=saldanha Heehee! Told you Minnesota rocks! Terrence McKenna's brother, Dennis, teaches Ethnobotany at the U of MN too! Really though, I met Arun, he bought me a beer, we drank some new castles together, decided it was cool, picked up another dude, travelled south, and had a fun night! I won't get into more details, but it was beyond awesome :)))) The other dude is now living on the west coast and he just called after not having spoken to him in months! I should return his call! Weeeeeeee, you all should know Arun from other discussions on Isratrance and such! I'm just happy he continues to push out his writings like he does. And the best part about his work, it's all so very true -d
  24. I know Arun personally! He's a professor at a school here in Minnesota. He moved here from Belgium and I took him to his first psytrance party here in the states when he arrived. He's a wonderful soul, I knew that was written by him as soon as I saw the topic. He's published other great Goa information too in times past. Cool to see psynewsers paying attention to him Aaron
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