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  1. Nhjo Hyennro - You Me Proud (TWSCD30) From the deep dungeons of the North Korean Intelligence Agency straight to the Twisted Records office we are more than proud to present our newest talent, NHJO HYENNRO. The man that redefines the definition of the word Progressive Psy Trance presents his dreadfully anticipated debut album aptly titled "You Me Proud". The album consists of 11 previously unreleased tracks that are destined to rock and shock the dancefloors worldwide. The tracks were already played by the Twisted Dj's all around the globe to the full satisfaction of the party goers. Here are some words by the people that heard the album: "Amazing groovy melodi with phat base line and deep kick drum" "Moves the head without ask" Guy Cohen (Isratrance.Com) "A Dancefloor explosive that will redefine the gap between your teeth" DeathPosture (Psynews.org) "Brainfuckery of the highest order" "Gives you more Boom per Shankar than your average Spoon.World release" Damion (Psyreviews.com) "I try die you" Kim Jong Il (NK Dictator) Here's the full tracklist 1.MX22 2.MX11 3.MX13 4.D11 5.ARNwww 6.Dr. Stein000goa version 7.MTD 8.CHM 9.ABLOVELOVE 10.XRCCCCC 11.CODNMDCCRs Out, April 1st.
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